Jim Tressel and Fake Moral Outrage

By DJ Byrnes on May 10, 2014 at 11:13a

Since it's been almost four years since Jim Tressel's ouster, I thought the moral handkerchief-waving hysteria surrounding the man had subsided. I was mistaken.

Sports Illustrated — a publication that gave us some of the most hysterical, over-the-top coverage of Tatgate — once again has their knives aimed at Jim Tressel's back.

Actually, after reading noted Michigan Man Michael Rosenberg's latest piece, "knives" is a bit generous, because I've encountered sharper points in a toddler's favorite pack of crayons. 

To give this piece the unceremonious burial it deserves, we must start at the beginning.

Michigan hired a great football coach Sunday. Not a good one, like Greg Schiano. Not a very good one, like Les Miles. A great one. ... For the Michigan football fan who has complained incessantly for the last 10 years, Rodriguez might as well show up at this morning's news conference dressed in wrapping paper and a bow.

I'm kidding. That's a doozy Rosenberg laid on us in 2007. I dropped it here partly because I'm a prick and partly as a frame of reference. 

Let's move to the blistering hot take Rosenberg released yesterday:

Youngstown State just hired Jim Tressel as president, and some would argue that Tressel is the wrong man for the job. Me, I think he's perfect. He excels at saying one thing while he does another, pretending he cares only about education, and insulating himself with acolytes who believe, despite ample evidence, in his purity. That describes a lot of university presidents in 2014.

Rosenberg starts by insinuating college presidents are hypocrites, and that this would separate them from 99% of human beings.

To prove his case against the Vest, Rosenberg will need, shall we say, ample evidence. Let's see how this plays out.

Now Tressel can talk about "helping young people" (one of his favorite phrases), and he can unite a community (something he does frighteningly well), and maybe nobody will notice how absurd this is. I mean, the man is so ethically sketchy that he would have to beg the NCAA for permission to coach a team, but running a university is just fine.

Let's be clear, Tressel has done more than talk about helping young people; the man spent 38 years as a football coach and the last two as an university administrator. That spans his entire adult life.

And when — this side of Adolph Hitler and other maniacal dictators — did "uniting a community" become a negative? Tressel united and inspired an area that's been in an economic spiral for the last 30 years... and that's "frightening" to Mike Rosenberg? Are we sure this man is capable of leaving his house without being crippled by fear he'll get hit by a meteorite?

Who else would even try this? Most disgraced coaches would either go into TV (like Bruce Pearl) or try to find another coaching job (like ... well, also like Pearl). But Tressel is different from most coaches. He wants to be seen as a mentor with bigger priorities than winning football games. 

Yeah, he's damn right Tressel is different than most coaches.

That's why he shunned preening clown makeup and television cameras for college administration; it's only bizarre to a man who considers Tressel "ethically sketchy."

And what a great guy to hold up as a moral contrast to Jim Tressel: Bruce freakin' Pearl. 

This would be admirable if his actions backed it up.

Rosenberg literally listed an example of Tressel backing up his words in the same paragraph to which this sentence is attached. 

Now Tressel can watch Youngstown State games in the DeBartolo Stadium Club, named for the DeBartolo family, who have been big Youngstown State boosters for a long time. Eddie Debartolo Jr. (convicted of bribing former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards) later started a sports agency which landed prominent Ohio State players Troy Smith and Beanie Wells, but of course Tressel knows everything was done above-board, because he monitors these things, except when he doesn't.

Rosenberg struck at the heart of corruption in this graph. It turns out, as long as you haven't murdered, raped or said disgustingly racist things on tape to your mistress, colleges will generally take your money in exchange for plastering your name on a campus building.

But yeah, I'm stumped as to why Troy Smith and Beanie Wells would want to sign with a billionaire (and fellow northeastern Ohioan) who won five Super Bowls as owner of the San Francisco 49ers.

