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Are you rooting for Terrelle Pryor to do well in the NFL?



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Hell yes.

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I really don't care either way, but it does annoy me when people hold a vendetta against the Tat5, as it's the worst thing in the world.

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I root for all former Buckeye players. Even Art Schlicter.  



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I hope he does good, if i was judged on all my past mistakes id be struggling lol

Michigan Sucks!

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I love redemption stories more than almost anything.  In fact people I used to hate, I often come around on if they went through some bad stuff and came out better in the end.

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Of course I want him to do well. I see that block o tattooed on him. He's still a buckeye.

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I think Ohio State would differ in your opinion and definition of him still being a Buckeye. I do agree with you though - once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye. He deserves our love, no matter how many times he made OSU look stupid by letting his actions/words come into the spotlight.

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Time heals all wounds. He made a mistake, he certainly paid for it. Yeah last season sucked and it was miserable for all of the fans, but I bet it was pretty miserable for those kids too. Way more miserable. He's still one of the greatest Buckeyes of my lifetime, and I hope he does well in the NFL.

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I am. I loved Coach Tressel, but, without Terrelle Pryor --- we don't have Urban Meyer right now.

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Buckeye. That's all I need to know.
Besides I never had a problem with kids trading their signature for tats or selling things they own.

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Of course! I too want all Buckeyes to do well.

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Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.
edit: except for Jeffrey Dahmer

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I think exceptions can be made for totally disregarding the values of a society that produced Ohio State.

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My aunt was targeted by that ahole in the 70s, I would guess near the start of his evolution into complete monster, before he decided he preferred male victims. She reported him to police for his constant harassment and they said that he was bad news but they couldn't do anything until he actually broke a law. He called her one night and said that he was coming for her. She freaked out ran to her car and drove to her parents house on the other side of the state. She called her job the next day to tell them that she quit and never went back to Bath, OH. She didn't think much more about it until he became famous in the 90s for his various crimes. She told me that story for the first time this spring, . . .  craziness.

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I don't really care.  On one hand, having a former Buckeye QB excel in the NFL would be a first.  On the other hand, his comments after last night's Monday Night game make it sound like playing at Ohio State did nothing for his QB training...which we all know is bullshit.

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Nic Siciliano begs to differ..

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You could've had John Gruden or Jim Harbaugh as the QB coach, Pryor would still be pretty much where Hes at passing wise. Just not a great natural passer just like Tim Tebow.


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If Jon Gruden or Jim Harbaugh were Pryor's QB coaches in college he would've been a much better passer.

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Oh yeah, what makes you say that? He's still passing the same way with a year of NFL coaching under his belt. Will always be a scrambler who throws an ugly ball.


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lol, true.  But we all know that Tressel was the real QB coach, and that he and Pryor were bff's.  So, wtf was Pryor studying in the film room for 3 years?  How did he go from not knowing what to do on 2nd and 10 as a freshman to hitting Posey on a back-shoulder throw in the end zone from 30 yards out with the Rose Bowl on the line?  In his last game as a Buckeye, he shredded a top-10 ranked SEC defense.  And last night, he actually looked pretty good out there (the sack on the screen pass at the end wasn't exactly his fault).
So, to me his comments seem like sour grapes from a spoiled f'ing brat.  I don't know how to comment on whether or not Ohio State under Tressel gives their QB's NFL-calibur training.  If you had Oklahoma's QB coach and WR's, but Jim Bollman's O-line, it might look exactly the same as what we saw for the last 4 years.  Pryor was one of the most successful QBs in OSU history, who had no All-American WR's, no All-American RB's, and no All-American O-linemen at his disposal.  He didn't win those games on athletic ability alone...otherwise he'd have Denard Robinson's TD-Int ratio.

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I think that Tressel had less to do with the development of OSU's QBs than most people think. Joe Daniels was far more instrumental in the development of Troy Smith than Tressel was. Sadly he passed away last year due to cancer.

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Without question yes.     Buckeye.   Do well, make money, support family, have fun while in the NFL.  
I can completely understand a stance of indifference. At the same time i think (imho) it's kinda f'd up to wish failure on the kid.  Not saying anyone on here is saying or doing that at all, but just in general.  He's a guy living out one of his dreams (I presume) and thats cool for anyone to do.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I'd like to see every Buckeye go on to succeed.
Well, Ray Small would be hard to root for...

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That's right.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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Not sure why I should. He left us for dead last year and was the leader of the tat gate group. The only good that came out of him leaving was that we get Urban now. So maybe I should thank him. But in the end I don't care how he does in the NFL. I don't pay attention to the NFL anyway.

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Might want to re-think your opinion of "leaving us for dead". If Pryor wanted to he could have sung like a canary to the NCAA but he kept his mouth shut and likely saved us from more issues.

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Rumors are he sang like a canary so that Goodell would let him into the supplemental draft.  This could be BS (if someone has anything, please post).
I won't root for him unstil he stops screwing OSU over.  When he decides to shut his mouth and humble up, I'll think about forgiving him.

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When did he screw OSU over? Tell me when he has ever bad mouthed OSU? And yes, those are rumors. There have been several articles stating that TP did not cooperate at all with the NCAA and would not answer any questions about OSU...thus saving us from more potential issues.

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As I said, I heard rumors.  I did not state this as factual, and I asked if anyone could confirm one way or the other.  I'm not counting your comment as proof.
I call promising not to leave the team and then doing so as screwing over your team, especially if you're supposed to be one of the leaders.  As for badmouthing, I just read some comments that he was badmouthing the QB coaching he received at OSU.  Justified or not, that's not something you should airing out to the public.  There's other borderline things he has said as well, because he's an arrogant child, but I wouldn't raise it to calling out OSU either.

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He was pretty mediocre last night, an up for grabs interception in double coverage etc. But, he also had a couple nice throws when he had protection, which is only a couple plays, the D blitzed easily and often and Prior showed that he is still one hell of an escape artist, stiff arming ends and running right out of the grasp. He got two first downs on his feet. In short, he looked to me like the same old Pryor, an iffy passer but a real escape artist. Sure I wish him the best. 
Also, Chekwa looked good in my opinion. 

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Interception was essentially a hail mary no fault there.  However he did miss on a couple passes.  He's as good a runner as ever though.

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Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye. He did some great things at OSU.
He's made some mistakes but we all do. 
I'm not a TP appologist by no means(even though he didn't do anything legally wrong, it was agaisnt the rules), though I'm not a fan that thinks he's the antichrist (I hate you TP I hope you fail in the NFL and at life grrr I'm so mad). 

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Do we not love the singing of Carmen Ohio at the end of home games?
Time and change will surely show......
There has been time, and change, since the days of TP suiting up for the good guys.  And the fan in me is still rooting for TP to succeed in the NFL and in life.  Otherwise I would be a liar if I said I didn't love that song. 

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