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How many sacks will the O-Line give up on Saturday?



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Buckeyes O-line handled MSU much better than I expected, it's nice to see production from a Bolman-less coached O-line. I voted for 3 just due to Braxton being a running QB.


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I think the Nebrasky D line isn't as good as MSU, Braxton is mobile helps him not get sacked much = None.

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I said 1, so I'm not a complete homer, right?
Seriously though, I've been impressed with the O-line's improvement and look forward to watching Fragel blow some fools up (please let it be so)!

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The O-Line has done pretty good for the most part. Usually when there is a sack its because Braxon takes too long to get rid of the ball or dances around the poucket too much..something he needs to really improve.


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I said 1, bur ir'll be a product of Braxtons developing decision making and not OLine troubles

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Agree with the previous comments, it'll most likely be Braxton holding it too long or bumping into someone and tripping or something.
I'll give them 1 real sack on a blitz, maybe 1 fake sack that is on a run play or Brax falling down.
The real question is, how many sacks do we get? Can our dline stay in their lanes to keep Martinez in the pocket? And if he escapes, can our LB's tackle him 1 v 1 in space? This game will test out whether all of that tackling practice is really working or if the MSU game was just a product of their traditional offense. I'm encouraged by that performance, but still have a nagging worry about tackling in space and defending the spread. A good showing this week and I'll be 100% on board with positivity.

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I'll say our defense gets 1 sack. Simon finally has that breakout game. A sack and a few tfl's.


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Hard to believe there won't be one or two at some point and it is likely to come as a result of Braxton being indecisive.  The one we gave up to Sparty could have been avoided because the oline protected great and Hyde picked up the blitzer by cutting him.  The blitzer then got back up and Braxton didn't react.  He should have gotten rid of the ball or scrambled.

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Nebraska has had at least 3 sacks in each game this season for a total of 19.  They also lead the B1G in TFL by a wide margin with 43.  For perspective OSU has 20 TFL and 12 sacks.

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Because negative runs from Braxton count as sacks... 3

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I'm not sure why the O-line would give up more than against MSU...???  I say 1 or 2 if i could vote twice. 

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If they play like last week, i don't see nebraska getting more then 2 sacks