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Which non-Ohio State bowl game are you looking forward to most?



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Fiesta Bowl simply because I'm going.

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Basically all B1G bowl matchups especially ones with SEC teams because like it or not that is how the conference is judged. So in order of interest:

Capital One: Neb vs SC

Outback: MSU vs UGA

Rose: Wisc vs Ore

Sugar: Mich vs. VT

Insight: Iowa vs OU

Ticket City: PSU vs Hou

Texas: NW vs A&M

Kraft: Ill vs UCLA

Little Caesars: Purde vs WMU



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Rose only because it's the Rose. Aside from our game, either the Outback or the Capital One will be the one I look forward to the most.

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I happened to pick the title game. It sucks how we got here, but Alabama-LSU are the best two teams. Plus, I think Honey Badger puts a performance in for the ages. 

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Anyone know how Tyrann Mathieu came to be known as the "honey badger"? Seems kind of pompous, which doesn't surprise me.



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He plays like THIS GUY^

To be fair, I've heard he hates the nickname.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Just don't go looking his name up on unless you are comfortable with your sexuality.  A chick he was plowing posted a few pics of his schlong.  Dude is wielding a python.

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Maybe somebody will score a touchdown this time lol

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picked the rose bowl which is almost always top 2 or 3 for me. Also looking forward to watching psu vs case keenum

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I went with the cootn bowl because I'm not watching any BCS games this year and this is the most interesting non-BCS game to me.

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Do I actually have to vote?  Many of the bowl games are just flat out snooze fests.

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Wisky/Oregon will be a good game

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Wiscy/Oregon will be a fun one to watch.  I'm also hoping VT beats the ever loving shit out of TSUN.

The BTN Football 2nite crew last night thinks the B1G will win most, if not all of their bowl games.  I think it is a stretch to think Iowa is going to beat OU, but what ever.  Detardo and the dude from Northwestern think this will be the year that will put the B1G on top and make it the premier league in the country.  I don't see it. 

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I'm looking forward to all B1G vs SEC games b/c I think the B1G could come out of this bowl season in really good standing. All B1G teams have a good shot (IMO) of beating an SEC team. If UF, SC, UGA, and A&M (SEC next year) all lost to a B1G school, I think several ESPN pundits might simultaneously combust.

In order:

MSU vs UGA, Neb vs SC, and NW vs A&M

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But the sad thing is if the B1G wins these bowls then the pundits will say that the bowl games are exhibitions and are meaningless; that the team that wins is normally the team that is most excited to be there. BUT if they lose then it will be that it proves that the conference is weak.

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Love how the Orange bowl is a "BCS" bowl but isn't even a choice. 


Put me down for Louisiana Tech (WAC champs!) versus TCU ... could be a sneaky-close game. LaTech has beat one SEC team (ole miss..but still) this year and took another one (miss st.) down to the wire. Also super close loses to So. Miss and Houston as well. 

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The Sugar Bowl is laughable. I can't see how michigan can win, but then again, VaTech is their normally way over rated self. They will find out the hard way during the coming home-home series.

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I watch the Rose Bowl every year no matter who is playing. True American Game is what it shoudl be called. 


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I, for one, am not watching the BCS games this year.  What a farce.

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I watch all B1G bowl games. I'm not a conference guy but I'm forced to root for all the teams in our conference to counteract that SEC bs. 

Won't watch the "championship" this year. 

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The Rose Bowl is as American as apple pie and ice cream.  It's one of the oldest sporting traditions, along with the Kentucky Derby, the U.S. Open, and the Indy 500.  You watch it because.

Part of me hates the fact that it's not really Pac-12/B1G anymore, but that tradition didn't start until 1947 anyway... already 45 years into it.

After having gone to the game, the parade is awesome, Pasadena on New Years Day is indescribably gorgeous, and the Rose Bowl venue is one of the neatest stadiums ever built.  It's my #1.

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i hear ya bucksfan. a part of me died a little when Texas played in the Granddaddy. But like all things, (Listen up BcS) change is inevitable and better to grasp than shy away.


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I don't see the B1G success everyone else does, at least not winning them all.  I don't see Iowa coming close to Oklahoma.  I'm not sure that Michigan State will hang in there against Georgia either.  Wisonsin I think has a pretty good shot.  Buckeyes game is a toss up really.  Nebraska, I just don't know what to expect out of them. 

I'd be surprised if B1G finished significantly above 500 in the bowl season, but 500 would be great compared to last season

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Illinois should pound UCLA.  On paper that game is a huge mismatch, but I wouldn't bet a single penny on Illinois.  I really thought Scheelhaase was going to be a stud this year.

Married to the daughter of a former Okie State football player I am looking forward to watching the Pokes play The Tree.  Will always watch the Rose Bowl and the Cotton Bowl (spent my formative years in Dallas).

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I picked the Fiesta Bowl.  Two great QBs, great offenses - both teams can play a little bit of defense sometimes, too.  If that game is not the best bowl game of the BCS and perhaps the entire bowl season, I will be disappointed. 

B1G bowl matchup I look most forward to, outside of OSU, is Rose.  That should be a very fun game.  There's going to be a whole lot of offense, not much defense, but it should be close and exciting.  People may think Wisconsin can't win, but people also thought our Buckeyes couldn't beat Oregon two years ago.  I think Wisc has a chance at least, and OSU and Mich (ugh) are the only other B1G teams that will win their bowls.  Yeah, I know Michigan may not necessarily deserve a BCS bid, but they got matched up with VT, who is equally as (un)deserving (same weak ass schedule).  And yes, I think Purdue will lose to Western Michigan.  Penn State will have to play even better D than Southern Miss will vs. Houston, because Houston still dropped 28 on Southern Miss, and I highly doubt PSU has the offense to match that.

I guess if I can past my loathing about the title game matchup, LSU/Bama might be a good game.  Hopefully somebody at least scores a TD this time around. 



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