Jim Tressel Applies for Youngstown State Presidency

By DJ Byrnes on April 11, 2014 at 4:56p

Former Ohio State football coach James Patrick Tressel has taken his talents to Akron in recent years. There, Tressel has risen to the Vice President of Student Affairs. He's also seeking Akron's presidency.

Turns out, that's not where Tressel's ambitions end. From Youngstown's NBC affiliate, WFMJ.com:

YSU Public Information officer for the office of the President, Ron Cole confirmed on Friday that the former YSU and Ohio State University football coach has applied for [Youngstown State's] vacancy.


"I am respectful of the presidential search process underway at both Youngstown State University and The University of Akron," [Tressel said in a statement.] "Both University communities are a very meaningful part of my professional history. I feel grateful that people from both University communities have expressed interest in my application. I believe it's appropriate that I not comment any further during this part of the process."

If Tressel were to get either of these jobs, it would all but assure his coaching days are done. If that's true, he got rail-roaded out of football.


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He definitely got railroaded out of football, and I think I'll always be a little salty about that... Even so, if these schools pass on hiring him, it'll further weaken my faith in the academic bureaucracy.

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As a president though (more so at Akron), Tress can help effectively lead the change in major college athletics.

If Tress is happy, I'm happy for him. Plus, I couldn't stand seeing him in anything but Scarlet and Gray

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The 0 is silent.

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Couldn't agree more with your second paragraph.

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I think this is a good move. More power to Tressel.

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The way the media feasted on Tressel was just ridiculous. What's keeping Tressel from waiting out his sanctions though? Surely he could get back into football in some way if he wishes. Maybe he got rail-roaded out, but that doesn't mean it has to keep him out.

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Folks change, reassess, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if a man like Tress didn't take all that happened to him as an opportunity to grow as an individual and explore other aspects of his talents. He ran with it and most likely likes his lot in life right now ...

Just a guess. Nothing more.

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I like that post Tolstoy, +1.

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I can understand why Tress would try other things. It would be difficult for him to match his legacy at another school, and his assistants have moved on. He's also an Ohio guy so any coaching job other than TOSU would be a step down.

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It would be very painful to watch him coach any other team. I'm glad he's staying away from coaching. 

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Maybe he should run for ... wait for it ... senator.

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Interesting, because I think he can definitely land the YSU job...he may be trying to use that as a tiny bit of leverage or something.

If he knows he's competing against the final couple of candidates for the Akron job he could be signaling that it's "presidency or bust"

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he just wants to be able to wield more power over those raffles [/sarcasm]

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Coming back home to Yompton...

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Not surprised as Jim has always done things different.  Had opportunities to take bigger jobs than YSU but stayed until the perfect job.  In order of presidency jobs I am guessing it is OSU, Akron, and YSU

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I hope he gets it; that's the Alma Mater of TVs favorite/ greatest dad ever: Al Bundy (Ed O'neil)!

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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