I'm also stumped as to what Rosenberg is trying to insinuate. Although, it's unclear even he knows, because again, all we have is underhanded suggestions about sinister events that he doesn't clarify.

But hey, I guess it's a lot easier to throw mud than report. Mud is also much easier to shoehorn into your agenda than those bastard things we call "facts."

When Tressel coached Youngstown State, trustee Mickey Monus provided nearly $10,000 and the use of automobiles to star Ray Isaac. It seems like the head coach should know when a university trustee is paying his starting quarterback.

Tressel says he didn't know, and nobody has ever proven he did. But we do know this: Monus testified that Tressel asked him to get Isaac a job. The NCAA inquired about illegal payments in 1994. Tressel convinced everybody nothing had gone wrong, and Youngstown State avoided NCAA penalties for another six years.

The only people who think giving away  $10,000 and the use of automobiles is "ethically sketchy" is the NCAA (and apparently Mike Rosenberg).

And yeah, Jim Tressel, who was unable to avoid punishment as a five time national champion and head of one of the most powerful programs in the nation in 2010, avoided punishment at Youngstown State by "convincing everybody nothing had gone wrong." 

That's a level of simplistic reduction usually reserved for babbling, non-toilet trained toddlers.

As any college football fan knows, in his final year at Ohio State, several of Tressel's players broke NCAA rules by receiving extra benefits. Tressel knew about it, and in a bold display of leadership and ethics, decided to win some football games.

Or maybe — and I'm just spitballin' here — Tressel decided not to penalize 100+ players in the program for the actions of five. That's the kind of real-word, pragmatic decisions people make when they're the head of a multimillion dollar organizations.

But again, this whole rotten premise hinges on thinking trading earned memorabilia for free or discounted tattoos is unethical.

He told nobody about the violations, which was not surprising to many of his fellow coaches. Tressel has a habit of turning off the lights and then claiming he was left in the dark.

There were so many coaches not surprised by the violations Rosenberg named zero.

Could you see this coming? Well, in 2003, The New York Times published a story alleging serious academic fraud in Tressel's program. Almost two weeks later, Tressel was asked about this at the Big Ten football media day in Chicago. He could have said the story was wrong. He could have acknowledged mistakes. He did neither.

He said: "I have to be honest. I didn't read it."

Clever, no? As a reporter, how can you press a man for answers about a story he says he didn't read? Tressel pulled his usual media act from there, slow-playing his answers and serving one platitude after another. He was the coach of the defending national champs. Ohio loved him. If he didn't seem worried about The New York Times questioning the integrity of his program, Buckeyes fans wouldn't worry, either. And they didn't.

Yes, the New York Times piece alleged Maurice Clarett wasn't taking hard classes during his time at Ohio State. It was investigated and nothing happened.

It could be due to the fact if the NCAA investigated every academically underqualified player's course work, the talent pool on which their billions are ginned would be severely depleted.

There's also the (shocking) possibility nothing came of it because the report wasn't true.

Tressel is many things, but at the top of the list is this: He is patient. This is how he won so many of his games at Ohio State -- he never panicked, and he was comfortable waiting until the fourth quarter to pull out a victory. It is also how he managed to wade through so many controversies without drowning.

He never lashed out at Maurice Clarett, who repeatedly talked about rules that were broken during Ohio State's 2002 national-title run. Tressel did not want to make those stories any bigger than they already were, or prod the media into digging deeper. Anyway, Tressel could burnish his own reputation, and neutralize Clarett, by slowly pulling him back over to his side. That is what he did, brilliantly.

This is beyond depraved. 

Tressel didn't burn Maurice Clarett to the ground because he clearly cared for the young man. To think Tressel visiting his incarcerated former pupil is "ethically sketchy" requires a purple belt in mental jujitsu and six gallons of Haterade.

