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Which player most needs to bring his "A" game for the Buckeyes to win tonight?



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I voted Buford, but after thinking about it, probably should have voted Sullinger.

I don't like our chances if Sullinger goes out and has a terrible night - whether it be poor shooting or foul trouble. Whereas, if he brings his A game, I think we can sustain a comfortable 5-7 point lead throughout the game.

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I'm not too worried about Sully sitting out as long as it isn't for an extended period of time. I write that now, but will stress out like crazy if this happens during the game. I think Buford, Craft, LSjr or anyone else needs to put up points. It would be nice if it was Buford from deep to stretch the defense. I voted Buford because a big game from him would be awesome.

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I would say that we have won consistently without Buford having a big game, we have won without thomas having a big game, as with sully, smith, et al. The key guy in my opinion who keeps this ship afloat has been craft-his defense, his ball handling, and his ability to create scoring opportunities for this team. It all goes through him. 

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Exactly my thoughts when I voted for Craft. He doesn't need to put up a ton of points, but a 10+ point, 6+ assist, 2+ steal, >3 TO game from him will go a HUGE way towards getting us a W.

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Tough one ... I voted Thomas because I think he presents the biggest problem for Kansas and others are less likely to underperform.  And I mean that Wille Buckets has sort of been a known quantity for a while now.  I don't expect others to lay an egg but for someone to be on their A GAME, I voted Thomas.  Damn after thinking about it though - Buford on his A game is sick and maybe that should have been my vote.

If one guy being on their A-game means others laying eggs, I think we're in trouble.

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How about they ALL need to bring their A game?



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It's Thomas.  Toughest matchup as I don't think Robinson can stay with Tank on the outside, but if his shot isn't falling, then that advantage is neutralized.  Plus, we need Thomas to force some misses on the other end.  If he does go off offensively, Self with slide Robinson over on Sullinger and take Withey out, which would cause TRob trouble and/or foul problems.

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I think DT will get his. He creates opportunity better than anyone for the Bucks - but he is not the focus of the offensive scheme. Sully is. Sully needs to be Sully and we will win.

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I voted for Willy B.

Though, I think everyone needs to bring it on both sides of the ball tonight to win. 

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Buford hasn't brought his A game all season so I wouldn't count on that. If Sully is on with a little side of Craft, it'll be a fun game to watch as a Buckeye fan

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It's Sully. If the best player on the team (according to everyone in the world outside of Columbus) is scoring down low at will and gets at least 10-15 rebounds the rest of the team will also have opportunities to score.

The current results of this poll makes me wonder why so many OSU fans set such high expectations for WB and then bitch and moan when their possibly unrealistic expectations are not fulfilled.

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We've won big games without Buford in the past, so I voted for DeShaun Thomas because I don't think we win this game without him.

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Exactly.  Plus he'll have Robinson on him.  Drawing fouls would be tremendous.

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I now feel supremely confident in my pick. Offense fell apart without Thomas out there. 


I think Craft for the majority of the season has played his A game, and has played above A in the tourny. Sully I feel needs to bring it today, and he needs to not pick up quick fouls, like the Cuse game. He has had a knack for being to physical while driving, Buford does the same thing, he almost every game gets at least one charging foul. They dont need a big night out from Buford, because in all honesty he has been a solid rebounder 22 so far in the tourny, and hasnt turned it over all that much minus the Gonzaga game, where he had 4 as many as the other three combined. If they limit turnovers and play smart defense, this should be a route. KU will turn it over, and we need to capitalize on them. Win or Lose, these guys have done one heck of  ajob, and Buckeyenation should be proud!

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yea i voted for buford, but thinking about it, as long as he doesnt do poorly, then it should be fine. it would be HUGE if he stepped up, but i think we can win the game if sully craft and thomas are in sync

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I'm thinking the 3pt shooting curse in domes will be reversed cus willy B is shooting awful so the dome will make him shoot lights out. Wishful thinking?

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite