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Which conference is strongest top-to-bottom?



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Someone homered out and picked the Big Ten.... Explain. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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The top two teams in the SEC are among the top five in the country year after year. They're legit and fantastic.
the rest the SEC is greatly overhyped and overrated year after year. All the teams start the year overrated because an SEC team that was not them won the championship the year before. Those high ranking are then used to justify the supposed strength of the conference.
Additionally, no allowance is made for the number of teams in the SEC. People have always started comparing at the top and then simply dropped any leftover teams. This means prior to P12 and B10 expansion, the SEC got to drop its two weakest teams in every comparison. Why not two in the middle? Or one at the top, one at the bottom?
The top of the SEC has been well and truly great, but the depth of the conference is largely hype. 
That said, I have no idea why someone picked the B1G. Maybe by deep they mean all the teams are about equal? Except us, of course.

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voted  sec, but i am not convinced the big 10 is as bad as some are saying.  illinois lost on the road, wisc lost on the road, nebraska and purdue also. and if they had been playing at home, perhaps they would have won? and then the past weekend doesnt look so bad.

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I want what the people who voted for the big east are smoking!

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I wanted to vote Pac 12, but the SEC still easily has the edge overall.
Fortunately, the current level of SEC dominance is unsustainable, for several reasons.
I won't go into all the reasons here, but here's something that will be amusing to keep track of this year: I ran some quick numbers and if we assume that Bama, LSU, UGA, and South Carolina will share about 5-6 losses between them this season, that means that all the other SEC teams will finish with roughly an average of 5.5 losses.
Meaning that several good, or at least decent, teams like FLA, Tenn, Mizz, Miss St, Ark, Tex AM will hover around 0.500. Teams with hyper-proud fan bases like Auburn and Ole Miss probably won't win enough games to go bowling. Vandy might have one of its best teams in years and will be home for the holidays. One or two good teams like Mizz, Tex AM, Miss St, etc. might also go 5-7 if things don't break right for them. 
And I will be LMAO because the implications of such heartaches and confusion will not be good for the long-term maintenance of SEC dominance. When their fans overreact and misinterpret what's going on, let the bloodletting begin! Bwahahaha! 

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The bottom of each conference is horrible.  It appears the bottom of the B1G has improved a bit this year, but the middle is vacuous an the ceiling isn't that high either.  I almost voted Pac 12, but Utah lost to Utah State and Colorado lost to Sacramento State.  
I agree that some of the lower tier SEC teams are overrated, but they are rated so high that even when you take that into account they are still better than the lower tier of any other conference.  I hate the SEC, but they look pretty good again this year (except Arkansas, haha, although I am now rooting for them to win the rest of their games).

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I voted Big East. The only BAD team is UConn. Rutgers is decent, Louisville and Cincy are good. Pitt and Syracuse stink, but they're leaving after this year. That leaves USF, who's pretty good after beating the team that beat Cal.

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Voted SEC, but I nearly voted PAC-12. The B1G's bottom-dwellers aren't as bad as they usually are, but the middle-level teams absolutely blow. 

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Went Pac-12. Arizona and UCLA are not great teams but good enough to beat decent teams across the nation!
Think about the bottom of the SEC! Very similar against the B1G! I would take straight up Indiana and Penn State against Kentucky and Vanderbilt! PAC-12 have Colorado and Washington St! PAC-12 has only Colorado without a win! SEC has 3! B1G has 1 as well but just are not as strong up top as PAC-12 and SEC. USC and Oregon matchup well with Bama and LSU. OSU and MSU don't! Not yet at least!

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Even though PAC12 looked good, it's early and I took SEC (just threw up a little in my mouth sadly). B1G was God awful this weekend.
Did get to go to The Shoe for my first ever game...quite awesome for a first timer but I need to see one now against a better opponant. Not saying UCF isn't quality but I think the crowd was a little down for this one and would have probably been more electric with a different team. Awesome experience none the less though.
Tommy's pizza was great too!

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I think you have to look at the bottom of a conference to answer this question... so I went with PAC-12.  

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But the bottom of the PAC 12 is even worse than the B1G.  See post above.

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too much pac 12 love right now. one good week vs a turrible B1G. SEC is the clear choice w/ B1G and big least battling for tht next to last spot.
i also think oregon and usc do not match up well vs the sec powers, def not oregon. sec has the formula to beat oregon and i like bama over usc. offenses about equal slight edge to sc but the D is in a whole nother league comparing bama and sc.

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Top to bottom - from what I've seen it's the PAC 12. SEC has 2 great teams & Georgia - other than that - not so hot IMHO...
Edit - still very early to really answer this question - so this is based this on the very little I've seen.

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Went with Pac-12, since they've been winning games all over the place. As others have pointed out, SEC has ridiculously good top teir teams, but aren't that great below. It's still too early to make an informed decision about it, but Pac-12 seems to be the most "balanced." 

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Im sorry but this seems like a no brainer. I know alot of us around here hate the SEC but they are clearly the best conference top to bottom. Alabama, LSU, Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia, Tenn, & South Carolina is a nice line up. No im not saying all of them are great this year but thats alot of good football in one conference. I cant think of another conference with 8 solid great/decent football teams. Winning the NC for 6 years straight pretty much answers this question lol. But I do think the B1G is second...

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Alabama and LSU is a nice lineup.- Fixed.

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Pound for pound the SEC is the best conference in college football period. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, & Auburn could give any team in the B1G a run for their money if not beat em. 

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You're kidding right? Georgia yes, but Florida, South Carolina, and Auburn would all lose to MSU in my mind. Now, are they still deep? Sure, but they aren't nearly as strong as you make them seem. Honestly, the PAC-12 looks like it may have the most *solid* teams. College football in general seems to be having a down year. 

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I'm just ticked you guys made me vote for the SEC for something positive.