The Death of Coach Speak In Columbus

By Jeff Beck on April 18, 2014 at 11:30a
Coach speak...dead

I remember it like it was yesterday: the moment I heard coach speak’s death knell in Columbus. It was an April afternoon back in 2012. Head Coach Urban Meyer had just finished one of his first spring practices and was meeting with reporters to give them the skinny. It was there, in that moment, Meyer shattered the head coach perception his predecessor had worked for over a decade to build…and it only took two words: “clown show”

Before we get into that, it’s important to understand what I mean by coach speak. Rather than explain it myself, I’ll turn it over to the master. Here’s a word-for-word excerpt from Jim Tressel’s 2009 USC post-game interview:

When asked how bad the loss hurt:

Well, all losses hurt and this one hurts the most because it's today. Our defense played extremely hard and they came up with plays, they got us a turnover near mid-field and we didn't cash in on it at all. They just kept playing, and I thought the punt unit did a great job of setting up good field position down in there and our defense made it hard for them to drive over the course of the game and they played hard, there's no doubt.

When asked how the two young quarterbacks (Matt Barkley and Terrelle Pryor) played:

I think those two young quarterbacks played against two good defenses and those few good defenses brought a lot of pressure and I'm sure that both of them will learn a lot from the experience and that was a tough ball game, especially if you were a quarterback.

And finally when asked to sum up recent losses in prime-time big stage games:

How would you sum it up? We've been fortunate to play in some big games, in some great games against some very good teams and our kids have played extremely hard and the last couple we haven't gotten done, but we've been in a couple tough ones in a row, that's for sure.

What’s that Jim? The punt unit did a great job? The game would be tough if the reporters were quarterbacks? We’ve been fortunate enough to lose some big games?

That’s the vest spouting 187 words that don’t mean anything. That’s coach speak. It’s the sports equivalent of a filibuster. Sit in front of reporters, fill the air with tired clichés, then glance at your watch, say “welp look at the time” and exit stage right.

Tressel was a master at it. Like a politician he told us everything while saying nothing. He was the senator.

The above example is all the more impressive because it followed the Buckeyes’ fifth straight loss on the national stage (2006 Natl. Championship, 2007 Natl. Championship, 2008 USC game, 2009 Fiesta Bowl, 2009 USC game). What’s more, the game was the most winnable of the bunch and the Scarlet and Gray let it slip through their fingers on a last second game-winning drive by a visiting freshman quarterback. Tressel should have been furious, should have toppled the podium, should have thrown his shoe at a reporter. But instead, he said things like “we’ve been fortunate to play in some big games.”

Meyer is no senator. He bangs his fist against podiums, he gets raging mad on the sidelines, and he says what he really thinks. Like when he referred to his wide receivers as a clown show shortly after taking over in Columbus.

Gettin' after it
Saying it like it is.

There’s no right way to do it. Tressel won a lot of games keeping a cool head and saying nothing to reporters. But one has to admit the keeping it real approach is refreshing.

Last week during the Ohio high school football coaches clinic Meyer had this to say about the team he inherited in 2012:

I kn[e]w exactly what the problem was. It’s called leadership on that team. I witnessed it. At my first team meeting, is guys didn’t show up, so I gave them a chance to come back the next morning. Four or five of them showed up five minutes late. Got a little problem, don’t we? We can fix it. We jogged out that morning at 5 a.m. in 10-degree weather and had a little chat. We ran a couple people out of here because they didn’t need to be here.

And this to say about his team post UAB game:

I accepted the fact that we were a bad football team, we’re looking at a 6-6 season and I’m going to go recruit my guys to get those guys the hell out of here. I was at Ohio State in 1986 and ’87, and that was not what I was used to.

Can’t you just feel the honesty? Meyer continued the #RealTalk after the spring game saying this about the hodge-podge of players on the field:

There are guys out there who will never play or they’re not ready to play now. [Sports information director] Jerry [Emig] handed me these stats. I’m not sure what to do with these. I don’t care. 

