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Who will be the best quarterback in the Big Ten next season?



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I know I'm a homer - but I honestly think Braxton can/will be better than everybody else...

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I think Vandenberg is in for a rude awakening.  He lost some good wideouts and linemen, and they lost Coker, so there goes their run game.  You can't be an effective play action passer without a top shelf run game, and they have no one who can dependably tote the rock for 4.0+ YPC average that you'll need to be effective in that offense.  I look for opposing defenses to pin back their ears and go after him from the edge.  He'll produce big numbers, but I don't see him being nearly as efficient.

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2006 Drew Tate redux?

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Big time homer vote, guys.  Braxton is going to be the product of those around him.  Unless the receivers take a GIGANTIC leap forward, there is no way Braxton is going to come off as the best QB next year.  Devier Posey played in 3 games and had 12 catches.  Devin Smith, Corey Brown, and Jake Stoneburner played all year and had 14 each.  Now with Stoneburner's status in question, Hall's injury, and the fact that the star of the spring game was a freshman, I have a hard time placing my bet on him as THE BEST.
I think Denard will outshine everyone, unfortunately.  Lots of Denard haters here, of course, but the guy is going to get his yards and TDs.

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Name me one Urban Meyer mobile QB who wasn't the best in his repective conference. 

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John Brantley.  But it's not about that.  B-rax has insane talent and isn't far off of the path from being great.  But the receivers last year were deplorable.  Ohio State had 125 catches last year.  #5 can hit guys in the chest all day, but if the receivers don't catch it he won't be the best in the conference.

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He said name one of Meyer's "mobile" quarterbacks. John Brantley = NOT mobile

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Missed the "mobile" part.

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If the question was "who will be the best athlete in the B1G next year" then I would've voted Denard. But the question asked best that case i'm going with Braxton.

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Winner winner chicken dinner!  Detard is an outstanding athlete, but a qb not so much.  The guy is fun to watch, frustrating as hell too, but a quarterback he is not.  I'm a big time homer, but there isn't another B1G qb I would want other than Braxton.

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did wisconsin end up getting the kid from maryland? i never saw. plus, is he eligible for post- grad classes and thus can play right away? if so, he's your guy. again, i have no idea if he even went to big ifs there.
if not, whoever steps in for kirk cousins wil be solid. dantonio seems to know how to take 2 star recruits at the sexy positions and develop them into all- conference studs.
braxton will have 6 good games, 3 "meh" games, and 3 "at least we don't have to play in the little caesar's bowl this year" games. i don't care if you're stephen hawking- learning 2 brand new complex offenses in consecutive years is pretty difficult.


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as far as robinson- kid is a punt returner under center. unbelievably explosive, but leaves you scratching your head every 3rd play. plus, i'll give anybody even odds that the kid has an injury of at least 3 weeks this season that takes him out of the running.
for one, he's too soft. secondly, he's too tiny to take on 8 in the box every week.