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You're Luke Fickell, who are you starting at quarterback this week?



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33 total votes.  All 3 choices are at 33%.  Weird.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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I voted for Braxton, but I fear this will be the Todd Boeckman\Terelle Pryor thing all over again. We are going to need Bauserman to really blow in a game before Millers gets the nod as a starter. Sadly that means the eventual loss OSU fans have been expecting recently will need to take place. I've said all off season we'd beat Akron, beat Toledo (I did not give them the credit I should have) beat Miami but lose to Colorado to usher in the Miller era.

Time will tell!

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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In my opinion I think Toledo and Miami are better than Colorado at this point.  I have a feeling we might and should see a lot of Braxton Miller in the Miami game.  Miami is undisiplined and raw, but they will bring a lot of pressure and force Joe to make a lot quicker decisions than he's used to.  Against Akron he was fine because he had 4-5 seconds each time he passed.  Against Toledo he abandoned plays and overthrew receivers when pressured, so I think his troubles will be even more pronounced against a more athletic team like Miami.  If they try to pressure Braxton at least he can make them pay with his feet and down field we will have a lot more 1 on 1 matchups and potential busted coverages.  If the coaches do things right there is enough talent on this team to be 5-0 going into the Nebraska game.    

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I voted for the only real choice as a starter: Baus.

It surprises, disappoints, and frightens me that so many fans in Buckeye Nation want to happily recreate another TP.  Starting a true freshman never ends well, especially when the fan-base fawns all over them like a messiah until their head swells up by four sizes.

In the Buckeyes' case, there's not even a reason to consider starting Brax. There is a 5th year senior QB on the squad who the true frosh cannot beat out for the starting position.

Have patiencs Bucks fans! Brax'es time will come. For now, let him learn, grow, and develope so that he can become a true leader of the team beginning in 2012.

~ The Buck Guy
Go Bucks!!!!

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5th year senior means didly squat when he is as talented as the Baus...or untalented rather. The thing that makes this a different situation than the TP one is that miller doesn't seem to already have an ego.

And from a football outlook....TPs freshman season actually didn't turn out that badly.

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I can complely understand your logic on this one and I certainly don't want a repeat of Terrelle Pryor (Although Braxton doesn't seem like that kind of kid).  For me and probably most of us we all seen the cracks in the Joe led offense against Toledo, mainly because they did not fear our running game at all.  The same thing happened in 2008 without Beanie Wells in the backfield.  If the running game failures against Toledo were just an abberation then I would agree with keeping Joe in.  If its not your going to see teams teeing off on Joe just like they did on Todd Boeckman early in 2008 without Beanie.  I like what I see out of Joe when the components around him are functioning as they should.  However if the running game doesn't threaten teams we don't have the receivers that will consistenty make plays and get open quickly and Joe will be on his backside more often than not.   


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Bauserman gives us a worse chance of winning than Miller does. Also exactly how is Miller going to grow and learn if he's not getting any game time experience. He sat on the bench the whole Toledo game, if that's not an impedement to his growth, than I don't know what is.

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Wow.  Really?  You can't be that dense. No offense intended.  So if a true frosh isn't the starter then that means he is not learning and developing?  I guess that means that the Buckeyes and all college football programs and coaches have been doing things the wrong way for decades and decades, according to... oh, just you and the other Millerites with man-crushes on uber hyped recruits.

The fact is that talented underclassmen are developed by the coaches and upperclassmen in practices, in the film room, and the scout team.  That is how it is done.  Throwing the freshman onto the field to play QB as a true frosh is any coaches very last option.

Finally, your attacks on Bauserman are unwarranted and patently false. He is obviously the better QB.  The coaches believe that (they are the ones teaching and evaluating these players each day, btw), and so do the players on the team who all say that Joe Bauserman is the QB who is getting an unfair shake from the uninformed or ignorant who buy into recruiting hype (such as yourself).  Anybody watching him with an unbiased perspective recognizes that.  The failures of the offense last Saturday were based on the O-line and running game, not on the QB.

But I'll end the argument there as there is no logic in your perspective.

~ The Buck Guy
Go Bucks!!!!

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If they don't play Miller (not necessarily by starting him) then they foolishly wasted a year of eligibility by not redshirting him.