And this about potential backup quarterback Cardale Jones:

Cardale was disappointing

To an outsider, these quotes might make it look like Meyer is a tough coach to play for. But I think it’s exactly the opposite. Urban makes it easier for players because they know exactly where they stand.

There’s no denying Tressel said some very un-senator things behind closed doors, but Meyer’s ability to be so publicly candid is a new direction. Coach speak is dead in Columbus. Gone are empty clichés, tired phrases and saying nothing.

And what’s left…is the truth.



bedheadjc's picture

Totally refreshing. Watching the spring game and hearing him give unflinching appraisals of various topics without getting worked up just solidified what I thought of him.

Hated him before, never really never knew anything about him, absolutely love him now.

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tennbuckeye19's picture

I loved Tressel (still do), but his coach-speak used to drive me crazy. 

I understood what he was doing, but to have a guy like Meyer come in and be candid and lay it all out for you, not talk in circles or sugarcoat things is refreshing. 

I've heard several Columbus & national media say the same thing. 

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THEOSUfan's picture

I couldn't agree more.  I, too, love Tressel, but I stopped listening to his radio show around 2004.  I just couldn't take it anymore - an hour of Q and A and commentary where the questions were legit, but all the answers began to sound like, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And Iet me add,  blah."

JT's perfection of coach speak served him very well until there was trouble and clear candor was needed. It appeared to me that he just couldn't turn off the coach-speak habit, and it did not serve him well then.

Urban seems like such a breath of fresh air. I actually feel like he is saying what he really thinks. But another part of me senses that there is a lot he isn't saying too. Beware of psych majors. :)

Furious George 27's picture

I remember it was mentioned I think on the Fan that there were a few players that left the Orange bowl before the game ended for the locker room. I don't think they ever said who it was. Is it safe to say that some of the older players were rubbed the wrong way by Meyer?

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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JohnnyKozmo's picture

I think it was the half time interview of his first game, and he said the defense was playing great, and if the offense would stop jerking around, they'd be fine.  Loved it.

jonping67's picture

Love or hate him, Coach Meyers is on hell of a coach. I love the fact he is a born and breed Buckeye and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Remind me of Woody, no politics or BS, just shoots from the hip.

This team is going to be awesome this year, much better than last years team, and I feel we will win the B1G and make the 4 team playoff. This will be huge on the recruiting trail for the 2015 class and a NC is definitely a possibility.

On a side note; I am not 100% sure what happen to Mike Mitchell (red-shirt pissed him off, his father health or maybe just not confident he would play) regardless, I was really looking forward to see him run the field in scarlet & gray.

I_Run_The_Dave's picture

I might call Urban a Straight-shooter, but not one who "shoots from the hip".

Shooting from the hip is when you just shoot out there without aiming or really knowing what you are doing and you probably aren't going to hit your target.  Basically it's guessing, only with a firearm.  Urban hits his targets dead-on and does not guess.

+3 HS
cinserious's picture

I became a master at 'shooting from the hip' on Nazi Zombies. With alot of training and and expertise, one can be deadly accurate from that position.

Gone ham, be back soon...

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BeijingBucks's picture

I'm your Huckleberry...



None can love freedom heartily, but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license. ~ John Milton

AJBor41's picture

Not too much need for a "Translating Urban" segment, like 97.1 The Fan used to have for Tressel.

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woodcocklives@osu's picture

Can you really knock JT for the coachspeak after big losses, when pontifical AJ did a complete 180 degree turn from his normal boastful, shot taking approach after a few big losses this year?  Remember post MSU?

It's easy to say we stink after a UAB win and blame some individual players.  But after 2 big losses to the end the year, nothing...... except offseason jabs at Michigan, after what was a very ugly win over a pretty mediocre squad.  Just my 2cents...

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bucndc's picture

AJ? Who in the hell are you talking about? Allen Jackson? Art Jacobs? See its really not that hard to spell a name.


