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Hankins, Hyde and Roby: Who goes pro?



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Where is the "None" option?

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Me too !!


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Make it 4.

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Now 5, these guys should be hungry for a crystal ball

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6.  I think they all will stay.

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Freaking 7. I've been thinking it all along. (Knocks on wood)

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8!  If anyone goes it'll be Hankins, but I'm cautiously optimistic he stays. 

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For whatever reason, I have a picture of "The Count" from Sesame Street in my head during these replies ... 1! 2...! 3! Buckeyes Hahaha.

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9. I think all will stay. Hankins even said in the offseason he wants to win a national championship.

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10. No body goes...

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11. Nobody goes because nobody puts the NFL before this Urban Meyer

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12. They all stay for the opportunity to win Ohio State a national championship.

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Completely Agree!

though doubtful, Hope they all come back for another year #crossingMyFingers

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I want to believe Hankins comes back, but it's tough to ask someone to pass up on being a top ten pick in the draft. 

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Is he going to be a top 10 pick though?  I know they are projecting him high, but I'm still not sure he'll be top 10. 

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Good point. I think he's been consistently in or near the top 10 on draft boards as either the number 1 or 2 DT, but it's hard to tell before draft positions are finalized, the combine, etc. I'd worry about a Cam Heyward situation. Glad he came back, but if I remember correctly his draft stock fell considerably after his senior year.

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My only hope is that DL being the position with the most depth in this draft gives him pause.

That said, I'm high on Pittman,Schutt, Spence, and Bennett.  I think that is your starting DL next September.  And I love Chris Carter, too.  He made a lot of plays in the spring (against a crappy OL).  I think another year of conditioning and practice, and he could be an immovable object.

I love Hyde with all my heart.  But if there is one position we can afford to lose the start, it's RB.  I still think Rod Smith can carry the load, we know what Dunn is capable of, and we still have a couple of other youngsters on deck.

But you can't replace Roby.  Not at all.  Nobody is close.

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That said, I'm high on Washington ,Schutt, Spence, and Bennett.  I think that is your starting DL next September



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In Big Hanks best intrest, he should go. You never know when somebody will roll up on your knees tearing the ACL and MCL. I would like him to stay. And since can those not out of highschool 3 years get to go? Did Roby redshirt?
Hyde isn't read, and isn't fast enough. He looked good, but didn't break free like Beanie did. Often. Or Pittman, and many others before him. He gets in the secondary and doesn't break it.

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Roby is RS Sophomore.

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I'm not sure if Hyde is a viable NFL running back starter.  He might be a change-up back or a goal line back.  Depends on him and what he wants to do.  He could make money at the next level, though.  He's plenty physical enough.  As more teams switch to running back committees, Hyde has a lot of value.
Hankins is as good as gone, though.  He's a top-8 pick, probably.

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I've heard it a lot lately around these parts about Roby and Hyde-people are quick to say they aren't top X at their position so they probably won't go pro. There is no gurantee these guys want to be anything other than NFL football players regardless of what round in which they are picked. Roby may hear that he's a 3rd round projection-the amount of paper that comes with an NFL contract at any round is still infinitely more than he is currently making (which we all know is whatever the NCAA says he can make). If a guy is expected to be picked at some point, there is a lot of human nature these guys would have to fight knowing "Well I am an NFL caliber player NOW. Why wait?". I could see all three guys going. Now they may be costing themselves some money (with the exception of Hankins who will be getting first round cheddar no matter when he goes pro) by going a year too soon but the NFL is the NFL. I know its a romantic notion to think "They should come back, help the team, and improve their draft stock" but if a player is a lock to be picked at some point-and I think all three are-then there should be nothing keeping them here.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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That was probably Thad Gibson's, Brian Hartlines and Donald Washingtons mindset lol.


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No Matt Barkley reference?
It's always a risk my Brother! That kid cost himself some serious money, Big Hank could do the same because all the prognostications have him top 10.

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Hankins leaves. Top 10 money is too good to pass. Roby back. Hyde not sure..I don't think he should go but that doesn't mean he won't go. 


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I think Hank should go for his own sake. When you're being touted as the #1 DT in some circles you need to take that guaranteed money. I want him to stay obviously but if my brother or son was in that position I'd def. say go when your stock is this high. 
It's diff. w/Hyde. Yeah he had a nice season and RBs have very short shelf lives, football-wise. H/o, IMO he's a limited/above average back at best who could boost his draft stock with another year of stats-padding under an Urban offense. If he puts up Montee-type numbers next year en route to the OSU Nat'l Championship that we ALL KNOW WILL HAPPEN then that exposure can lift him up higher than his pure football stock would be otherwise (see: decidedly average backs like Mark Ingram being drafted in the 1st round). 

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I agree about Hyde. Ingram was far from average in college though. I don't think he's in a very RB friendly system in N.O.


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I think Hankins will go to the league, honestly I hope that he does as it would be what's best for my favorite buckeye.  I don't want him to get hurt next year and have it cost him.

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Hankins would be wise to go.   I don't closely follow what the NFL needs in a particular year and that's a huge factor on who should go.   I have heard there isn't a dominate QB coming into the draft and it will be defense-heavy far more so than normal in early rounds.  So,  Hankins should go.  His position is too susceptible to injury and his stock is very high now.
Roby should go if it looks like 4th round or better.
That having been said, would love to have everyone back but if it's not in the players best interest its pretty selfish to say otherwise.  Make us proud on Sundays!
On another note, I think the TTUN fans will be a bit disappointed how low shoelaces goes.  He is obviously not NFL sturdy enough to remain on the field for long at any position.  Maybe he can challenge Bolt in the next olympics.  Picture that, and tell me you aren't laughing.

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This is officially the first poll I haven't voted on, lol.
I think none go pro as well. 

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"All three" were voted for by 79 hopeful M*chigan fans.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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The whole season Hankins has been rated as the number 1 or 2 defensive tackle to be drafted and is a top ten pick on nearly every draft board. Frankly he would be really dumb not to go. 

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Godforbid he came back and blew a knee or something that would be just a terrible hit to his future financially. Top 10 you just can't pass up..I'm sorry I don't care how good your team is projected to do next year.


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I think Big Hank is only one to go this year. 

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I agree with none because Urban has them smelling a National Championship IMHO...However I picked Big Hank bc I feel he'll have a high draft prediction (at least top ten).  Not sure who would pick him up but either way, he'd be the #1 Defensive Tackle picked unless Utah's guy goes before him.  Not sure how he turns down top ten draft pick money...but stranger things have happened.  

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A national championship will never matter more than an NFL contract. Ever. To anyone.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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i see lotuleilei going b4 hank but hankins will be top 10... i COULD see them all coming back, however, i see hank leaving and roby and hyde staying... it really depends on the wealth with mom and dad... if the kid grew up around money i see a good possibility they stay, if the kid comes from a struggling family look for them to go as soon as possible.

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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It can depend on who is picking. Star is your prototype nose in a 3-4. While I think Hank can play that spot, he's probably a better fit to a 4-3 team. With that said, Hank can probably even play the 3 for a few teams, he has more versatility.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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everything ive read says lotuleilei goes before him regardless of whos picking...

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again