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I thought the referees last night were...



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They always lean toward Michigan State.  I don't think they do it on purpose, but the style of play that MSU uses would force the refs to call something nearly every they don't.   The move on nearly every screen...usually a hip, but frequently their feet.    They were pushing and hacking Sully and he didn't but about half of those calls.  It was worse with Oden.  We got away with a few as well.

It's the random travelling and palming calls that drive me nuts.

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On the moving screen where Thad came unglued, Sherman practically picked up Craft and carried him away from the ball. Those moving screens typically get called on Lauderdale, so it would be nice to see it go the other way as well.

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I thought later in the second half we adopted the "Can't-beat-'em-join-'em" and did some moving screens up top ourselves.

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The refs were fine.  There will be a few bad calls in every game.  Basketball has become a physical sport and is difficult to officiate.  I didn't like a few of the calls and non-calls, but overall they were no better or worse than most games.

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I thought the refs were bad in that they kept blowing the freakin whistle.  It was getting ridiculous.  Seemed like Michigan State got hit for some ticky tack stuff for a stretch in the 2nd half, then Ohio State started getting some of those kinds of call against them too.  Maybe since one was mic'd up they wanted to bring a little more attention to themselves.

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The only games where you can say "the refs were fine" are be those whereby you don't realize that the refs are there while you're watching and you can't remember how terrible they were after the game is over. Last night failed to meet either criteria.

The B1G has the WORST (epic fail) refs in Div-I.


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This comment doesn't make sense.  Big Ten officials aren't exclusive to the conference.  College basketball officials work multiple conferences, so officiating is the same all over. 

For example, prior to last night's game, Jim Burr worked three straight Big East games.  I saw Ted Valentine working the SEC game that came on right before OSU-MSU.  Ed Hightower did BGSU-Akron last night.

To your other point, college basketball officiating isn't easy and they make mistakes.  I said they were fine because neither team gained an advantage and they didn't decide the outcome of the game.

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everyone thinks the refs that do their games are the worst.