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Furious George 27's picture

LOL... Yeah I was thinkiing the same.... Meyer was pretty vocal that the D as a whole was not championship caliber after the michigan win.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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woodcocklives@osu's picture

The point is that UM3 was conspicuously reserved after the 2 biggest losses of his tenure at OSU.  And that was the scene of JT's maligned coachspeak this article references, right? Post game presser comments? The OSU athletic site has both the MSU and Orange Bowl transcripts posted. Go take a look. This direct, blunt, tell it like it is style that everyody seems to find refreshing, can't be found after those 2 games. Here's a snippet"

"They fought against a very good team. Dug ourselves a hole. Went 17 0, came back, tried to seize momentum in the third quarter after halftime, then let it get away from us.

We got to do things a little bit better. I don't want to take anything away from our opponent."


ajbosu1's picture

One big difference is that Tressel would have taken ten paragraphs to say the same thing as Meyer did in two sentences. 

BuckeyeCrew's picture

That quote could have just as well come from Coach Tressel.  Interesting.

ibuck's picture

Interesting avatar.

Butch Cassidy: "Woodcock, is that you?...You can't want to get blown up again." 
Woodcock: Butch, you know that if it were my money, there is nobody that I would rather have steal it than you. But, you see, I am still in the employment of E. H. Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad! 

Our honor defend, we will fight to the end !

Patriot4098's picture

Not sure what you mean by nothing, but a defensive overhaul speaks volumes to me.

"Evil shenanigans!"     - Mac

ToledoMan's picture

I remember Tress early on making the Akrons and Kent States of the world sound like formidable foes.  I always thought man, this guy is the total opposite of a dude like Barry Switzer who would just say "we're going to hang half a hundred on em" no matter who those Oklahoma teams played.  I couldn't stand those Oklahoma squads, but I sure loved to hear what Switz had to say.  Tress speak was frustrating, but I enjoyed it too.  Tress was a calculated master.  I like Urban's approach.  I could listen to him all day.  His no nonsense approach is just what we need.  I can't wait to see what he has to say next.

+1 HS
ajbosu1's picture

The 2009 USC game was the tipping point for me doubting Tressel-Ball. Clearly the superior team lost and he gives zero substance in his presser. 

If UFM had been in that same seat imagine the candidness...

Actually, we prolly would have won the game. Love Tress and all he did but man was he frustrating at times. 


///covers head while waiting on bludgeoning from Tress die-hards

+5 HS
BuckeyeCrew's picture

Hey, what did you want from Coach Tressel?  Dickhead-talk.. such as UM recently when he spoke of "breaking" people (if he wanted to do so), during his initial season here?

I don't get it.. people here seem to think that UM's coaching "style" (whatever that encompasses) is much better than Tressel's, without enough of a sample size (of games) from which to judge.  For me, Coach Tressel's demeanor, and empahsis on special teams and defense was far preferable to UMs corporate-asshole style.  Sheesh.. some of you remind me of weak-minded women who only go for jerks.

Undeniably, UM is a proven commodity.. but that was at Florida.  Let's see what he does here, before damning his predecessor as "inferior".

ps- To the downvoters.. you only prove me right.

-3 HS
logamaniac's picture

how many more games do you need?  UM has two titles and two undefeated seasons.

-1 HS
BuckeyeCrew's picture

National titles.. at FLORIDA. Re-read my post.  I essentially said OSU is a different "animal", and that I want to see what he does here.

Coach Tressel's track-record isn't bad either (or maybe it is to you.. I don't know) Oh, and Coach Tressel has more than two titles, if you're counting that as the end-all.

-2 HS
logamaniac's picture

I didn't say anything about tressel. I only replied to your attempt to pretend that Meyer doesn't have an elite D1 track record, as though he's just some shmuck thats had a small run of good luck and hasn't yet proven himself.

