Dante Booker and Johnnie Dixon Lose Their Black Stripes

By DJ Byrnes on August 18, 2014 at 12:21p

Dante Booker and Johnnie Dixon came to Ohio State's campus with massive expectations usually attached to four-star recruits, and it looks like they've been walking the part since arriving in Columbus.

Today, Urban Meyer announced the two freshmen were the latest to lose their black stripes and "officially" join Ohio State's football team. If all goes according to plan, it looks like other freshmen will lose theirs later this afternoon.


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Anybody have the full list for who has lost their stripes?

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In orders per Urban's tweets:

1. Curtis Samuel
2. Raekwon McMillan
3. Darius Slade
4. Damon Web
5. Aaron Parry "walk-on"
6. Noah Brown
7. Sam Hubbard
8. Jaylon Holmes
9. Dixon
10. Booker

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Nice work keeping track, Dub. I'm not surprised to hear about Dixon, just surprised it took this long. Great list of new players officially on the team. Keep it coming!

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Stoked to see how Booker's career plays out. Guy is very impressive sideline to sideline.

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It has probably been asked, but is there anyone from last years class that hasn't lost their stripe?

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I think Marcus Baugh was the last one to lose his.  But that didn't happen til Bowl prep (I think).

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I don't know about that, but someone went well into the regular season before losing the stripe. I forget who it was though.


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Eli Apple didn't lose his until Spring ball, I believe I read somewhere

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wow I thought it happened in the fall? why was that? was he injured?


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He has had some injury problem, but I wouldn't be surprised if he just simply was not getting the job done. Urban has said that it takes some players two years to get their black stripe off.

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Glad to hear most of the big names from this freshman class getting their stripes removed early on. Seems like a much better pace than the past few years. Really hoping to see some big things from that class this year. 

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Keep them coming boys.

High and tight boo boo

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Nice work, expected to hear Dixon lost his, but nice to see Booker joining the ranks. This team is sick, can't wait to see them play. I watched at least 4 BTN replays over the weekend off and on, but there is no substitute for the real deal.


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Same here. Watched the 2012 @ Wiscy game, then 2012 vs. scUM back to back last night. Awesome games. 

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Love hearing about this stuff. Has to be such a weight lifted off their shoulders.

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Looking forward to JD getting that first touchdown grab! 


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I recommend that Ohio State investigate the football team for this blatant culture of rookie hazing, one that is demeaning and destructive to the individual, and one that is officially sponsored by the head coach.

(I don't believe in italics to represent sarcasm.  If you don't know sarcasm, just unplug your computer from the internet)

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... But I'm on WiFi. 


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Man, what a motivation tool.

Long live the southend.

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I love that each Freshman has a Big Brother/Sponsor to get him through the process.  No one is entitled.  Everyone earns it.

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Next to Raekwon, I'm probably most excited to see Dixon play. Since his affirmation to OSU, I've felt he could be the biggest difference maker. 

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I want to see Curtis Samuel as well.

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I want to see all that have been mentioned, also.  But my personal favorite is Campbell.  This kid is QUICK.  He made my alma mater (Bellevue) look like they were running in sand two years ago in the D-III State Championship...  I think this young man will be running consistent 4.3 40s before his OSU career is over.

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Wow, this class is great. A lot of young Bucks loosing their stripes at a good rate. It seems like last year at this time there were half the "newbies" that had lost thier stripes as this year.