Get-Well-Braxton Billboard Appears on Olentangy River Road

By DJ Byrnes on August 19, 2014 at 8:04p
Get-Well-Braxton billboard, Olentangy River Road

[Twitter, @DOMTIBERI]


Does anybody know the going rate on a billboard? Because somebody spent some coin on a premium spot to place a get-well-soon card to Ohio State's fallen Heisman hopeful.

Get better No. 5, indeed.


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That is awesome

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Good Stuff!


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This has me mildly emotional. Huge props to whoever did this. Wow.

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That's probably an NCAA violation.

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I would be surprised if the university had anything to do with it. 

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No violation here. it says No. 5 they could mean Raekown or someone on another athletic team at TOSU or even a no.5 somewhere else.

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11w comments tip of the day:  When someone posts something in italics, that indicates their comment is intended to be sarcastic.

It's all cool.  :-)

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I don't have a No. 5 jersey, and I'm in no shortage of OSU game gear. 

This weekend, I'm picking up a No. 5 jersey. 

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No. 5 is Braxton and Kwon...good investment.

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Me too BuckToast. This kid has done a lot for the program and he obviously cares. Let's reciprocate the feeling.

Cheers to whoever signed the check for that billboard.

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Somebody knows how to pay it forward

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I hope Braxton gets a tree in Buckeye Grove, he needs to be remembered as one of our all time greats.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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Who will be wearing the number 5 this season in his honor!?

[[]] []-[] [] [[]]

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Raekwon McMillan (sorry if spelled wrong)

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Bravo! Classy move.

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This type of positivity is how a fanbase should react when something like this happens....glad to see it.  No place for the negativity that some "fans" are showing in writing off the season.  Get healthy Brax!

Our honor defend we will fight to the end for OHIO!

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That's about as cool as it gets. Well done, Buckeye Nation. 

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WHAT?! Raekwon McMillan is injured? Oh no!!!!! Oh Wait, the other number 5....

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Well italics didn't show up on my iphone but I meant that with the sincerest of sarcasm...

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Fear the Nut...

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Insert clapping gif, preferably a slow clap 

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

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I love Buckeye Nation. Good job with this one guys.

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The last 24 hours have been gut wrenching. I am not sure why, but the billboard brought out the emotional side of me.

I love my home state and my university and I am so proud to be a BUCKEYE!

Hope your recovery goes well Braxton and the BuckeyeNation is behind you!


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Somebody has too much money


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Or owns a billboard that needs a new customer.  Either way it's a great gesture.  

Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".

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Awesome end to an extremely upsetting day. Good luck Braxton and good luck J.T. Go Bucks!

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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Yes, Get Better #5, The football team will now dedicate their upcoming 2014 season for Brax, bet on it.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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Amen. Heal up Braxton and Go Bucks!

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So cool...whoever did this.



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Who's gonna make all the shirts and bracelets too?

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