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Does Luke Fickell still have a chance to win the job?



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He's still gotta shot. My fear is making a Bill Stewart like mistake. Good feelings about 1 pretty good season that sets us back in the long run

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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Agree with you on both points. This was Ohio State's best game of this season. - to date. Everybody stepped up, from the headsets to the helmets. 

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If he wins out and pulls a 9-3 season out (Something that is entirely possible) it would be hard not to give him a look as the permanent answer. Look at what this team has over come so far. You lost the best coach in the nation, 90 percent of your offense, and constant drama swirling around this program week in and week out. He has a pending NCAA decision looming over his head and job security to be concerned about, He has made the same mistakes a lot of first year coaches have made but like this young team, he has gotten better. I still think you conduct an honest search but Fickel's name is at the top of the list if you ask me.



Oh and he's over come the Bolrus.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I would say yes he has a shot, except I feel the deal is already done.

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Agree on this point, as well. 

This is why we Buckeye fans can't be too sentimental. There are MBA's at work. The other side of Tressel's great success on the gridiron is...a huge pile of cash.

This can break both ways. tOSU's got an investment, to protect. So, they hire a star - Urban Meyer. Or, they find room in their profit equation for: an austerity hire. 



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No, but he probably just won himself a head coaching job somewhere.

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Fickell had been offered before hadn't he?  I seem to recall some team came calling, and we all hoped he would stay Co-DC.

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I believe Weis and ND wanted him to come coach their linebackers. I think Fickell took one look at those tubs of goo (this was before Te'O IIRC) and said "no thanks".

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I think it would be a mistake to fire him if he wins out and wins a bowl game.  That would put him at  a record of 11-3.  Who would've thought we could win 11 games this year considering the turmoil facing the program and the firing of JT?  I think we should stop looking at the what could be and start focusing on what we have.  Which in my opinion, is a coach who has grown as the season has worn on and who has galvanized this team into contenders.  I don't have anything against Urban Meyer or any other coach they would look at, but to me it would be wrong to fire him if the winning continues.  Isn't that the purpose of the game?  Stewart stepped in for only one game before he was hired.  Fickell has the whole year, so evaluate him on the year and not what happened the 3 or 4 years into the season.  The adminstration at least owes him that much.  GO BUCKS!

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I voted yes but it comes with caveats.

1) A new offensive coordinator is a must. Keep Stan Drayton around because he's going to become our hot-shot recruiter in this situation. Get a dedicated OL coach; if you must, take Wisconsin's. We need maulers up front, not guys who need to be told to hike up their skirts on 4th and short.

2) This isn't as important, but a succession plan on defense would be nice, too. Heacock is getting up there, and if Vrabel isn't the DC-in-waiting (which is a huge gamble on a guy who just started coaching in the first place), then find one. We may have some openings left on the staff depending on how the offensive changes shake out.

I literally will only support Fickell as head coach if he's determined to make the difficult choice. This means getting rid of the Bolrus at all costs.

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As others have said, I think Fickell still has a shot, but in order to do so he has to win out. The only loss that would be potentially forgiveable would be a loss in a BCS game (which is still in play if we win the B1G title), and even then it would have to be close. 

He's definitely grown as the season's gone on, and while he needs competent playcalling offensively, he's a better HC today than he was at the start of the year. 

Meyer is still the top option (I don't see how anyone can rationally say that he isn't the best choice), but part of me is very interested to see what Fickell would do if given the chance to assemble his own staff. 

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I can tell you why Urban isn't the best choice.

1) He quit on Florida...TWICE.

2) NCAA issues for him and legal issues involving his players.

3) Dan Mullen (OC) and Charlie Strong (DC) leave and they were stagnant. That was WITH Tebow.


I understand my position may not be popular but Meyer had Mullen and Strong his whole carrer and they were not the same after they left.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Agree wholeheartedly!

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How could you vote no at this point?  The ceiling on this team is still a Rose Bowl win.... and winning a Rose Bow with the Walrus as your OC surpasses great coaching and gets one into the relam of Tressel-like coaching.  You may be able to make a decision after the regular season, but thre is no way you can make a decision now.

Also, if we do end up going with Urban as so many people want, can we put a clause in his contract that he isn't allowed to tell kids God wants them to go to tOSU?  Please?  Having some upper limit on the number of SAs wearing orange jumpsuits might be a good idea, too.

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Get behind the true Buckeye Luke and forget about Urban legend. I'll take the guy that stood with us in adversity and doesn't quit.  He is growing into job each and every week. Let him get his own staff and see him blossom.  Watch former players and Buckeye Nation rally around him as recruiting locks down Ohio again.

Mix in some new Buckeye blood with the staff:

LeCharles Bentley for OL coach? (See PD article about him and Boone).

Tom Tupa  OC or QB coach?

Troy Smith QB coach? (just a lark here, but can't hurt recruiting with a Heisman and he seemed like was a leader).

Urban had over 35 guys arrested in his tenure at Florida. Remeber when used to b* at cooper for that and how HErbie says we shouldn't recruit "guys like that".

Dan Mullen & Tim Tebow were just as big a part of success as Urban was with Zooks recruits.

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I would love an all-former-Buckeye-player staff.

But, ask yourself, how many programs boast staffs like the one we would love to see on the sidelines - the one you're advocating? It's not a common occurrence, in high school, college or the NFL.

Hope for the best, whether it be Urban, Luke, etc.

Go Bucks!


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How many other programs send as many players to the NFL, have players make coaching their profession, and get their degree to even qualify?  I know pie in sky for all of them and Troy Smith was just because he's not doing much and seems like what everyone is compared to him that we bring in-don't even know if he is good coaching material. I'd settle for one like Bentley as until recently our line has been soft. 

Tupa was a reach but I picked him for the Gruden comment and that he went home after a 19 year NFL career.  Brecksville High is a long way from D1A.

My point is I want Luke afforded the opportunity to put together an offensive staff that can develop talent faster as my blood pressure can't take so many of the sputtering offensive outputs. I don't know if I'll ever accept Urban even if win an NC.

Plus remember Ohio seems to have been the home of many big time coaches.

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LeCharles Bentley is the only other former Buckeye that I can see being brought on as a staff member. Now on the offensive side what about Dan Mullen? I think he might be out this year after such a dissapointing year at MSU.

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Mullen's only been there a couple years.  I don't think he'll get the axe yet... unless there is complete ineptitude, you usually get 3 or 4 years to prove yourself.

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