What did Tressel gain by visiting Clarett in prison, other than nothing? Clarett had already been neutralized as a threat to OSU football, and his credibility was shot. If Tressel were the huckster Rosenberg is so desperate to paint him as, he'd have left Clarett to rot.

This attempted kill shot reeks of hubris so strong it would make the corpse of Captain Ahab roll over in disgust. 

Tressel is not beset by the flaws we normally associate with corrupt coaches: Hyper-competitiveness, paranoia, temper, insecurity. He seems to believe in his virtuousness almost completely.

Another flaw of Tressel's: He's not beset by awful, crippling traits that have sunk so many coaches humans. 

But if it's paranoia and insecurity for which Rosenberg is looking, a quick glance in his bathroom mirror should do the trick.

If you had a great kid, you would do well to send him to play for Tressel. The coach would treat him well, teach him how to be responsible, and celebrate his academic and athletic success.

Wait... what?

And if the kid next to him got caught cheating, you might even believe Tressel was the best man to deal with it -- however he saw fit, regardless of what the rulebook says. After all, he is Jim Tressel, mentor to young people. Trust him.

Jim Tressel is a great man. Is he a saint? No. You don't rise to the top of the cesspool that is college football by being a saint.

But when Jim Tressel was unceremoniously dumped by Ohio State, he fell on his sword like the good soldier he's always been. He could have torched Ohio State and ridden off into the sunset with a fistful of championship rings and millions in his bank account, but he didn't. 

After a short cameo with the Indianapolis Colts, he walked away from football to return to college campuses. Why? Because that's where the young people are, and helping them is pretty much all Tressel knows. (You could say it's almost like a moral obligation.)

Tressel was reportedly offered the presidency at two universities, and he doesn't even have a doctorate. It's either because he's a mind-controlling sociopath, or because some of the most educated people in the state think he'd be great at the helm of their university.

The only people who think Jim Tressel is immoral are NCAA water-carriers, fans of programs he crushed for a decade and hacks trying to earn internet clicks by throwing clumps of shit at the wall like unkempt baboons. It appears Mike Rosenberg is all three.

Why didn't Tressel read the 2003 New York Times piece? For the same reason he won't read Rosenberg's latest missive: He's busy doing more important work than cobbling together inane sentences on the internet or reading them.


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Scott's picture

I wonder if Rosenberg has ever voiced his disdain now that Steve Fisher is coaching again. How soon we forget about the 1990s, the Fab Five, and $600,000 in illegal cash to players. Glass houses, Michigan Man.

Class of 2008

+20 HS
Chief B1G Dump's picture

scUM has vacated more college basketball games than any other program. Fact. 

Theyve also been proven that their Ohio born hero Chuck Woodson took advanced cash from an agent while playing for TTUN. Same with their safety at the time (Jackson? His name escapes me at the moment). They've practiced extra hours, destroyed the records when Asked for them, and still won only 3 games. They've played and expelled alleged rapist and then lied about why he wasn't playing. Their coach suspended a guy (again forget his name) for only 2 games for the exact same theft as eventual Heisman winner sCam Newton, which Urban booted him for. 

Their holier than thou schtick is dead...

+23 HS
Chief B1G Dump's picture

Oh, and the "winningest" program counts wins over high school, clubs and rec league teams.  Where the honor in that?

+15 HS
UrbanPirate's picture

Is that true? About the high school teams and such? I just want to be sure before I add it to my arsenal

Just... Go Bucks.


+3 HS
BuckeyeVet's picture

@Urban Pirate - That's absolutely 100% true.

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."          - Groucho Marx

"The recipient of Oyster's ONLY down vote".

+4 HS
BuckeyeinSavannah's picture

Yeah look up their early wins. It's pathetic.

+3 HS
buckibri's picture

in the late 1800's OSU had a club football team while Umich had an official football program established. It was about 16 years befor OSU won a game vs The Weasels and yes, they count thos egames as official.

