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Which Big Ten basketball opponent do you dislike the most?



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This is the most likeable Michigan basketball team since 1985. Love what they're doing there.

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Counter Point to Ramzy: Zak Novak.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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I'm surprised more people don't hate Indiana.  I know they have been bad for a long time, but that program is just annoying to me.  Kind of the Notre Dame of basketball.  I've always hated that team,

William's picture

I voted Indiana because Tom Crean is a douche and my friends at NC State absolutely heckled the sh*t out of him when they played there, which I find great.

Kasino Royale's picture

It started with them jumping on our emblem in football, proceed with the "just deal with it" in basketball, and the coup de grace was Rat Boy saying Urban Meyer did "illegal" recruiting. Wisky has passed TTUN in football, basketball, ping pong and any other thing they participate in on my seething disdain meter. 

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I believe "Home court p!ss poor refereeing"  would have swept this poll, if it were a vote-able option.  OSU would have won in Bloomington and Ann Arbor had the zebras not be large and in charge.

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Michigan State may be the biggest threat most years but I have nothing but respect for Izzo and their basketball team. Voted m*chigan, because f them

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Tough choice here but, MSU is OK because Izzo is an Icon.  Michigan is an obvious choice because everything scUM is scUM.  Wisconsin seems to be in a race to supplant scUM as their whiny tactics just keep pushing them closer to the bottom when looking at the entire athletics package.  However, I voted for Indiana because of Crean the crying machine, and this poll is about basketball only.  Used to really respect IU with Knight in charge.  Then they went through a myriad of mehs at HC only to end up with Crean.  For me to really say what I think of him would be a major violation of the new commenting guidelines.  It was absolute torture to see the Bucks drop that game at Bloomington.  And, I truly enjoy watching IU lose to some of the lesser teams in the B1G. 

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I like old man Bobby Knight who calls games but my hate for Indiana started because of that raving lunatic.  Yes, he was a great coach and he graduated players and all that, but he was still an A-hole.  Although, my favorite press conference clip ever was his "Game Face" speech.  Then the years of bad basketball and mediocrity under a moron like Davis was fun to watch, but their fans were still intolerable, acting as if they were still something special.  Now Crean, ugh.  There's just not that much, in my lifetime anyway to like about that program.  I will say I was not a live or too young to remember the great Knight teams.  Probably the last one I remember of signifcance was what 93 with Calbert Chaney.   I mostly remember Knight as an angry ineffective coach who threw stuff and head butted players.

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I'll always remember Knight for calling out the media for asking stupid questions...and that I liked.

Long live the southend.

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Unlike in fball, my answer to this question would change according to the year & circumstances. Thus, I voted MSU. I respect Izzo and all he's accomplished, but this MSU team talks massive trash and plays even more like a rugby team than usual. Until the NCAA starts, I say F'em.

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This is a dumb poll.

It should read "Sans Michigan, which B1G team do you dislike the most"

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I thought this poll would be 100% TTUN and 0% everybody else unless some blue fans got in here to vote. How can anybody vote for any team other than TTUN?

I hate TTUN.  I hate their football team, basketball team, baseball team, hockey team, volleyball team, wrestling team, golf team, track team, cross country team, soccer team, and every other team they may have now or in the future. 

I hope they never win another game, set, match, meet, or competition real or imaginary as long as they continue to compete.  I hope they never score another touchdown, basket, or goal until they finally give up and quit.

I hate TTUN and everything about them twice as much or more so than any other team in the B1G or elsewhere and it isn’t even close. Screw TTUN.

Doc's picture

Wiscy, for sure.  After the "Deal With It" comment last year and baby Bret's whining the Buzzcuts are a hated bunch.  Not as much as AACC, but right up there.  We'll be screaming our brains out in the Schott Sunday for a victory over the those Cheese Curds.

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TTUN because they are TTUN. I don't care what the records say. F those smug a-holes and their hideous yellow shirts.


TTUN is my least favorite team in: pistol, gymnastics, equestrian, mock trial, sky diving, etc. Fuck em all.

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The Wisconsin basketball team looks like they either A) were raised under a bridge or B) sprung up out of the ground.  Show me another team that plays more doofy-looking, slow-footed, giant white men, I dare you.  Secondly, they play basketball the way Jim Tressel coached football - get a small lead in the first 5 minutes and then they go into milk the clock's infuriating to watch.

There's no way they should be good, but they just aren't terrible.  I hate them for it.

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IU in Basketball.  M*chigan is despicable in everyway, but IU in hoops is far more irritating, especially with Crean...and their officials.  Wisky is creeping up there...but I don't conflate my hoops hate with my football if the boys from AA wore ugly helmets, then I might reconsider.

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Michigan.  I hate them at everything.

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