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Raise your right hand. Now, did you watch the ESPY's last night?



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I used to be an ESPN junkie, watched all their shows religiously. Then i just got fed up watching that garbage, its like a sports TMZ. Im proud to say I havent watched one second of any show (other than just flipping thru channels) in about 2 months and I dont ever plan on it again until Monday Night Football or an Ohio State game airs on that network. I dont know how I ever watched that crap like I did. It was like a drug, I feel so much better now that Ive been sober for 60 some days lol.

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Dude, Golden Girls is boss.

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I've seen every episode at least twice. One of the best television casts of all time.

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Only second behind "All in the family" Archie Bunker is BOSS!

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Don't be lowering Golden Girls to that level of "television." I would much rather watch a Golden Girl's marathon than a lot of what's on TV now a days (*cough* Jersey Shore *cough*). ESPN is really only good for live events. 

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Actually, I would rather watch a Golden Girls marathon than a lot of things on ESPN.  It was a great show.

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My grass is drying out in my backyard. I'd rather watch that happen than see the ESPYs.

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Not to mention they let go of the only reason for watching ESPN! Erin Andrews!

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I turned it off when Jeremy Lin won an award.

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I didn't watch one bit of the ESPYs.  Fuck that.  I wouldn't be surprised for them to invent a "Cheater" award and give it to our football team.

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