+2 HS
703Buckeye's picture

Let them count those games. It'll make it even sweeter when we take the lead in the series.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

+1 HS
kcbrez's picture

Don't forget the big 42-0 win in 1885 over the Peninsular Cricket Club team at the Peninsular Cricket Club Grounds. They count victories against the Chicago Harvard School (a high school in Chicago), the Detroit Athletic Club (a private social club), and Ann Arbor High School, among others.

They also lost to the Cleveland Athletic Club by a score of 8-4 in 1891. *fist pump*

Check it out for yourself by clicking on the season records to see the individual results at this URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Michigan_Wolverines_football_season...

+1 HS
AcrossTheField11's picture

Nice piece.  What an asshat.  Does SI have an ombudsman? 

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

+5 HS
FLAMikey's picture

~~The only people who think Jim Tressel is immoral are NCAA water-carriers, fans of programs he crushed for a decade and hacks and trying to earn internet clicks by throwing clumps of shit at the wall like unkempt baboons. It appears Mike Rosenberg is all three.

The quote above is perfectly stated and undeniably true. This article almost enables me to forgive DJ for his union love.


+2 HS
teddyballgame's picture

Ahhh memories, seems so long ago that the NCAA actually had a dick to swing around.  But yeah, Tressel obviously can't be a good person...he lied about some emails once.

+4 HS
Damonbuckeye's picture

One of the institutions to blame for a lot of this hate other than the idiotic media who write this crap is tOSU it's self. . Everytime there's an allegation against an athlete or coach or both tOSU doesn't get out in front of it there by letting the media hacks control the narrative. .

+3 HS
ralEbuckI's picture

Does anyone know how to make submissions for a Pulitzer?

+4 HS
Athens BuckCat's picture

Wow, what a joke. Rosenberg is a hypocritical ass clown and I hope no one takes his article seriously. But nice job calling him out for that drivel

+6 HS
Hovenaut's picture

Had the displeasure of sitting in front of M..igan fans (husband and wife-creature)at a minor league baseball game last night, who were super eager to identify themselves after noticing my OSU hat.

After repeated failed attempts to rile me up by referencing "Ohio", the husband struck gold by bringing up YSU's new executive adminstrator...in a less than respectful manner.

Many of us have flaws and make mistakes...all of us actually (like being talkative morons at a baseball game)...but not all rise above said flaws/mistakes.

Slightly irritated and greatly bored about how real they are as football fans without ever spending money in Ohio, I excused myself to grab a couple chili dogs and a lager. After consumption I returned to my seat and suggested the Mrs take the boy over to the kids fun zone for a couple of innings.

The fun couple didn't stay until the end if the game. Too bad, I meant to wish them luck come November.

After reading about Rosenberg and his little attempt to maintain status on the journalistic cutting edge, along with having to endure the two biggest nitwit piss and blue fans the state of Maryland has to offer I am astonished how President Tressel strikes such a nerve. Guess his perseverance...through all the flaws.

If he were a M...igan man (that was hard to type) and had the same success I'd still hate the man. But I would respect the hell out of him for rising above and beyond what he put himself through. Because to me that's admirable, I don't care who you root for.

+10 HS
zacisone's picture

SMH. Rosie is an Idiot!!


BroJim's picture

Rant on!

I season my simple food with hunger

+1 HS
Gcbuckeye62's picture

Rosenbagofshitberg is in the same league as Jeremy Fowler, irresponsible reporting not worth reading unless you're into grade school book reports. 

+3 HS
northcampus's picture

The talking heads that fill our media world are so quick to judge, yet so slow to put their own reputations on the line as leaders of society.  When writers/TV personalities start living lives with actual skin in the game, then I may actually start paying attention to their submissions of opinion.  Until then, I take the Jerky Boys as serious as I do media personalities such as the people who are employed at ESPN or SI.

+4 HS
prdoctor's picture

Simply fantastic, DJ.