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I'm sorry coaches and practices due of course help a player grow, watching film is good for understanding the game and all, as is learning the playbook, but until you actually experience something live and actually you know play in a game and put all of that studying and practice to use it could mean less to me. You'll learn more through experience and play than you ever will by looking at a playbook, also how are you going to study how you react to a defense if you never play and therefore don't have any film of you playing? You can study all you want, but until you actually experience something live your ability to grow is severely hampered. How well did those 50 days of preparation for Florida and LSU help Smith and Boeckman? Oh they didn't, they'd never experienced D-lines like that, so they weren't prepared despite the fact that they had over a month to prepare for one team. Also you honestly think Nic Siciliano develops quarterbacks at OSU? Give me a break, Tressel was the quarterback coach at OSU the whole time. Siciliano is a glorified AV boy. Also I could give a rat's ass about recruiting ratings. Miller is more confident on the field. The running game was definitely hampered considering our runningbacks don't have the greatest vision at the moment. But cut the O-line crap, Bauserman had time to throw, he NEVER looked confident in the pocket, and was indecisive. Bauserman gave up on plays, whereas Miller can extend them. That's why Miller should play and Bauserman should warm the bench. Also at OSU the greatest team we have ever had, the 1968 team was led by a sophomore playing his first year. Pretty sure that team was, you know kind of successful. 

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Both QB's looked great against Akron. If all things are equal than Miller would have played worse than Bauserman against Toledo. So, If you are basing your assumption that Miller is better off his attitude and play against Akron, do the same for Bauserman. And you end up with Bauserman as the starter.


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I don't know what you're talking about, Miller got 3 snaps with the first team, and played the second half with the second team, quite a few of which are walk-ons; the fact that his numbers nearly matched Bausermans, when he played with significantly less talent is a signal that Miller can do more with less.

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Numbers nearly matched Bausermans is somewhat true. Miller 8 of 12 for 130 yards and 1 TD. Bauserman 12 of 16 for 163 yards and 3 TD. All I am saying is that as far as real game experience against the same opponent, Bauserman was slightly better. Granted Miller was with the second team, but also how hard was Akron playing when they were in? Who knows how Braxton would have performed against Toledo, maybe he throws three picks, two returned for TDs and we lose, maybe he is lights out and we win by 3 TDs. But from an objective standpoint (Akron), you give Bauserman the nod. At least for one more game. 

Also, this is not to say that Miller should sit all game, he should definitely be taking 15-30% of the snaps, or less/more, depending on how Bauserman is playing. If Bauserman has a hot hand, i.e. Akron and first drive of Toledo, then you do not take him out and risk stalling your offense the entire game.

In the end it is a delicate balance that no one really has the exact right answer to. 

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I agree with you that if Bauserman comes out and lights the world on fire, or at the very least displays confidence, and the ability to make plays, then of course you keep him. But the Toledo game was absolutely mind boggling, how does Miller not even play a snap? 

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This is all fine and good if they didn't blow if red-shirt already.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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How good is Braxton Miller?  Does anyone that posts on this website really know?  How prone to injury is he?  I don't get any insight from what I've seen.  Urban Meyer would start his ass in a heartbeat.  He would have had headphones on him for the Akron game, and he would have saved four burning orphanages by now under Meyer.  From what I've seen, Miller cannot move like TP.  TP was a giant, linebacker sized dude with a ferocious stiff arm.  Ran so fast he got himself picked up by Al Davis.  Miller cannot run like TP.  Can he run like Troy Smith?  TBD.

I know he had good zip on the ball but I'm not sure he can pass like Troy Smith.  Troy Smith had a lot of years on the team and a ton of growth before he was let loose.  He also had Teddy to throw to.  Not sure we have one of those.  Miller isn't even close to that right now.  He cannot be.  I'm pretty sure it's not humanly possible to be like Troy Smith as Freshman.

How good is the Baus?  Everyone seems to believe he is bad, like real bad.  I'm not certain he is.  I know he took a sack when he could have pitched it.  I saw him overlook some open dudes and arm punt a few times.  I also saw some good passes and quick thinking on occasion. 

I hate the dual QB system because of what we could have had not playing Stanley Jackson or Zwick.  Not saying that it cannot work, but I'm not sure that it worked for us the last two times.  

I voted for the Baus to get the start and to see where things go for there.  

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I agree completely.  We (fans) do not see what the coaches see every day.  Some players will over-achieve (Troy), some under-achieve (Zwick), but most will be inconsistent with flashes of great, good, and poor (Krenzel).

Buckeye Nation would better serve the team by not posting all of the negatives as they have about Bauserman.  Support the team for heaven's sake!

