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Who is a bigger second rival?



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Historically I would say penn st but recently wisc with the games and cry baby bielema whining about recruiting.

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I chose Wiscy simply because of the hatred we have towards them at this point though if history has taught us anything... this debate changes every decade due to the relevancy of the little ten.

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I went with Wisky only because they've been a thorn in our side for a while.
State Penn is relatively new to the B1G, so I wouldn't say they are a historical rival, but given that Ohio State and Pa. share a common border, they have the potential to be OSU's #2 rival, after the skunk bearz.



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Wisky on the field, PSU in the stands.

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Wow, tough call. We just don't have a traditional second rival. Illinois thinks they are. PSU thinks they are. No one thinks MSU is, but probably should be. Wisky was my answer, but only cuz I recently hate them the most of the list. Historically I hate PSU more, but historically with them means 20yrs.
We certainly aren't like MSU and UofM where we have ND as the historic rival. I just don't think we need more than the one we got I guess.

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I completely agree with your analysis. I think wiscy is currently our #2. As far as Illinois goes, I think that they are still mad that they got pushed aside and replaced by meatchicken as Ohio State's biggest rival. It's like an angry stalker ex-girlfriend who can't admit that it's over. They just want some attention too.

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I said Wisky...however Purdue may not be a rival but they are probably my 2nd most hated Big Ten team.

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On paper, it's a close call between Wisc and PSU.
The "tie-breaker" for me, though, is that I'd prefer not to dignify PSU as a rival institution. For Buckeye Nation to embrace PSU as a rival is more than they deserve at this point. We should hate/respect our rivals; not feel a strange mixture of pity and disgust toward them.

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I hate what happened at Penn St.  I hate their fans.  That said, I have a hard time hating their team, though I do hate their uniforms.
Wisconsin is my vote.

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Bielema and Ryan. Wisconsin by a landslide.

Long live the southend.

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Fighting beilemas get my vote.  
Prior to the sandusky case I honestly didn't have a huge problem with penn st.  Yeah their fans are terrible but from my living room they're not so bad.  Joe Pa was an icon yadda yadda yadda.   But now, having witnessed everything.  I wish them nothing but losses and doom.  
Those feelings do not however trump my burning hatred for wisconsin. Bret's giant round head and 3 foot long nose pointing everywhere.  BS loss they handed us two years ago.  Inability to win a Rose Bowl.   The list goes on and on.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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They still think it never happened.

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PSU fans are currently the most annoying fans alive, they think the sports world owes them something. 


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Definitely Wisconsin for me

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Michigan State. History shows the Spartans knocked off two, top-ranked Buckeye teams.

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I chose PSU because when they joined the B1G, part of the deal was that they would play OSU every year.  They didn't ask for that deal with any other B1G school.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Wouldn't that make us "their" rival? It doesn't necessarily have to go both ways. Just because they want to be relevant doesn't really make them so IMO.
Edit* I voted Wisky.

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Valid point, but I take pride that PSU (read JoPa) picked OSU as a school he wanted each year.  That speaks volumes for what OSU means as an opponent.  I also love that tsun was snubbed, so we have that going for us also.
But, this is just my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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O H I O is the Buckeye State

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Gotta be Wiscy. More close games/bad blood in the past few years, including games which had actual B1G and ranking ramifications between those two.

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I think technicaly its 
1 Michigan
2 Illinois
3 Penn State
but I voted Wisconsin because we have been going back and forth for the past few years and I feel like it could eventually develope into an actual rivalry game especially since we are in the same division.

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Wisconsin, easily.
Fido-Absolutely awesome response.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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There really is no "second rival."  There is just "that school up north" and whoever seems to be playing well over the last few years.  Right now, that's Wisconsin, but it could easily change.  Hating michgan never changes.  That's what makes a rival.  Oh, fwiw I really hate Purdue these last few years.

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I just hate Penn State fans. In all honesty they're worse than Wolverine fans. Hard to argue otherwise. 