Chief B1G Dump's picture

These types of turd burglars are exactly why I don't subscribe to magazines like that. A national platform to write a localized opinion hack job. 

I say it with all these hacks, but I wish someone would write exposes on these guys lives and expose and spin every questionable decision they've ever made. 

+2 HS
kholmes's picture

Dont worry - no one takes Rosenberg seriously as he has shown to always have an agenda. Rosenberg is extremely disliked by virtually Michigan fans. In the book "Three and Out" by John Bacon, Rosenberg is portrayed as an evil and petty person scheming to control the program by making it his personal vendetta to get Rodriguez ousted. Rosenberg is the writer of the Free Press expose on the Michigan program practicing a couple extra hours.

If you mention Rosenberg's name on any michigan site, it is a recipe for getting downvoted to enternity.

To get an idea of the hatred of Michigan fans for Rosemberg, read the Deadspin article below. A good excerpt of this is:

"Rosenberg, he wrote, has "hated [Rich Rodriguez] from the moment he appeared on Michigan's radar and has made it his life's work to run him out of town." He "has crusaded" against Rodriguez, a coach whom Rosenberg, "with his deep connections to the anti-Rodriguez community" and with his "strong anti-Rich Rodriguez opinions," is actively "trying to get fired." Chait called the story "journalistic malpractice," and Michigan fans have been forwarding around the column ever since. The notion that Rosenberg is irredeemably biased against Michigan, his alma mater, is quickly hardening into fact.:"


For humor purposes, check out some of the reviews to Rosenbergs book on Bo/Woody (http://www.amazon.com/War-As-They-Knew-Schembechler/dp/0446698652) . Michigan fans returned the favor by destroying it with nasty reviews and Rosenberg got extremely upset and got all teary eyed as detailed in the Bacon book.



+12 HS
brglr14's picture

this M fan is right on. I live up in Toledo and listen to 1050 out of ann arbor from time to time and they have this clown on as a guest. most of the callers who call in after hes on think hes a bit clownish.

I dont know karate but i do know crazy and i'm not afraid to use it.


+3 HS
kholmes's picture

Brian Cook (creator and editor of MGoBlog) verbally attacked Rosenberg at the press conference and in the parking lot afterwards when the Freep investigation came out. The "Three and Out" book has the exact details but here is a summary from a review of the book by a reader on the site:

 Rosenberg v. Cook: Brian Cook’s showdown with him is recalled. If you remember, Brian went after him, personally, at the press conference following the hit piece, repeatedly asking “do you know what a countable hour is?” Rosenberg and Brian were both interviewed for the book, as was Craig Ross. Rosenberg remembers it as this crazy guy barking at him in the parking lot, screaming over and over “do you know what a countable hour is?” and Rosenberg responding, “who are you?” They went back and forth like that four or five times, Rosenberg stuck out his hand and said, “I’m Michael Rosenberg. Who are you?” and Craig Ross said “that’s Brian Cook.” Also, Rosenberg refused to talk to Brian, saying that Brian was “a competitor.”

Honestly, I think if a Michigan fan tried to create a forum post on this Rosenberg/Tressel article on MGoBlog I would be pretty sure that the moderators would remove it because of their complete lack of respect for Rosenberg and his shoddy reporting in the past.


+5 HS
Oakland Buckeye's picture

Good to hear a M fan weigh in on this - thanks!

+3 HS
kholmes's picture

Not just OSU and UM think this way..here is how a MSU Spartan journalism grad thought of Rosenberg's reporting back then:

"I wanted to finish John Bacon’s, Three and Out before I sat down and wrote an article on the Michael Rosenberg/Michigan Football issue. I couldn’t. I write to you having read about 150 pages of the book, which is 150 more pages than I needed to conclude Michael Rosenberg is the most deplorable journalist working in the United States today."


+7 HS
TallTom's picture

I just added a one star review and you weren't kidding, there were some brutal (and funny) ones there.  Wish could have given it a negative star but they make you give it one to comment.  Thanks for the link.

