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Is it more likely for Braxton Miller to throw for 3,000 yards or run for 1,000 yards next season?



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I voted for rushing for 1,000 yards, but I don't think he gets to either.  Maybe in 2013.

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Agreed. Def not the passing goals. I see him at the 700-800 yd mark for rushing. Plus, he's learning a whole new system. I hope I'm wrong however

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Don't believe everything UFM says. Sometimes it's all strategy and tactics. I think the team's pretty good.

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@hoody I agree. I think the receivers are average, i mean, this is ohio state, even if our offense wasn't geared towards them, the name alone is going to attract some talented receivers. maybe they haven't developed as much as we'd like, but i think the talent is there. 
i think all this talk is designed to make sure that braxton and the receivers are spending hours upon hours at the woody running routes, getting a connection down

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Only two Buckeye QBs have gotten to 3000 yards in a season. And even if you assume Miller will be dramatically improved as a passer, he'd have to average 250 yards passing per game--a level he's never reached in any college game. 
Even Tebow only got to 3000 yards once at Florida, and that was including a bowl game. Of course, Tebow also got to milk a lot of big leads and spend time on the bench in fourth quarters, a luxury Miller won't often have this season.

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Yes, but Tebow is definitely a much better run then passer. It's not like Tebow was Peyton Manning or anything. His strength was running and that's what he did. Even so, as a runner he never crossed the 1k threshold in a single season. I honestly believe that Miller will have a very succesful season, but I really doubt he reaches either milestone. But if I had to pick one that's more likely, I'd have to go with passing due to all the great RBs he shares the backfield with. There will be some designed runs to keep the D on their toes, but I don't think it'll be a focal point in the offense.
Next year's offense will be exciting at times, but I think there will be some hiccups along the way. I'll be happy as long as there's an improvement to our offense and the team's set to tear through the defenses the season after.