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Will you be attending the spring game?



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Can we do 100,000+?

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I really wish I could. :-(

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Friday I bought a second ticket for my friend who will join me to the spring game and asked the girl at the ticket office if they sold that many to the public and I was shocked when she said they sold ~ 17000+ tickets up till Friday!!! I know student admission will be free but I have my doubt we will reach 100,000+.

kr66osu's picture

I'll definitely be there!

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I'll be there for sure!

" I went for two cause I couldn't go for three." 
-woody Hayes 

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ohio state is giving tickets to high school students who come visit campus that day

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Ehh, the spring game has done well in the past, it will do well again this year. People are probably waiting to see what the weather is like, and make their decision then. Hopefully the 21st will be a nice, sunny spring day.

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I'm going as long as it doesn't rain this year. Usually I'm not into the whole spring game thing, but I'd like to go to support the new team and staff.