*edit* Not to mention he's only had one season of post season eligibility so far at OSU thanks in part to your hero *edit*

As far as tressel, if you must know my opinion, he's not too unlike Calipari in my eyes.  Sure he's a good coach but he's had a slimy history at his former institutions and before you argue that transgressions go on at every university thats not my argument.  Im happier with Meyer at the helm but who knows maybe something will happen to make me eat my words.

-4 HS
nm_buck's picture


oh good lord.  

just goes to show how much influence the Sporting News has... even in BuckeyeNation.

+1 HS
BuckeyeCrew's picture

Loga, your reading comprehension is subpar, and I have a feeling you just want to pontificate on that point, alone.  Do me a favor.. stop being an asshole.  I DID NOT say UM is a subpar coach.  I also said Coach Tressel is as well.  Just that simple.

"Slimy"?  One of his biggest detractors, has become one of his most staunch supporters.  As MoC said (paraphrasing), you just can't fake that kind of sincerity for a whole career. 

-2 HS
nm_buck's picture

Coach Tress won his Natty with Coop's recruits.  The same can be said for Urbs in Fla.  At east for the first natty.  His second natty was won with his recruits.  As much as I love Jim Tressel, he never accomplished that in D1 football.

-1 HS
CGroverL's picture

Sometimes you will get some downvotes for sexist comments or for explicit language and you hit 'em both....Just an opinion on why you would get downvotes because I think that most people here would defend the Senator because of the great seasons he had with the Buckeyes.

I agree with you 100% about coach Tressel. In fact, I still hold on to my story that Tressel was the hero of "Tat-gate" or whatever people call it. I feel like coach Tressel "fell on his own sword" to minimize the damage done during and after the so-called scandal. Plus, Tressel has 5 national titles. People want to think that his Division I-AA titles were easier than winning a title in Division I-A(FBS). I don't see it that way at all. In Div. I-AA they had playoffs to go though....


"I hope they're last in everything"

Thanks, Urb!

ohiostbux5's picture

I'd say the 2009 Fiesta Bowl was just as winnable. One of 2 really tough losses to take against that school.

Will in Arizona's picture

It was winnable, but we weren't the better team.  We were the better team for USC, playing at home, and still managed to lose.

+2 HS
osubuckeye4life's picture

I loved Tress and still do. 

But, his coachspeak drove me crazy because you could never tell what was going on with the team. 

I love Urban and his telling it like it is has been refreshing.

Urban is a straight shooter so we pretty much always know the story. 

+1 HS
Nutinpa's picture

No.  We don't always know the story.

Some of you are confusing.....blunt talk as being truthful talk.  You were soooo tired of Tressel's bland demeanor, that you're wetting yourselves over listening to Meyer's "candor"....without knowing how much of it is truth or how much is bull-shit.  But we as a fanbase and the scribes who cover the Buckeyes, whether they are in the Digital space like this one or the Columbus Dispatch are all in a lather over Meyer.  All over a guy who has won a lot of games.....and so far, nothing else. 

For all of Meyer's "candor"....he was talking a lot while clearly covering up a seething bit of discontent on this team at the end of last year.  His "chase" rants got old....that was obvious. You only needed to see how flat this team was to start both the Sparty and Clemson games to know that something was wrong in mudville.  For all the love he got from the fanbase, Vrabel was a disruptive and negative force in the coaching room.  His D line is glad to see him gone and I would bet the DBs are happy to see Withers move on as well.  

The head coach who "did not believe in red-shirts" painted the locker room red and some players, like Mike Mitchell, said "fuck this" and moved on.  For a guy who let anything go on at Florida, he stripped Bradley Roby of his captaincy....for the over-all scheme of things?  There is another guy who said "fuck it" to this program at some point last year and still will be a high draft pick. 

And if you're thinking I am some sort of "Meyer hater", you'd be wrong. He was the perfect coach for what this program needed when he arrived.  Yes, Meyer's vs. Tressel's pressers are more entertaining. Both coaches are skilled at manipulating the media.  They just go about it in markedly different ways of speaking bull-shit.  That's the only difference imo.


