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Who will emerge as your favorite assistant this year?



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Herman will either be the most loved or the most hated.

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I want to believe(hope) that it will be Herman, given his position and the importance of the Buckeye offense this fall. This is where the Buckeyes need the most improvement from last year, IMO, if they are going to be successful.



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How can you leave Coach Whithers off this list!? Especially with his recruiting prowess.

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I thought everyone knew his nickname was "Other"? Naw, we just try to limit the choices to keep from having a foot long window that's all. To your point tho, I guess I maybe could've replaced Drayton with Withers.

johnnyjohn58's picture thoughts exactly!!!!

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Even though I'm a huge fan of both Fickell and Vrabel I really like the energy that Coombs is bringing to the table. The few vids I've seen of practice he seems to be going 200mph and is really into the game. Looking forward to seeing how they ALL mesh together during the season.

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I too voted Coombs.  He just seems so happy to be here and brings such great enthusiasm.  You can't help but like the guy.  Herman will be loved for making the offense less offensive.

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I voted Herman, mostly b/c of what Jim Bollman did to wreck our offensive production in recent years, before Herman came aboard.
Can't wait to watch us actually move the ball, score TDs (not FGs) and NOT be the most predictable offense ever, in the history of college football, ever.

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I love Vrable and Fickell but I voted for Coombs, he is a wild man on the sidelines and we needed someone like him.

It's good to be home.

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His blood is 51% Red Bull.

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You think it is that low?

I'm hiding baby and I'm dreaming
I'm riding down your moonlight mile

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Coombs, for sheer entertainment.  As my friend said during the circle drill at the spring game, "It's like he's trying to climb an invisible ladder."

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I'd have voted Warriner if on the list.

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I'm just excited to see an offense!!!  I've been saying for 10 years that they need kick teams while they're down.

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Vrable is already my favorite. When he was at a full sprint into the lockerroom after warmups at the spring game while all of the other coaches were just taking their time I was cracking up.

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i voted coombs, just because the man's a nutjob, and i love it. although fickell, vrabel, and herman all deserve recognition as well

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How I describe Coombs' energy level - He's like a jack russell terrier inside a Chucky Cheese filled with kids who each have a tennis ball.

No relation to OSUFORLIFE...

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Best description ever, as I am acquainted with a few Jack Russells. Love Fickel and Vrabel, but just for sheer exuberance and go-git-'em, I pick Coombs.

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that is the perfect description for Coach Coombs.  My high school played Colerain for homecoming years ago (while he was still there, and we got destroyed), and he was just insane on the other sideline.

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I want to write-in Bollman.

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You're a sick, sick, man ....... funny though! 

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Vrabel and Coombs are great personalities and seem bound to be fan favorites.  However, no assisstant will have as big an impact on the new look of this team than Tom Herman, and I expect great things from him.

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I voted Tom Herman because the Offense should be vastly improved and won't let up.  I look forward to seeing that.
At the moment, I really like the entire staff and the way they seem to be working together.  I know they poke fun at each other on Twitter quite often.

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This is tough. I voted for Coombs because of his intensity and a continued tradiition of a great secondary at tOSU.
However, I hope by the end of the season it's even tougher because each was invaluable to the program's success!

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So far it's Mariotti. I don't think he is classified as an assistant but I can already see major changes in our team from him being here.

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Coach representing Cincinnati! Whoop! Whoop!

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