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Breaking it all down:
Fan Base--PsU

Long live the southend.

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I agree -  Coaches - Wisconsin
              Fan Base - PSU
              On the field - M*chigan

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Tough choice.  Hate Wisconsin for obvious reasons.  But the recent goings-on at Penn State have basically dropped the floor out from any respect I may have bestowed their way in the past.  I can't look at anyone wearing a Penn State shirt without grimmacing, and whenever I hear news that they are excited about football it makes me even more nauseous.
From a competitive standpoint, I want to beat Wisconsin for all the healthy reasons you'd want to beat a rival:  their fans are loud and annoying, their student section might be the worst in all of football, their mascot is stupid, their coach looks like their mascot (and is a completely vile human specimen), and their football team somehow beats us when it really matters.
I want to beat Penn State because everything about them disgusts me.

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I'd say: 1990s - MSU; 2000s-present - Wisky

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I will never forget the loss to Wisky in 03.. So i vote Wisky

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MSU: I will always hate them for ruining the 98 season, but rival?  They kinda remind me of when I was a kid and my younger brother would run around me and my friends and annoy us until someone finally thumped them.    Now they are a teenager, and might get an occasional hard hit in, but still get their butts handed to them.
Wisconsin: makes sense as a second rival since they are constantly "up there" in the B1G, but short of the week leading up to playing them, I just can't work up enough to really care about those derpy cheeseheads.
PSU: I hate their obnoxious fans, the stupid blue band and think that "We Are!!!" is inane.  Went from being as pious as ND fans to wounded martyrs in a femtosecond, and of course... 1994.  
P.S. Moxie.

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Wisky right now. State Penn is hated but not a rival. They have an awful fan base. They want to be rivals with us but the feeling isn't mutual. Doesn't mean I want to lose to those dickweeds this weekend

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Wisconsin....OSU has had battles with them in Football and Basketball in recent years

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I voted penn state. My hatred for them rivals ttun. As some have already stated, if there was a game (besides ttun) where I'd want to win 100-0 it would be this one. I hope we break them in half.

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Wisconsin and it's not even close

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Up until 2009 I would have said Penn State, but with the recent games with Wisconsin in both football and basketball, that has really become a more heated rivalry. I think it's also a better one because they didn't try to force it into becoming a rivalry like they did by making us play Penn State every year, it just sort of happened.

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OSU overall records:
TSUN: 44-58-6
PSU: 14-13
MSU: 27-13
UI: 64-30-4
UW: 54-18-5

Penn State for sure.

Wisconsin would list Minnesota and Iowa as bigger rivals than Ohio State.

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Here's hoping we can close that gap with TSUN in my lifetime (I'm 31).  

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I'm not sure about "rival," but I definitely hate Wisconsin the most of those teams...

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This a great question but come on guys it HAS to be Penn State.  Yes, I hate Wisconsin and they have been the superior opponent, but I would honestly say with Michigan being down for so long the games against Penn State for most of the Tressel era were the most heated, hazardous, satisfying and belligerent.  For me personally, when Penn State came to town it was on.  Trash talking to all thier fans, getting lost in a druken stupor somewhere on North Campus after a non-sensical loss to those garbled-mouthed, buck-toothed Hill-Jacks.  Them and the Steelers. God i hate them. 

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Obviously an opinion poll but for me it is Penn State without question.  I think that the whole Wisconsin rivalry thing is just because we were both good and not genuine venom.  The penn state rivalry though has become kind of an animal in and of itself.  

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My vote went to Penn State. I know lately that it's been a dog fight with Wisconsin, and my wife is a Badger - so there's a personal reason for the feud for me, but I detest Penn State more, and the games seem to be way more intense. 
The biggest reason I hate Wisconsin is that Beluga Bielema manages to recruit an outstanding class every year, then completely under perform and usually manages to embarrass the B1G in the proccess.

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Penn State and it's not even close. Most people just use Wisconsin because they dislike Brett.

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