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How will the Buckeyes' offense fair in its first year under Meyer?



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I vote for 30+

Northwestern scored 28.9 points per game last season. No offense to Northwestern; but OSU has Braxton, Meyer, and better athletes. We should average 30+ over the course of the season. There will be some bumps in the road and I expect that OSU won't always put up tons of points. But we don't have Bollman coaching the line/calling plays and Tresselball's a thing of the past.

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I voted 20-25.  If we can score three TD's a game we win most, if not all, of our games.  The defense will be better than last year and so will the offense.  The Spring Game will be fun to watch this year.

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Call me pessimistic or whatever, but I think we lose at least 2 games this year. 

New culture around the program, new coaching staff, and  new offensive philosophy means we lose a couple along the way. 

Looking at it from a half full perspective, at least this gives Urban a chance to tinker and toy with rosters, play calling etc. because none if it will have an impact on our nonexistant bowl aspirations.



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I voted the same because I didn't want to be overly optimistic, but this is a difficult question to answer without seeing the Offense in action first.  I think it would be interesting to ask this same question after the Spring Game and compare the results.

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Honestly, I think the choices are awful.  We averaged 24.5 points last year, and our next lowest since 2007 was 27.6 in 2008.  Meyer's lowest PPG since 2007 was 29.8 in 2010 with Brantley at QB.


The combination of a better defense, much more experienced offense, and a much more agressive/balanced offensive scheme should easily put us over 30 points per game.

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And that was 24.5 just in conference play so its not like it would be a big jump to 30.

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Came in to say the exact same thing


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I put 25-30, but wouldn't be shocked with 30+.  Urban is going to put up a ton of points on the creampuffs at the beginning of the year.  We won't be squeaking by MAC teams with Meyer at the helm.

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As has been pointed out already, we averaged 24.5 with last year's  team.  That's the team that scored 6 against Miami, and 7 against MSU.  The team that was led first by a minor league pitcher, and then a true freshman at the QB position.  A rudderless offense with no discernible game plan, no ability to adjust, with it's senior leadership suspended for much of the season.  That offense averaged 24.5.  IF Braxton stays healthy, I think this year's version can add a td/game to that total.  

There are 8 games on the schedule where we'll have no problem reaching 30 (Miami, UAB, Cal, UCF, Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Michigan).  Of the other 4 (Wiscy, Nebbie, PSU, MSU) only MSU has a defense that I am confident keeps us under 30, and possibly under 20. 

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i factored in the 70+ points we'll score on OOC opponents not named Cal

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