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Should alcohol be served in Ohio Stadium?



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I love to drink but our fans are pretty horrible without alcohol sales. We would quickly top the likes of Wisc and Penn St for worst B1G fanbase. I've seen people fall asleep at in the stadium from being drunk, or maybe It was just the play calling.....Maybe they should legalize marijuana sales inside the Shoe to help with all the glaucoma and to chill all the hot heads out.

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Alcohol sales in the Shoe would be a disaster.  There is no reason you can't get your drink on before the game.  Granted it is a little harder for noon kick offs, but still possible.  Having beer during the game would make the stadium a disaster.  The 4+ hours in the stadium is a good opportunity to sober up for the drive home.  Let Minnie have their beer garden, we don't need/want it.

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Completely agree with you, Doc.  I really don't like the idea of a bunch of rowdy, passionate fans having unlimited access to boose during the game.  I can tell you if I could have bought beer during the Wisky game last year, I would have been probably 5 in my Miller's famous heave.  I spanned the entire emotional gamut that night, the last thing I needed was booze fueling that fire.

The issue that OSU is facing down, though, is that beer sales mean one thing, money.  Check this out:

Accoding to the Charleston Daily Mail, WVU sold 36,042 "units" of beer during the Tigers' Saturday night visit and turned a profit of more than $120,000 on beer sales alone.

Our stadium seats roughly 45,000 more people than WVU's; so with that 75% increase in people, a 75% increase on profit is $210,000 a game.  That's a lotta moolah.

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And a lotta problems. We make plenty of money without it. WVU doesn't

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Agreed.  Just trying to illustrate both sides.

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I think WVU may rue the day they choose money over sanity

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Close, Pam.  Being a resident of this state, WVU *couches* rue the day they choose money over insanity!

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You are right. WV is not a couch friendly state

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Beer sales at WVU might slightly reduce drunkeness there. As long as WVU fans are nursing Natty Light (4.2 percent alcohol) instead of chugging bottles of Old Crow (90 proof?), the rate of intoxication might actually go down. You know, it could be more of a public service than a profit-motive thing.    

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Also, if memory serves me correctly, WVU permits ticket holders to go in and out during games freely. So people go outside at half, booze it up, and come back in.

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If I were to open up a furniture sales store, West Virginia would be the state I choose to open my business. Time all your big couch sales for the week after a big game that you just know they'll inevitably lose.

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What's the worst that could happen...

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Our fans take to the streets and proudly riot in our own city....why the heck would we want to lob a grenade into that powder keg? Let them drink all they want before and after. Don't allow them the ability to drink during a game. I know we would like to think fans can be responsible but I believe it was Tommy Lee Jones in MIB who said "A person is smart, people are dumb".

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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OSU has NEVER passed an opportunity to make money.  The concession prices are off the charts high now.  Beer would be $8-10 a pop for sure.  The early season games when it is hot outside would be medical emergencies waiting to happen.  Instead of buying a $4.00 water people will buy beer and then pass out or suffer heat stroke.  The Game against AACC would be a full blown riot of Biblical proportions win or lose.  Please, oh please no beer in the stadium.

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Selling in the stadium would likely make people get less f'd up before games.  My thinking behind this is you would no longer have to "load up" 8 to 10 beers to carry you through the game.  

 How many people are going to buy $8 to $9 beers to the point of blackout?

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You obviously don't understand college kids.

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honestly, i would never be able to afford a beer in the stadium as a student, but i guess i sneak in as much as i need anyway. still, im not sure its a great idea, unless they go with a baseball-esque rule where you cant buy any after the first half or so

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It looks like you and I are in the minority here, Tampa. I'm a pretty conservative dude, but I would mind buying a beer or two for $8 at the Shoe.

For those of you that say the kids will get even more obnoxious: How are they going to be able to buy the beer in the Shoe? If they ain't 21, they won't.

And I always heard that it wasn't the actual people that went to the game itself that were burning the couches. If that is true, what does it matter what they're selling inside the stadium?



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You clearly either forgot your college days or underestimate the creativity kids have when in comes to underage drinking. Options include: Give money to a buddy who is 21, have them visit various consession stands, no on will know. The ever fun "fake ID" to buy some. Sneaking some from a friend who's working the consession stand. Pretty much anything you did to get drunk under 21 -at the shoe. Kids who want to get drunk at the game, will get drunk at the game, no matter what age.

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This. I think the best one I saw this year was a couple guys who snuck in a camelbak bladder under one of their hoodies that was filled with jaiger. 

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We have some of (if not) the best tailgating in all of college football, and High Street to go along with it. Selling alcohol in the stadium would be a disaster waiting to happen. This is still college, not the pros. Get your fill on before the game, watch and enjoy the game, then go party after. 

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The standard answer, I had thought, was that the Conference had a rule against it.  If somebody had asked, I would have bet good money that the Conference had a rule against in-stadium alcohol sales.  Obviously, I'd have lost the bet.  Was it always a myth?  Or was there a rule, that is now changed?  I couldn't find anything; it is easier to find a copy of Warren Buffett's tax returns, than it is to find B1G Conference rules and regulations.

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I thought there was a rule also. Maybe we got it confused with the no alcohol policy for NCAA basketball tourny venues.

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I know they don't allow beer advertising on the BTN (if still true, i don't know) 

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I thought the same thing but drink at OSU basketball games if I get club seats.

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I thought it was an NCAA rule, not B1G rule. But what do I know?



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Was it a "Gentlemans agreement"?

No relation to OSUFORLIFE...

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Sell beer and cut sales off after the 3rd quarter, like NFL stadiums. 

There are always going to be drunks. I highly doubt there are a shit ton of people out there saying, "MAN I'D BE BLACKOUT DRUNK RIGHT NOW IF ONLY THEY HAD BEER SALES IN HERE." These people are smuggling alcohol in regardless.

I read WVU expects one million dollars in profit from their alcohol sales this year. Did their stadium fall in on itself? No. 

Quit treating people like little kids. It's beer, not heroin. (Trust me, I know the difference.)

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Completely agree. The people that are going to get shitfaced will get shitfaced no matter what. Like you said it's no like they're suddenly going to go crazy over the fact that they no longer have to smuggle in beer or liquor, just cut it off at a certain point like you said. Like someone pointed out above, the possible profits from this would be quite nice. People are going to the game drunk and are bringing in alcohol anyways, besides as a student I'd wager that I deal with more drunk spectators in my section than any other section and nothing has ever gotten out of hand. Our fans are bad, but at least we aren't Penn State/Wisconsin bad. 

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I don't see why they can't at least serve during the first half.  Fans should have time to sober up before driving home.  AT LEAST.

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Was there a post deleted on this? I think I replied to a questionable post and now my response is gone.

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I thinK Beer in the stadium would be a terrible idea.  Maybe people do sneak stuff in, I don't know anything about that  really.  What I do know, is, I'm already drunk or well on my way when I walk into the game.  I appreciate the sober up time so when the game is over I can make my 2 hour drive home.  If I'm already buzzed/drunk when I walk in, I'd have poor judgement and drink more during the game then be forced to try and find a hotel room or sleep in my car somewhere.  

There is a big problem in the NFL after games with alcohol related accidents.  Plus pepole fight and carry on in the stands a lot and it's just a mess.  It's usually because even more alcohol is served.  I'm sure students are going to sneak stuff in, and others will as well, but there are a lot of people who attend a game who don't sneak in but would like keep ordering beers during the game.  

Just my 2 cents.  

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My only problem is that there will be stupid fans who pull ridiculous stunts, and, even if it happens in other places, the media will lord it over OSU. Sorry, I'm not fond of the media pulling my school's name through the mud. Man up, get drunk before, get drunk after, and don't make it a spectacle during the game.

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Agree. It just makes me uneasy. Would prefer no beer sales in the stadium. It just doesn't send the right message. Too many idiots already, unfortunately, which is too bad for the ones who would just like a lukewarm semi-flat weak overpriced beer on an afternoon at the ballgame. Students and cheapskates are still going to pregame and/or sneak stuff in because they can. I would imagine the local restaurants with liquor licenses and bars would oppose it also. As an aside, doesn't Varsity Club open at 8am for noon games, soemthing like that?

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Something like that. Plus, there are people tailgating for noon games before the sun comes up. If you want to pregame and tailgate, you have a plethora of options.

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Yes ,but stop selling right before 2nd quarter is over.

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