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Outside of the Sugar and Rose Bowls, what Big Ten bowl matchup are you looking forward to most?



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Really surprised by this result.  This is probably the least interesting game to me.  But with super low expectations, any sign of life from Sparty could make me happy.  I'd love for them to beat down Saban, but it could get out of hand quickly.  The last time Sparty faced a real team, it got real ugly.

Iowa vs. Missouri should be a quality game, both teams are about equal.  MSU - Alabama is the biggest mismatch.  PSU - Florida could be interesting, but I don't really have a strong interest in watching two terrible teams.

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"Really surprised by this result.  This is probably the least interesting game to me."

Darn, and you've been so in-tune with all things college football today.

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I believe I picked the spreads in the games pretty accurately before they were released.  Although I had Wisconsin as a 3 point favorite, so I guess my anti-Big Ten bias got me there.

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I think the Mich St-Bama game is a disaster waiting to happen as well.  They'll have to play a flawless game to keep it close. 

I voted NW-Texas Tech, simply bc it looks like a great chance fow the 'Cats to get their first bowl win since 1949!

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Could be a magical year for the Cats. They're still looking for their first-ever NCAA tourney invite and have a shot at that based on how well they've started.

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Wow, I don't follow the bball much and didn't know about that!

They've gotten a raw deal the past two bowls, could've/should've won both...