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What best describes how you feel about playing Syracuse?



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As someone who grew up in upstate NY my whole life, as the only Buckeye fan for hundreds of miles, all I ever heard about was 'Cuse (25 miles from hometown) I CANT WAIT for this game! I wish it was in football, but I'll take it. As I remind all my 'Cuse loving friends:

Orange is a color and a fruit (fitting) not a MASCOT!

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I Live In Rochester... about an hour and half away from Syr and I agree with you... all you hear is Syr fans still claiming their an elite program even though this is their first elite 8 since their National Championship in 03... it's a joke.

I am worried though because Wisco was on fire from 3 and still lost... no way we can hit that many 3's. Just banking on Craft, Scott, Lenzell, and Buford playing great D on their smart guards.

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I've always wondered (only half-seriously) whether the "Orange" also referred to the House of Orange (Dutch royalty). Did the Orange monarchy give the Puritans haven in the Netherlands? Anyway, your comment made me wonder about that again. Maybe I'll wiki it.  

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well they used to be the "Orangemen" until lawyers got involved and said that was sexist.


They also used to have a mascot called the "saltine warrior"


In 1931, a Native American warrior known as Nathan March aka: "Saltine Warrior"photo  became the athletic mascot. The name derived from an article describing an archaeological dig on campus allegedly uncovering the artifacts of a Native American warrior.[11] The warrior was called the "Saltine Warrior" because of the abundant salt deposits in the Syracuse, New York area. The article was later revealed to be a hoax, but the mascot remained for next four decades.

In the mid-1950s, the father of a Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity brother owned a cheerleading camp. He made a Saltine Warrior costume for his son to wear at Syracuse football games.[12] Thus began a nearly forty-year tradition of Lambda Chi brothers serving as the University's mascot.

In 1978, the Saltine Warrior was banned by the University as part of the national movement to eliminate Native American motifs, becoming one of the first colleges to do so. The mascot briefly morphed into a Roman warrior, but was eventually replaced unofficially in 1982 by a giant, cartoon-style Orange.[13]

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As a fan of both the Reds and the Browns, I'm not judging for their use of Orange.  It's better than being the Syracuse Chartreuse, just sayin'.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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yea i think we can pull it off, but im afraid we wont be able to penetrate with their zone, and if it comes down to shots from the perimeter, im not confident we'll be able to do anything. that said, i think we can find a way to sneak inside their zone

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Buckeyes realllllly struggled against the Gonzaga zone, so you're overly confident if you aren't at all worried about Syracuse. I hope they've learned some things since the Gonzaga game about attacking the zone.

We need William Buford. NEED William Buford.

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Syracuse's zone leaves a huge hole right around the free throw line. Sullinger and Thomas will exploit that gap in my mind, which will lead to Syracuse collapsing their zone, and in turn creating more open shots on the iwng.

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I think OSU owns the rebounding edge. Get that ball inside to Sully or DT and let them work.

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It really comes down to our guys staying out of foul trouble.... really need sully, thomas and craft out there together as much as possible

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From what I saw in the Wiscy game. They didnt look to the backside cutter when they were running the flex enough. He was there for the lob every time. As long as we can get someone to flash the free throw line consistant and make good plays tOSU should be fine. Cuse's zone is highly overrated.... tOSU's man defense will cause more problems for Cuse than vice versa imo.

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Optimistic homerism has been super effective during this tourny so far. Don't fail me now!