+7 HS
ibuck's picture

IMO, some of the stuff UFM says to the media don't need to be said in public. Perhaps he's using his experience & psychology degree trying to motivate some of his guys. It seems a lot of OSU players are not giving their best efforts at times, both during and before Urban. Don't know why.  

I'm concerned that a feeling of entitlement may be partly (largely?) the reason.

Edit: corrected for grammar, etc

Our honor defend, we will fight to the end !

BuckeyeCrew's picture

Yes, Urban is a "straight-shooter", much in the vein of Dubya. Although, I daresay UM is just a bit smarter.


My point is that being a -perceived- straight-shooter, doesn't mean much in terms of winning, and being a decent person. Of course, that might not matter to you.

-4 HS
bobby_gunz's picture

I'm still waiting for a candid Tressel to tell us what the F happened in that 2006 title game

+1 HS
Furious George 27's picture

You might get a better answer from the current OSU coach on that one.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

+6 HS
niblick's picture

He already answered that, and so did Meyer about a week after the game.

- We did EVERYTHING the same as we had done all year long

- Florida did NOTHING the same as it had done all year long

- losing Mangold from 05 was a killer because our center was CLUELESS when Florida moved pre-snap and we didn't make the right calls to pick up the blitzes

both coaches have said those 3 things almost word for word in agreement.  we were flat out out coached, out executed, out prepared and Florida went into the game pissed off the way we went into the 02 Miami game and we went into the game lazy like the canes did in our 02 game.

+3 HS
Nutinpa's picture

"We played hard and lost.   And so forth."

Kurt's picture

This is a great (offseason) topic.  You have to take the good with the bad regarding each.  In Tressel I always got the sense that he understood the big picture of life and where specific plays, players, the game, the season and the university fit within it.  Meyer on the other hand I'm not sure if he thinks that deeply about such things, but I could be wrong.   

+3 HS
pcg396's picture

Just one of many reasons why OSU is much better off with UFM at the helm of the program.

Scottsdale Buckeye

-2 HS
Bamabucknut's picture

Listening to "Tressel Speak"

was like listening to a sophomoric politician

He reiterates the same prerecorded comments he has said thousands of times, and he didn't realize that everyone had heard every word of his comments ad nauseam.


-2 HS
irishfury's picture

The thing I like about Meyer if he says a unit is good you can count on it.  If its bad you know where in trouble.

CGroverL's picture

In 2012 he talked up Curtis Grant saying he was working hard in practice and that he (Meyer) expected Grant to lead the defense. If you remember the Buckeyes' best MLB in 2012 was not was fullback, Zach Boren. Boren played well in Grant's "semi-absence". Meyer did the same thing about other players in 2013...I think the problem is that Meyer bases his good and bad "pre-season" simply on effort, you know A to B in 4 to 6 seconds. It takes more than just speed and strength to be a good football player.

I agree totally with your comment. If Meyer says you're bad, you have a lot of work to do to get to be acceptable. However, I think that his "talking players up" can sometimes be based on just effort. Effort has to be in the equation, but effort isn't everything like it is in spring practices. If effort was all there was to it, Curtis Grant, a former 5-star LB would have all Big Ten honors by now...he probably would be looking forward to this years draft too, instead of his senior season. James Laurinaitis however came to Columbus as a 3-star LB. Fickell busted his ass for 4 years and turned him into a force that played 4 seasons (he played just a few plays per game as a freshman) with the Bucks. He finished with 365 total tackles, was a consensus All-American (2006, 2007, 2008), won the Nagurski in 2006 as a sophomore, the Lambert in 2007 and 2008, plus he won the Butkus in 2007...and the list goes on. His story needs to be preached to incoming Buckeye LB's. After all, the LB's we have now are all bigger, faster, and higher rated out of high school than Laurinaitis was...but Laurinaitis was far ahead of Curtis Grant. Laurinaitis KNEW the game and knew where he had to be to make the play. If Curtis Grant has a problem, not knowing where to be is it. I wonder what coach Meyer would say about it all?

