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What are your thoughts on the Mirror Lake Jump?



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With all due respect to those voting "OSU's greatest tradition", for a school and program that has existed for more than 100 years, I don't think a 'tradition' that is barely 20 years old is or could be the greatest.  Greater than the skull sessions? Than Script Ohio? Than Hang On Sloopy? I don't think so.  The voting seems to be following the "newer = better" philosophy.

(For point of reference: I was a sophomore when the Mirror Lake jump was started. During my years, Kegs 'n' Eggs was a much bigger Michigan Week tradition.  RIP Papa Joe's.)

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Agreed! Getting drunk at Sloopys then heading to Cluck U for a late night snack! Wait that was a tradition every weekend...

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I agree, but I think the options are a bit loaded.  Either it's the greatest tradition or, at best, it's an excuse for a party by these standards. 

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You're right, Sloopy.  There isn't a good option if you're not voting "greatest".

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Yeah... no middle ground? Meh.

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I voted "greatest".  But it's the only good option available in this poll.  Hang on Sloopy, TBDBITHL, Script Ohio, etc. are definitely greater traditions.  Mirror Lake jump is still a good/great tradition.

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I voted party because I don't feel it's the greatest and there's no middle ground as others have pointed out.

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voted greatest because of the lack of middle ground

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I voted not a tradition. I was there for kegs 'n' eggs and though I wouldn't dare do that now at my age, it makes much more sense than the mirror lake jump, which I think has its actual roots from University of Central Florida and their big water pond.  So at best it's a copy, not an OSU tradition

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Wrong. UCF's spirit splash started in 1995. It has it's roots in hating michigan.

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Since this Thursday night is now Thanksgiving, when do kids even jump in?

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We jump Tuesday night.

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back when i was your age it was thursday. and daggumit, we liked it.

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It's great, but not the greatest (I voted greatest as the only affirmative option). One of the most prominent memories I have from freshman year.

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#notreally #butstill 

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This was a terrible list of voting options, 11W. Still love you guys.