Vinginia_Buckeye's picture

Rosenberg is a chode banger. That is all.

" I'm a Buckeye "

+1 HS
sb97's picture

Why are we giving this man, or the or the organization he works for, page views?

SaudiBuckeye's picture

My exact same sentiments and you are deserving of an up vote!

+2 HS
Oakland Buckeye's picture

page views? the Amazon reviews are priceless -

+3 HS
kholmes's picture

One of my favorite reviews for Rosenberg's book on Amazon below...

"I was given this book as a gift for my constipated dog Messner. He circled it twice before settling down and relieving himself for the first time in days. We plan on picking up a case of these."


+7 HS
Crumb's picture

DJ I love your work man, even on the rare occasions in which I may not agree with it, but this, this is your best work yet. Thank you for tearing this butt hurt douchebag a new one. This is why I love Elven Warriors, because when the stupid mainstream a-holes at espn or si say trash like this, Elven Warriors has capable writers/fans who can express well the truth and how most Buckeye fans feel about such pea brained morons who fancy themselves journalists. This is why when I want to read news about the Buckeyes, I come here first.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

+4 HS
RBuck's picture

"Fuck Mike Rosenberg, and fuck the NCAA's archaic rulebook."


That is all.

Long live the southend.

+2 HS
Rjpfish2's picture

In Tressel I Trust

+3 HS
BUCKSOMIES's picture

Mike Rosenturd is an asshat.

+1 HS
moopdawg's picture

Way to put it down, DJ. Love  Coach Tress, and I'm happy he's still in Ohio doing good work.

+2 HS
huber57's picture

Hey Rosenberg ...


Why does Dublin have so many round-abouts? Because everyone in Dublin thinks they have the right-of-way.

+6 HS
ScarletNGrey01's picture


In December 2010, friends of the woman reported to police that Gibbons’ teammate Taylor Lewan approached them and told them if she pressed charges he would rape her, according to police reports. Last week, Lewan, during talks with reporters prior to the NFL draft, denied making those remarks.

If you want to report on a real and disgusting scandal, this situation would warrant some true jouralism.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

+2 HS
Crimson's picture

MMan will be here soon to argue with you.

+3 HS
M Man's picture

Well, this was supposed to be about Rosenberg; the language chosen by my Up North colleague seems mild to me.  I'd have used stronger terms to condemn Rosenberg.

I don't need to argue with anybody about the case of Brendan Gibbons.  I've said any number of times I don't know what happened that night in November of 2009, and I dare say that no one who is a member of the 11W Forums does either.

My point was simply that student "conflict resolution" panels were a dangerously dumb way to make determinations of what were basically criminal sexual assault allegations.  Particularly dangerous and dumb, when the police investigated and determined not to refer the case to prosecutors for a charge.

Now, we might just see just how dangerous and dumb it was for the University of Michigan to be politically stampeded into a newly aggressive posture on these cases, by virtue of a significant new civil case filed by a Michigan student in what sounds to be a preposterously frivolous sexual "assault" claim.  He's suing U-M on the theory that the University violated his civil rights (matching state and federal suits are now pending) with a flawed and superficial disciplinary proceeding in which almost none of the accused's procedural due process rights were protected.

Very simply, all of my general predictions about this issue (not the Gibbons case per se) are coming true.  Less than two days after I wrote that someday Ohio State might be looking a Title IX issue of its own (on general principles alone; I made no specific allegation against anybody at OSU), the Obama Department of Justice released a list of 55 universities undergoing investigation and the Ohio State University was on the list.