"I hope they're last in everything"

Thanks, Urb!

+2 HS
Furious George 27's picture

I think he has also said that Grant was not where he wanted him mentally.... So I don't think he bases everything on physical ability I have seen quotes several times about that.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

+2 HS
CGroverL's picture

Don't get me wrong (I'm not saying that people that play a certain position are stupid)...In my senior year of high school, I played CB because of running fast in hand timed 40's. I played CB because I was fast, period. I WAS NOT game smart at all. I could have played LB with my size but I simply didn't know the game very well on the defensive side of the ball. A middle linebacker doesn't need to run a 4.5 or even be the strongest tackler in the world...especially if he is smart. All of the Buckeye LB's are big strong, and athletic....If it were me, I'd make them (the LB corps) watch film until they knew where to be on each play. Knowing where to be on each play is much more important than being fast or strong. Matt Wilhelm, AJ Hawk, and James Laurinaitis were all very smart and knew where to be....they weren't physically intimidating though. LB's need to be smart and it has been a while since we have seen 3 LB's all on the same page.

"I hope they're last in everything"

Thanks, Urb!

CGroverL's picture

When Tressel would do coach speak it did get kinda funny. My wife once asked me "What is it? You have to watch the coach talk, too"? I responded with..."All he is really saying is "Mom does dog face to the banana patch". After explaining Tressel's slick tongued use of coach speak to her, she started watching Tressel's pressers. She would always say, "he's not really saying anything but gobbledygook".

I never realized that Tressel's way of speaking had an actual name called "coach speak". It's good to know because I always called it "Mom does dog face to the banana patch, gobbledygook, and gravy covered mumbo jumbo." It's much easier to explain when using the term "coach speak". Thank you for that....


"I hope they're last in everything"

Thanks, Urb!

buckskin's picture

I like Meyers honesty when he is speaking to the press, much of it is done to motivate.  I never had a problem with Tressel's coach speak and I'll tell you why.  We had a very successful high school program and my coach told us one time that there are many instances where things stay in the locker room.  Everybody outside the program doesn't need to know every little tidbit about our team.  Obviously OSU and high school football are two different animals, but IMO the same principle applies.  Tressel is a very honest man who chose not to be so blunt during interviews.  I respect him for that and prefer that method.

It made for some really good humor when people would try to interpret what Tressel was saying in his interviews.  I know the OP was kidding (I think), but Tressel never said OSU was fortunate to lose some big games in that speech.  

rkylet83's picture

I think Coach Meyer typically says what's on his mind, but I also think its somewhat laced with some psychology for his players.  He knows that they hear what he says on T.V.  He's called out guys for being good and bad many times.  

+1 HS
buckskin's picture

Tressel spoke the truth after that USC game.  They brought the pressure and got TP so flustered that they brought a corner blitz and left a WR completely open 4 TIMES on the last drive because they knew he was not going to find the open WR.  I have never seen that in a collegiate football game.  Maybe once, but not 4 times in a row.  I was screaming at the TV. 

+1 HS
faux_maestro's picture

And so forth.

Inní mér syngur vitleysingur

+1 HS
Il_Padrino's picture

I'm a military guy, so I'm used to hearing it, and telling it, how it is.  What's the issue?  What's the solution?

I liked Meyer when he was at Utah and although I do not care for Florida I respected them for bring Meyer in and now he is with our Buckeyes.  One of the biggest tests for leadership any more is to tell folks how it is and it sounds as if the ol' ball coach doesn't have that problem. 

Go Buckeyes!

Living the life!  Go Buckeyes!

