Malcolm Branson is Ohio State's Fastest Student (Other than Doran Grant)

By Jason Priestas on April 12, 2014 at 4:16p

Ohio State University Photo


Malcolm Branson, a senior criminal justice major from Massillon, proved he may be the fastest man on campus today after tying cornerback Doran Grant in one heat and then narrowly losing to Grant in a runoff heat.

The first heat:


The runoff:


Though Branson, who qualified with a time of 4.41,  is contesting the result, he can take pride in outrunning Dontre Wilson. Even if Wilson didn't appear to be going at full speed.


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Killer nuts's picture

I'd like to see a healthy James Clark compete

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buckskin's picture

Don't you mean "Lil Bill"?  Schlegal was hilarious today.  If he ever decides to get out of football, the WWE needs to take a hard look at this guy.

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teddyballgame's picture

I thought Roby was the fastest player last year.  Don't know if he happened to be there today, but it would have been cool to see him jump in and race for fun.

WolverineKiller's picture

It would have been nice for him to jump into the Orange Bowl too.

Just Win.

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ibuck's picture

Can he run routes and make the 1st tackler miss?

Does he have eligibility left?

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

If you can't win your conference, just quietly accept your non-playoff bowl game.

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Stark county stand up. We got talent and athleticism in our drinking water. Lol

stark county football

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Jesse Owens is smiling. Go Bucks

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wasn't Dontre in the scarlet #2 jersey?  who was the other football player in the final besides Grant?

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James Clark.. unless you're talking about Cameron Johnston lol

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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See how fast he runs padded up!

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Great point 419

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And I have to say I was pretty impressed with Doran's speed. Didn't think he could fly

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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The crowd was pretty sure Branson won straight up in the first race. Was Dontre the third contestant in the final? I couldn't tell.

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Branson did win the 1st race hands down.  My 6 year old son looked at me and said "tie?", what are they talking about?

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Third contestant was James Clark who ran like a 10.4 100m in high school.

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Hope I'm just being paranoid but it looked like Dontre was running with his right arm down at his side.  I didn't see him play...injury?

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Yeah, Urban said he got a little "stinger" in practice this Wednesday.

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OSU student body faster than > UF.



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I think Dontre pulled up and let him win. 

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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I want to see Hittner in pads.

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Dontre was running at about 50% so Branson smoking him doesn't say much..nice to see him shine though

M Man's picture

This was so cool.  Props to your program for doing something so fun.  Whose idea was this?

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Crimson's picture

Urban's.  I think he did this at Florida too.

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Props to a fellow Crim major! He did have some wheels, but I'm in agreement with the crowd who thinks Dontre was not at 100%. Regardless, I want the ball in Dontre's hands come kick-off 2014...not Mr. Branson.

Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes- 2014 UNDISPUTED National Champions!

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Some of you guys are so die hard. Dontre did not let him win he got smoked. Just admit it the rumors of his speed have been greatly exxxxxxagerated!!  VIVA LA OHIO BORN SPEED!!

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stantmann's picture

Dontre wasn't loafing, he was even out of the box, and could not accelerate with branson. he slowed up after he realized he couldn't beat him. Dontre, doesn't seem like a 4.31 or whatever is purported to be (based on games from last year), and if he is, he is no Teddy Ginn, that's for sure. I'd like to see him do well, but have seen nothing that shows he can become that guy who can run past and make defenders miss either. He reminds me of jordan hall. As far as QB's, Cardale was lost out there, JT was better, but he was just a tad slow throwing the ball when a guy was marginally open. I'd like to chalk it up to the defensive backs being better, let's hope so anyway. Apple looked great out there, and Reeves looks much improved...