Ray Small Sentenced to Four Years for Drug Crimes

By DJ Byrnes on April 3, 2014 at 2:31p

Former OSU wide receive Ray Small was sentenced today for four years in prison for drug trafficking. Small plead guilty in to three counts of drug trafficking in February.

He was also sentenced last week to three years in prison on an unrelated drug possession charge in Meigs County, but Franklin County judge Pat Sheeran ruled sentences will run concurrent to each other.

The case against Small was not pretty. From the Columbus Dispatch:

Small was indicted in the Franklin County case in July, three months after Columbus police found heroin and prescription pain and anti-anxiety pills during a search of his apartment on Ferris Road in North Linden. 

Officers investigating reports of drug trafficking at the apartment found 407 oxycodone pills, 403 alprazolam pills (trade name Xanax) and more than 20 grams of heroin, Assistant County Prosecutor Joseph Gibson said at the time. 

Small acknowledged to officers that he intended to sell the drugs, Gibson said. 

Not the brightest life choice by Small, but a loss of four years isn't the end of the world. Hopefully he uses the time to better himself, and emerges a better man after his debt to society is paid. 



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Honestly, I can't believe he got off so light. Had he not made a plea deal eliminating the fire ams charge, he may have been in prison for a lot longer. 

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He had another 3 years from something else, but it's a concurrent sentence. He got off light because it's pretty much just a possession case. The gun he had wasn't even loaded when they found it on him.

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* and I didn't see this was already in this article. Guess I should have read it.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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800 pills and 20 grams of H is not pretty much just possession. 

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Yeah I would say intent to distribute should be included in there......


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Four years for 3 counts and an unrelated possession charge. The two sentences running concurrently.With parole..he could be out in 2 years .To me that hardly qualifies as a slap on the wrist let alone serious time.

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Two OSU athletes in the news today: one wins an award for his discipline and hard work, and another for his failure to meet expectations (of society). I hope Mr Small completes his degree during his incarceration and manages to clean up his life. Perhaps Mr. Clarett could point him in the right direction.

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He was in Tressels doghouse longer than that

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Which explains why he was in his doghouse.  In my opinion, Coach Tressel did everything he could to get his head on straight and tried to help the young man. 

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Just hope he turns out more like Clarett and not Schlicter.

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He never seemed to get it when he was a player, and now he has demonstrated the same in real life. Hoepfully this turns on the light like it did for Clarrett. I'm bet he (Clarertt) has already tried to reach out.

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I bet now he wished he listen to Tressel that day.  Dumbass.

Go Bucks!

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He didn't even get 4 years at OSU

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We live with the decisions we make.

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"Look, a Ray Small sighting!"...  He's shown up more on the docket than he ever did on the gridiron.

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The number of people addicted to benzos and opiates is probably at all time high. Some people see easy money in that. Those people who legitimately need pain meds will have a harder road. Taxpayers will not only pay for disability claims but will pay for the "disabled" and their drugs as they con docs for benzos and opiates. Sorry to get on my high horse but I see it every day.

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This young man obviously has a lot of issues to deal with. I hope he is able to turn his life around. He will only be in his mid 20's when he gets out. Plenty of time for a productive and fruitful life if he so chooses.



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4 years for a non-violent crime...people who are killers get less time in the slammer....

something is wrong here

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If I recall, correct me if I am wrong...his father accused Tressel of holding back his son when he suspended him for the RoseBowl. Even his father was enabling him to end up like this. SMH. I used to volunteer in my city for a program to help "at risk" youth stay off the streets, graduate high school etc...very few had active fathers or any other role models..Unfortunately due to budget cuts that went away. One would think that Ray Small just being around folks like Ted Ginn jr, Troy Smith and Tressel, not to mention having an active father in his life, would've kept him on the straight and narrow. It'll go down as another "woulda-shoulda-coulda"....Happy Tribe Home opener everyone!

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I hope he uses this time to turn his life around and get on the straight path, he still has a long life ahead of him