ScarletNGrey01's picture

Still a huge fan of Coach Tress.  Was thrilled when we landed Urban Meyer as our coach, no one better IMO.  Different styles, not sure one is better than the other.  Tressel is a university president type of guy, Meyer is more in the mold of a "calculated" Woody Hayes type of guy.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

+1 HS
sk4664's picture

Huge Tressel fan and say what you want about "coach speak"... but was there ever a better introduction speech when he was introduced at the OSU VS Meatchicken basketball game??  "in the classroom, in the community and most especially in 310 day in Ann Arbor Michigan on the football field"


+5 HS
woodcocklives@osu's picture

"The," OSU trustees and Ath. dept. endorse the article's  message..... They particularly like the Chicago social media, branding angle the author brings.

For those of you scoring at home, remember:

JT = "slimy", .. Bad guy 

AJ.. Aka Urby = straight shooting WWH disciple 

The planned worked.  The university would like to thank 11W, the ozone, biucknuts, the Dispatch, and most  of all, the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Your support of the message and the Walmart shopping fan base is inspiring.

You all have the access you've sought the last 15 years.  Thanks again!





andretolstoy's picture

I understand your frustration Woodcock. I think there is this all or nothing mentality about Coach Tressel and Coach Meyer. I actually respect both men from what I've read and seen from a distance. A few games for Coach T got frustrating, especially the USC game. I agree with those who state this. However, none of these guys will also admit that there was a flaw in Meyer's philosophy last season in the two losses. The narrative is "the defense lost the games." Well, as bad as our defense was, we were in position to win both MSU and Clemson last season. And part of the reason we were in that position was because of some gutsy play by our D as flawed as it was. Furthermore, and here's the punch line, a big part of the reason we lost those two games was mismanagement of Carlos Hyde i.e. our offensive planning. Meyer said it himself, (and I've said this a few times already) he wanted to put the ball in his best players' hands. In his eyes that was Braxton Miller. In reality. I'm sorry, but our best player was Hyde last year. As frustrated as I was with JT a few times in his tenure, is as frustrated as I was in those two losses in wondering why they would abruptly stop running Hyde and throw the entire team off balance after he was crushing folks.

There is this ideal that the Meyer is flawless. Well, I saw for myself that it is. As strong as a system as it is, I'm not sure I'm always going to be happy with a system that assumes the QB is always the best player on the field. In the end, when the chain gets 'kinked' like it did last year starting with the Michigan game, which we also almost gave away because we disrupted flow by abruptly stopped using Hyde. When this happens, our weakness becomes worse and eventually leads to your downfall.

ExpatBuckeye's picture

To be honest - maybe since I'm not a reporter - I could care less about how much or how little a coach says about the state of the team.  I know a lot of people are hanging on ever word to get any morsel of new information but I prefer to wait and see what we do on the field.  We give a lot of credit to Urban for "saying it like it is" but a lot of that frankness is done in hindsight.  He didn't tell us at the time when he thought we were a 6-6 team --- only later, when recalling the season.   Both methods work for me as long as the teams on the field are as good as they have been (minus the Fickell year).

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The article said in the post game of the UAB is when he made the comment, not at the end of the season. No one way is wrong but I think people tend to relate more to a coach that expresses emotion rather than one who would have talked up UAB as a quality opponent in an ugly win.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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Furious George,

I responded to the previous debate that we had going.

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Good [post Expat. The article also alludes that because Meyer is so frank in interviews the players know "where they stand." As if Tressel's players were someone how "confused" as to their position because he was a politician with the reporters. Some of these claims are about as sharp as a bowling ball ...

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I've always appreciated the way Coach Tress handle the media.  He did his best to protect his team and keep football team issues in the locker room -- that is how I was raised to be with respect to my family, we were taught to keep our business amongst us and to always show strength and support for one another in public.  In our present social media/internet culture, Tressel's approach definitely does not fit in.  However, Coach Tress never cared about that while he was the head coach of our football team.  He was his own man, had his own beliefs, and stuck by them, always showing respect to the folks with whom he interacted.