All that I have said can be pretty much summed up this way; the Obama Administration's Title IX policy is pushing institutions of higher education into positions that will be absolutely incompatible with the due process rights of accused students.  And student-athletes are bound to be targets.  The universities will be put in an impossible bind.  Most, like Michigan, will choose the path of least [federal funding] resistance and do whatever the Dept of Education and the Dept of Justice says.  That's also compatible with the supremely-P.C. and supremely Dem-politics shape of the Michigan Board of Regents.  But then there are the lawsuits.  And the civil discovery.  And, uh, the judgment amounts.  And I say again to my Buckeye friends; just wait.  You'll get your chance to reflect on this when a starting cornerback or a starting quarterback for the Scarlet and Gray is investigated by Franklin County prosecutors for sexual assault, and they decide there's no case that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  But the university is pressured to expel the student because a preponderance of the evidence indicates that the female was intoxicated and did not verbalize clear consent to what the football player thought was consensual sex.  As I always say in this scenario; I'll be as supportive of that player as I have been to any Michigan student.

+2 HS
Patriot4098's picture

For the love of God, shorten your posts.

"Evil shenanigans!"     - Mac

+3 HS
tracyre's picture

Gotta be hard to have had Tressel hand TSUN loss after loss after loss.  Clearly he's still chapped.  I for one couldn't be any happier.  Anyone reading his worthless article will see that.  

Good for you JT.  You deserve all the good.  Love that man! 

+5 HS
JeffCoBuck's picture

Nice point-by-point deconstruction of Rosenberg's thoughts.  And I love the passion, especially at the end.

+1 HS
stubbzzz's picture

Thanks for sticking up for Tressel, DJ.  I still think in the bigger picture, Tressel did the right thing.  If it were me, I honestly think I would've handled it the same way.  especially when you consider that on one side of things you have the NCAA and their nonsensical rules that only matter in their own self important magical world,  and on the other side of things you have an FBI investigation with all of their ACTUAL LAWS and such, probably telling you to keep everything confidential until the investigation was over.  

+2 HS
Buckabroad's picture

Jim Tressel has always served as an exampe of what I would like to become one day, if I am strong and disciplined enough. His moral standing is exemplary to me as well. It has always been that way in the past and it continues to be that way now. YSU hardly could have found a better Person for this position.

"The minute we stop expecting greatness, we become Wisconsin."

+4 HS
Bucksfan's picture

Nicely done, DJ.

+1 HS
buckeyemondo's picture

while it's important to educate buckeye nation on the dastardly deeds of SI's B-side, everyone please be sure that you DO NOT SHARE THE ARTICLE FROM SI's WEBSITE.  this only encourages more filth like this by increasing that idiot's click count.  link to the article only through this page.

+1 HS
Poison nuts's picture

A brilliant & surgical deconstruction. Well done indeed.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Qujo's picture

Long after Rosenbergs time and Tressels time on this earth are gone. Tressel will have created many opportunities for young people to advance themselves as a coach and an educator and Rosenberg, well he will just have trolled more people during his life time. A life full of quality and high character is something Rosenberg will never know. I'm sure UM is proud that they have such a distinguished representative in the "national" media. 

Our arch rivals.... 11 National Championships, 10 before 1949 - eight of eleven shared. Trying to respect them... trying.... Ugh!

+2 HS
TallTom's picture

Why don't they point the investigative lens and holier than thou judgement towards the coaches and universities that will not let players transfer by releasing from scholarship?  I would like to hear in depth the rationale and defense for Washburn not letting Pierre Desir go be closer to his wife and kids.  Then someone take that rationale and defense apart. What about the  St Joe's coach and Obrien?  Why don't these folks put the microscope on the character of these coaches and admins rather than trash folks like Tressel and publish unsubstantiated innuedo?


+1 HS
Unky Buck's picture


Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

+1 HS
Buckeyeboy's picture

Wow, DJ! Impressive writing in defense of The Vest. A subject as polarizing to many sports fans, on a national level, as religion or politics.

Never really felt this way before, about being a YSU grad. In a word, pride.

Thanks for the support DJ.

Go Bucks!

Go Bucks!