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OSU is down three in the waning seconds and Diebler is doubled, who do you want taking the shot?



Matt's picture

If it's a wide-open set shot three pointer -- Lighty

If there's a man and hand in his face -- Big Buf

Jason Priestas's picture

What, no love for Thomas? You know he'll beat the buzzer. Of course it may not go in, but...

Reens's picture

More surprising is no love for DL and his fadeaway! He's got the purest shot in the game, we just never give him the chance to show it. If Thad can figure out how to get him in more open space...sorry, I can't go on. Not that anyone was biting on that anyway.

He's honestly the only guy on this team that scares me going down the stretch. He makes some great plays, but I think he can be a liability.

And DeShaun Thomas WOULD take the shot if he had the ball. I think he actually has negative assists.

Hilarious addition to the poll though.

yrro's picture

That's what I love about this team - I would feel completely comfortable expecting any of them to come up with a shot in a clutch moment.