Report: Former Alabama Center Chad Lindsay to Visit Ohio State, California

By DJ Byrnes on April 14, 2014 at 6:39p

The spring game didn't net any commitments this past weekend, but Urban Meyer is still on the hunt for a fish of a different kind.

From CBS' Jeremy Fowler:

The former Alabama center, who started four games a year ago, says via text he's visiting Ohio State and Cal this week. His overall visit list is impressive, traveling to Michigan, Louisville and Oklahoma the previous two weeks.

Lindsay has graduated and can play right away. His departure from Alabama before spring ball was considered a mild surprise. Lindsay was an option to start at center this season if the Tide moved Ryan Kelly to left tackle.

Ohio State could be looking for offensive line help after losing several starters from a year ago. Sonny Dykes took over a depleted offensive line at Cal.

Pat Elflein and Taylor Decker are the only two offensive linemen to nail down starting jobs this spring, and neither of them will be playing center. Lindsay would give an unexpected injection of depth to an offensive line that's in the process of being rebuilt.



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Ugh, cue Bammers with, "Good luck winning with our leftovers." in 3...2...1...

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In this Bammer's opinion, Lindsay was the better center last year. He will be a solid addition anywhere he lands.

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Yes. Please. 

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Interesting tidbit. I'm assuming he has a year of eligibility left. Might not be a bad guy to bring in for a year, although the contrast in offenses couldnt be any different between Bama and OSU. Depth always helps though.


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Possibly telling that a graduated Senior, with a chance to start on the team hes been with for 4 years, wants to leave and play for someone else. Hmmm.

Go Bucks!

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He'll be All America in the Little Ten PAWWWWWWWLLL. RTR

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I like O Line depth the more experience and competition the better IMO.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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No thanks. Would rather continue developing what we have for the future then try the Bert method of picking up graduates. 

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Yeah we wouldn't want guys like russel Wilson...


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Isn't he kind of short?  I kid

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You would, eh?  I guess you didn't see the "guys being developed" this past Saturday afternoon that had the QBs running for their lives and the D line living in the backfields like Big Daddy Wilkinson used to.  Maybe you didn't notice that if Braxton Miller goes down, this team's season is over.  

An Alabama trained O lineman....and you say....uh..."no Thanks".   I'll respectfully disagree while shaking my head.

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This would be a nice pickup. We need more experience on the line and Boren could move to guard like his brother. 


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The (Billy) Price is Right. No need to get this kid. Price seemed to drive his man deep into endzone on a TD run the other way. Didn't see that kind of movement from Boren. Passing downs and making the calls, I don't know

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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There's never a problem with more depth though. I'm sure Price would work out, but this would give him another year to learn the offense and work on his technique. He'd still have 3 years of eligibility left anyways. If we got this guy, it'd allow us to move Boren to guard

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we can have both though, can't hurt to have an insurance policy...we're already pretty thin at OL

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I like Price a lot.  Bigger and stronger than Boren. Knock on him was suppose to be his shotgun snap but that looked fine Saturday. Only thing Boren has on him is experience

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Alabama is committed to the guys who has waited their turn. They have 2, four year (1 redshirt ) players and a 2nd year guy waiting....make no mistake...he will be as good as the starter for bama but his time was up there.


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Do we even have room this year?


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According to 11W scholarship breakdown, Ohio State will have 83 scholarship players when the rest of the 2014 class reports this summer. The Buckeyes have to be down to 82 by that point. Adding Lindsay would probably mean two players would be transferring/medical hardship/etc, otherwise it will just be one player. 

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Amazing how silent people are about our team taking on more commitments than they have scholarships for. 

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It's only bad when SEC teams are oversigning, not B1G teams. Hasn't this been indoctrinated into you by now? 

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if hes already graduated, why does he need a scholly?  lol

"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15

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Why Is JT Moore not included on 11W's chart? He was listed on the spring roster so he is still on the team. With him, OSU is currently at 84.

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J.T. Moore is still on scholarship (he will be a 5th year senior this year).  Also, I don't think Rashad Frazier is on scholarship.  I believe he is a walk-on.  I have never seen a media report where Frazier was put on scholarship.

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Jayme Thompson just transferred out.  I wonder if that is related.

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Never can have enough OL depth. Also could provide knowledge and leadership to the young fellas. Wouldn't be mad at the move at all if it were to happen.

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No brainier.  Absolute take as we have unproven player at G.  Even if it is only depth, he would be a welcome addition.  

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100% perfect comment - you can never never never have enough depth on the inexperienced O-line.

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This guy was the #1 guard in the 2010 class according to ESPN.  There is at least some potential.

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according to ESPN

Before or after he committed to Bama?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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So he would be coming from Bama's pro style offense to Urban's spread offense. As a center he would have to master the shotgun snap and learn to call all the line assignment just in Fall camp.  I say pass.

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So instead he can go play for his old oc that is now at m*chigan? He would instantly become their best offensive lineman.

High and tight boo boo

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Your right, Bama never used the shotgun at all????????????

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Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Pay him whatever he wants, I watched the spring game.


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Is he allowed to double dip like that? Getting paid at Bama and O.S.U?


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I wonder what he got his degree in at Bama?

And how much eligibility does he have left? Just one year?



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I wonder if he academically qualifies for grad school at Cal Berkeley.

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Speaks volumes about what they really think at Boren at center.  Hopefully Billy Price continues to develops and wins this battle in August as Boren is not his brother and is just an average player at best.


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would expect him to head to Michigan to reunite with the OC

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He would add some depth but only being a 4 game starter himself and being from Alabama doesn't mean he's better than what we already have at center. Go back and watch #54 on the gray team, Billy Price is the real deal. He man handled anyone in front of him. Plus we have 3 more studs arriving in June.


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Pretty sure the staff is well aware of who may not be here when fall camp starts, so if they are bringing him in he must be legit and fit into their plans. Never hurts to have extra OL. That being said, I agree with the Billy Price fan-club here, in that he looks like he will be a good one.

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I am indifferent on whether we get this guy, but am much more concerned about him going to TTUN.  Reuniting with his former OC in AA would probably make sense for the guy knowing the offense and all, and I truly enjoyed seeing Gardner running around for his life (except for against us for some reason...).  If he is seriously considering TTUN, then I want this guy. Otherwise, let him go to Cal and enjoy the nice weather.

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TTUN already received their helping of Bama leftovers (Nussmeier), so no thanks. Why isn't Auburn on his list? Is there not enough room in their 2014 budget to pay him?  

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I really like Billy Price, the kid is probably the strongest kid on the team, just needs alittle more time and he will be a dominating center. Boren also can do the job and at this point has better awareness of pass blocking. But I see Price catching and passing Boren.

I don't see Ohio St. turning down a Center from "Alabama".

Both Boren and Price could use another year of development anyways.

I'll through my 2 cents out there though.

I think Price has the most upside and wins the Center position, Boren just to small and when your playing BAMA or LSU in a playoff or NC game, with monstrous 6'4 345 lb NT's it's just not gonna be good.

Bobek was suppossedly let go for not being big enough, Boren is 6'1 and some change. The kids heart is a mountain, he is a Boren ofcourse.

So bringing in Lindsay from BAMA for a year a letting Price develop another year will be very beneficial to the OLine imho. But it's not as if we are desperate by any means.

"The Past Builds the Future"

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Assuming he's a good person...

Take him, if he starts great, if he doesn't we know what we already had was better.

This seems pretty easy to me.  It's not like it's a huge gamble.