I only differ on one poiint.  Actually, during the Akron game, Urban clearly stated on more than one occassion that he thought that Fick was handling the QBs correctly.  Which makes sense seeing as how it is exactly the same as he handled his senior QB and frosh QB phenom during their BCS Championship season.  He did say that he would rather that the back-up QB (that's Braxton) should wear the headset to keep his head in the game.

~ The Buck Guy
Go Bucks!!!!

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You said yourself that we don't really know how good Braxton Miller is. "I don't get any insight from what I've seen." Then you go on saying "From what I've seen, Miller cannot move like TP. Sounds like you're contradicting yourself. It's not about what we've seen, It's about what we haven't seen, which is Miller play more than 1 quarter against a good team. I'm not going to come to any conclusions without seeing Miller play, but there has to be a reason it came down to him and Baus over Guiton and Graham. I would like to see what he can do before I say he should be the Full-time starter or not.

I see Devin Smith being Braxton's Ted Ginn. I personally watched Devin Smith run a 10.5 100m, jump 24 ft. 7 inches in the long jump and 7 ft. in the high jump. If that's not explosion and pure athleticism then I don't know what is. Smith has been a receiver all through high school so his route running and catching ability isn't raw, as Ted Ginn's was switching from DB to WR. 


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Miller can't run like TP is easy to guess; he isn't a freak or as much of one as TP was. TP was linebacker with wideout speed. Miller is barely 6'2"? I doubt his 40 time is in TPs range. But I don't know what Brax can do. I'd like to see it without risking him hurt or damaged. Thinking more about wasting the redshirt it makes sense to play him.

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Start the Baus, make sure Miller gets at least 25-30% of snaps. Adjust depending on play. Miller needs game time experience for the long-term health of the team. But Bauserman has not done anything to be demoted yet. Let's see how he plays this week.

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Bauserman(like Boeckman) will only be as good as the line allows him to be. 

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

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...which is not good against any defense not named Akron....

Well said SouthBayBuckeye.

Don't text while driving.

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with this theory in mind, you could see boeckman or bauserman starting in the nfl behind, say, the patriots o-line?bc they are only as good as their o-line?? i think they are bad regardless of their line.

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Thanks coach Doug.


But in all seriousness(and with all due respect) Boeckman had some good games, against decent teams(07 @PSU comes to mind...). The reason Terrelle got put in was because the line could not protect him. Boeckman was no worse than Craig Krenzel in all honesty.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

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everyone still supporting bauserman i'll offer a friendly wager (hoping i'm wrong): if baus starts and plays the entire game vs miami, wisky, and nebraska we lose all three games. take that bet since you are so confident miller should be on the bench.


and buck guy you said starting a true freshman never ends well and it is the last option for a coach.

two questions: tp's frosh year did not end well?

what about matt barkley his frosh year?

i would like a few examples of true frosh starting that did not end well? perhaps MoC and that nat. title or are we just sticking to qb's?

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In Matt Barkely's freshman year at USC I believe they went to the "emerald nut bowl" in San Francisco. 


Doing well that early is the exception, not the rule. Pryor has Beanie to lean on. Who does Braxton have? 

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Based off of last week, this team has to get a lot better and fast, or they need to play for the future.  Will they scrap Bauserman with a loss this week?  Probably not.  TP got to play that as a True Frosh because he was better than Boeckman by a lot.  He didn't have to be a great passer because with him and Beanie in the backfield few teams could stop the running game Ohio State came at them with.  Boeckman could run, and as it turned out, wasn't that good against good teams anyway.  He consistently underthrew balls(don't care if he said it was by design or not) we were all raggin on Denard yesterday for underthrowing balls routinely. 

Is Miller ready to take over the reins right now?  From the looks of things he already is a better passer than TP was, but he's definitely not the runner TP was.  Even if he were as fast as TP, he won't be able to take the hits TP did.  He'll also be easier to bring down.  I still play him a lot though.  Give him 30 percent of the snaps.  I don't think this team will win the B1G and I think they are still going to end up getting a bowl ban, especially in light of the newest player trouble, so I play for the future.

Fickel can't do that though, he's coaching for a job as well as trying to win now.  He needs to go with the player that gives him the best option and right now that is Bauserman.  I think as the season goes on Miller's role could become more significant, especially as the team has some trouble on the field, but until they take a major beating we won't see Miller starting or taking the majority of the snaps.

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i'm sorry, did you say boeckman could run?

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Into the ground, with the help of opposing defensive players.

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lol typo, supposed to say couldn't

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hahahaha ok that makes sense now.

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uhh why is kenny guiton not an option?

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^^^He certainly passes the Spielman/Meyer "headphones on sideline?!?" test.