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How many passes will Wisconsin complete against Ohio State?



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Knowing that OSU will likely stack the middle to stop the run, I would expect them to try to pass early (high percetage routes to give the QB some confidence). 

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I went with 11-15 given our Rushing Defense is pretty solid, and that will force Wisky to attempt a more balanced Offense.

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I think we will shut down their running game and make them try to throw.  I picked 16-20 but actually thought about voting for 20+.  Think Penn State.  Even MSU had 20+ completions against a great effort by our D (not even counting the multiple drops).

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Me knows 11-15 attempts.
Also, Montee Ball will run 40 times and gain somewhere around 120 yards for 0-1 touchdowns.
James White? 10 attempts for 20 yards and 0 TDs.
Wiscy is very stubborn with Ball, no doubt.

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couldnt' vote for 0?


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I think they'll try to pass early and see if they can stretch the defenders. However, I also expect this to fail and then they'll try their MonTEE/MonTAY attack.