Meyer, on the other hand, is a hit with our social media/internet culture.  Lots of folks get all giddy with his tough talk and hip catch phrases -- "he's a grown ass man," "he got the juice," "we have the best (insert position) in the country," "it's all about the chase." 

Meyer's approach isn't my style, but as long as continues to run a clean program and rack of the Ws, I'm good with him.  End of the day, it's not what is said, it's what's done.

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Watchin' a few recent replays of the '02 championship game reminded me of what a hungry Tressel was like, as opposed to the "Fat Cat" rich guy mentality that years of success had inevitably produced by the time our beloved Senator departed. The same is true of coach Meyer in watching replays of the ass-whuppin' his Fla. team inflicted on us in the '06 NC game, where he was the underdog with something to prove. Both men are very good coaches. 

For me as a fan that paid six bucks to go to The 'Shoe and watch Buckeye football in the '60s and experienced Woody's, then Earle's, then Coop's interview styles as well, they're all guys that have mastered the art of feeding Pablum to the media, per their job description as HC. For me this is the year to see if Urban is gonna be the same coach FOR us that he was AGAINST us. I've heard lots of hype regarding spread offense, but witnessed Woody 2.0.  I've heard rumors of being speed oriented and innovative play calling, but what I've seen from coach Herman is far less creative than he showed at Iowa State, and makes me understand coach Drayton's tongue-in-cheek questioning of plays that were called in the spring game last week.        

When you look at the measurables, these players are as gifted of a group of athletes as we've had at OSU . . . EVER!--so for me this year's team needs to justify the level of ballyhoo that's been spoken regarding the highest paid coaching staff in school history. We've got the best schedule we've had in a while, the returning 2 time B1G offensive player of the year, a receiver corps that should feel the need to respond to Mike Thomas's challenge to make plays, and a defense that will be better with a simplified but more agressive scheme, and a 2 game losing streak in high profile contests against ranked teams. Urban, . . .  it's time to " do unto others going forward as you've done unto us as the coach at Fla."  let's shock the world THIS season and win a NC with the guys you have right now, and some GREAT coaching!        Now THAT would set the table for some interviews that everyone can love (except the haters at E-SPIN).


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I think a lot of the "Coach Speak" that people refer to Tressel as doing was done for a reason. It was no secret that Tressel was not a fan of the media. That even included the local media here in Columbus. That feeling was mutual. He didn't want to be around them. 

You have seen Coach Meyer and his wife interviewed on local media. You have seen the family active on social media. During the Cooper era, even though the methods of communication were much fewer, you did see Coach Cooper and his family on TV and around the team. It was not the same for Tressel. You saw him do his obligated appearances, but that was it. Unlike the Meyer's and Cooper's, you never saw much of the Tressel family. Sure, Tressel's wife was around, but I don't remember her speaking to local media like Meyer's wife. 

I have heard stories of Jim Tressel away from the spotlight, camera, and microphone. He seems different in those stories. What I have heard from folks who knew Jim Tressel during his time at Ohio State was the football was not his whole life. He had other interests and hobbies. He was just like another person. 

Coach Speak was not the real Jim Tressel. It was done because he hated the media and the press conferences....and so forth.

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I love Jim Tressel, but a few people seem to forget some of the epic ass whippings we got handed to us with him at the helm. Meyer is 24-2, with two losses by a combined total of 15 points, by two teams with a combined record of 22-2. We barely lost to two good teams.

Some of you are starting to sound like entitled spoiled brats. When Urban starts getting his ass handed to him by good teams like Tressel did, then there is a reason to complain. Urban Meyer will get it done.

Remember the mighty Nick Saban lost a bowl game to Utah (still a member of the mountain west at the time) in his first couple years at Alabama. 

Stay the course...

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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We'll probably never know what happened behind closed doors, but I think there's a Meyer like approach to every successful coach with the assistants and players in the locker room. Tressel just didn't talk that way with the media. 

Just shows there is more than 1 way to be successful.