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Who impressed you the most Saturday?



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braxton loked pretty great, although shazier also looked very good. gray team broke my heart though

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OHHHH?! So that is what an offense looks like...Thomas had more catches then the leading receiver (stoney) had last year.  The ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR.

Brax was good in the rain 20 for 26ish?

#72 on the d line is a beast he blew up several plays

Nice to see Dunn get catches out of the backfield

D-line should be nasty 8 to 10 players could see the field with no drop off in talent.



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Smith and Stoneburner had 14 catches last year...Thomas had 12 today.  Still, big time difference from last year.

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Tampa Buck... you never let me down. It's as if the real Kenny F*ckin Powers is an 11w member. "F*ck the west coast, they get nothing."

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Thomas was great!

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Thomas looks huge out there, i was really wanting to see a fade pass to the cornor endzone for him. i feel like he could be a major weapon for us down there. 

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What I loved was that they passed the ball and kept the chains moving. Now just imagine the offense we saw today, which probably wasn't showing much playbook-wise to us, and add in the mobile quarterback with running plays and scrambles and more. I am super excited about that. 

And Michael Thomas looks like a stud. Its the spring game, so i won't get too crazy with the praise, but lets just say I am looking forward to seeing more from him in the fall. I think him, Devin Smith, and Philly Brown can step up at the receiver position for us.

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Bellamy was all over the field today. That's my vote.

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Thomas reminds me of Michael Jenkins. Put a few pounds of muscle on him and that kid could be dominant

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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I have to say Michael Thomas was the most impressive with Cris Carter a close second. He hasn't even been a D-Lineman for a month.

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Michael Bennett, sophomore defensive lineman

On his performance in the spring game

"I wasn't too happy with my performance today, but I did alright. I tried to make some things happen and got in the backfield a little, though. It was an okay game."

Gotta love that attitude; he had a pretty good game from what I saw

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Must admit that I was impressed with the 81,000 fans who came to the game on a rather crappy, cool day. Even though I couldn't be there (damn work travel), I was psyched to see how many were there for the lacrosse game, and then for the spring game. Loved the cameras showing lots of families/dads with kids. And I think I have a crush on Coach Coombs. LOVE his enthusiasm and oomph.

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I voted for Mike "Sure Hands" Thomas.  12 catches in a game with 10 minute quarters.  Wow!  I think we saw why he earned his way onto the 1st team with Evan Spencer out.  Very nice game for Mike, and it was also good to hear he's always asking his coach what he can do better.

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like some people said its a spring game, but Thomas looked pretty darn good. He was all over the field and didn't drop a pass I don't think. Also I was watching Cris carter during the game and Idk which o-line he was going against but he moved some guys back a long ways fast. Also the program listed him at 6'4 358! I am sure he is not that heavy now though but he is a large man. Him hankins,bennet hale, they have some BIG DT that are are pretty young.

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He did drop one that was almost picked, but I'll be damned if he didn't earn the game ball. Michael Thomas deserves playing time, let's just hope he has his Uncle's talent.

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Even though he had the one pick, I was impressed with Guiton.  Considering we haven't seen much from him on the field, he looked like a nice option for the backup QB position.  I also thought that Chris Carter had a very good game considering his lack of experience on the DL.  He may not have the athletic ability of a lot of defensive linemen, but his strength looks amazing.  He was blowing people off the ball and he was getting off the line fairly good as well.  Overall I think both teams played fairly well, but it still seems like the OL needs a little more work because there were times when Miller had to scramble to soon in order to make plays or had no time at all.  GO BUCKS!

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Other. And that other was Urban Meyer, not only observing on the field but also coaching on the field.

Long live the southend.

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Agreed. He was all over the field. We were sitting in A-deck, around the 10-yard line, on the visitor's side. He ran the warm-ups in the endzone, at the open end of the Shoe. It reminded me of basic training, in its regimentation. Walking up and down their ranks, he seemed to take a moment with each playe. I was also thinking of that story we heard about his first meeting with the team, in which he fired them up so much, they were ready to run through a brick wall. He showed a balanced mixture of getting after them and showing them approval.

Everybody was very happy in Ohio Stadium - on the field and in the stands. 

It was palpable that most of us 81,000+ were there to see Urban Meyer, Head Coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes. It was like U.S.Grant at The Wilderness, "We knew the boss had arrived."

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Michael Thomas and Dunn were definitely breakout players. Didn't expect them to come in and ball right away.

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Thomas. Totally unexpected! I don't see this as just a spring game thing. I would be very surprised he doesn't make noise in fall too!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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I actually have to say Chris Carter. Michael Thomas was good but Miller didn't really have any other options so I feel like it's easy to see why he got so many throws. Chris Carter on the other hand, seemed like he was a lost cause and was moved to D-line because he was no good on offense and they just needed to put him somewhere...but he was blowing guys up big time.

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Michael Effing Thomas!

That is all.



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I loved the long white socks on Thomas, Fields, and Christian Bryant, among others. Reminds me the 90's and early 2000's look we had. I wish it would be an official part of our uniform.

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Agreed, I thought for a lack of better terms, they were pretty "baller."

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Actually, I'd like to add Adam Griffin as #2. I thought this kid wasn't supposed to be any good? 9 tackles I think?



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He's a Griffin. If anything he IS supposed to be good.

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I agree.

I heard many say "it's going to be tough to live up to the last name," but it seemed like he had half the tackes in the second half.



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It would be nice to see Adam get more playing's just he got his Dad's height.  Not sure he'll play a whole lot because of that.  However his play may speak volumes about his effort and determination despite his height.  He sure looked tough yesterday tackling and anticipating that over throw by Braxton.  I'd have to say I would have voted for him if he was on the list.   

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Thought it was great...seeing Urban at the helm and guys fired up.  I don't think Thomas will just be spring game award winner.  He seems to fit the bill to stop all the lack of play maker talk.  Smith, Spence, Thomas and Brown with Stoney and Heuerman/Vannett should be a good group for Braxton to throw to.  Not to mention they'll get the ball to Boren and RBs via the passing game as well...should be a great season.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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Thomas had a pretty sick catch late but he just stepped out of bounds.  One drop/bobble, but I love what Urban was saying about him being the most dedicated receiver.  Got some good size too.