Saturday, September 6th Looms as Recruiting Weekend of the Year for Ohio State

By Jeremy Birmingham on August 10, 2014 at 11:15a
Some of the top talent in the class of 2015 will be in Columbus for the Ohio State–Virginia Tech game.

Last week, we broke down a number of the remaining targets for the "Elite '15," both offensively and defensively, found out that the Buckeyes are still in the top group for Arizona's Christian Kirk and back in the game for Jacksonville, Florida's Ben Edwards, who decommitted from Auburn months after decommitting from Ohio State.

We also welcomed Mike Rockstedt as a new staff writer. Mike has spent the last few months cutting his teeth at and has quickly become a go-to-guy for recruits, parents and coaches because of his straight-to-the-point approach and personal touch. We're happy to have Mike on board and are confident he'll bring his tireless work-ethic to 11W and that you'll be glad he did.

It's not often that one weekend can be viewed as a "game-changer" in recruiting. The process is one that develops over the course of a year or two in most cases, so it's hardly defined by one two-day stretch, but it may be applicable for September 6th at Ohio State. That night, when the Buckeyes take on Virginia Tech under-the-newly-installed permanent lights at Ohio Stadium, a who's who of top 2015 prospects should be in attendance taking their official visits to Columbus.

Who should you expect to be there? Here's a few players who've said they'll be there.

  • Torrance Gibson, a five-star athlete from Florida who has the Buckeyes as his current leader.
  • Josh Sweat, the country's top overall recruit from Chesapeake, Virginia.
  • Lawrence Cager, a four-star wide receiver with offers from Alabama, Florida State and more.

You may also see several other top prospects from the 2015 class that weekend, if the Buckeyes have their way:

  • Christian Kirk, the country's best (in my opinion) wide receiver from Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Tarvarus McFadden, a five-star cornerback and teammate of Gibson.
  • Matt Burrell, a lynchpin piece of Ohio State's class who they view as a potential "pied piper" and leader.

While Kirk, McFadden and Burrell haven't confirmed, sources close to the Buckeyes have made it clear they're hoping to have them together that weekend. With only a handful of spots remaining for 2015, those are six players that are all in the "take" category; you know, if there was an actual board of "takes" or "can't take yet."

From that group, Gibson and Cager have each identified publicly Ohio State as their leader, Burrell and Kirk have been closely linked to the Buckeyes for months and Sweat and McFadden are guys too talented to ever give up on. Urban Meyer, Zach Smith, Larry Johnson and all involved parties will make that weekend a priority from a team standpoint but also from a recruiting angle. 

Cager, a 6-foot-5, 200-pounder from Towson, Maryland, narrowed his list to an official "final group" last night on Twitter. The Buckeyes made the cut as expected and continue to be a major player for his commitment. 

"I've heard Ohio State is crazy for night games," Cager told 11W of his official visit. "I'm looking forward to being around a great group of recruits."

One interesting recruiting story in this cycle, is the saga of Hjalte Froholdt. A Denmark native who spent his "sophomore" year in Ohio at Warren Harding High School, Froholdt went back to his homeland for his junior season and has returned to the US for a senior year at the IMG Academy in Florida. 

An Arkansas commitment, Froholdt holds offers from a number of major programs including Ohio State but insists that as of now he's sticking with the Razorbacks. In fact, schools haven't even really attempted to recruit him since his return to the United States.

"Not really," Froholdt told 11W when asked if his recruiting has picked up since July, or if he wanted it to. "I'm still 100-percent committed to Arkansas."

Is the story over for the 6-foot-4, 282-pounder? Check back in a few months. 

On Friday, Ahmir Mitchell, a four-star athlete from Egg City, New Jersey, visited his homestate Rutgers, one of eight schools that have offered him a scholarship. A 6-foot-2, 190-pounder in the class of 2016, Mitchell had hoped to visit Ohio State this summer but the trip never materialized. He says the Buckeyes are still a school he hopes to visit and earn an offer from.

"Everyone knows about the Buckeyes," Mitchell told Eleven Warriors. "They're a great program, have had undefeated seasons, always have a great quarterback and it's just a great tradition. This year, I'll be making a lot of visits because the junior year is the most important (when it comes to recruiting)."

Michigan and Florida State have each offered the standout athlete, and he's visited neither school, but plans to. 

"Michigan and Florida State had each seen my tape and then came to visit my school," he said of his two biggest offers to date. "South Carolina, Miami, North Carolina are all schools that want me to come make visits and they say they'll offer then. I want to visit Ohio State, it's a great place and a great city and their fans seem to be crazy. They've got a great coaching staff and I really hope I can get there soon."


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Knarcisi's picture

I'll be there. If they want to recruit me for eating, beer drinking, and swearing, they'll have another 5 star on their hands. 

+22 HS
Knarcisi's picture

And how great would it be to steal another from ole Bert and stick it to him again. 

+12 HS
BroJim's picture

Big things are going to happen on September 6th. 

I season my simple food with hunger

+1 HS
ohiowhitesnake's picture

I'll be waiting on a few of these...

I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

+12 HS
UrbanCulture's picture

Kind of weird mention of the Arkansas commit...birm must think something is up 

+6 HS
Knarcisi's picture

Yep. Haven't heard that name in almost half a year, since he committed to ole Bert. 

blazers34's picture

Thought the same thing. A random mention of an out of state player committed elsewhere......must be 'whispers' out there

TobyMagic's picture

Hope Lebrons schedule is cleared..

+22 HS
GreatLakesMike's picture

He's had a year to get to know Bert. Think about that...

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cinserious's picture

 want to visit Ohio State, it's a great place and a great city and their fans seem to be crazy.

How does Ahmir Mitchell know we're crazy?!?!?!? 

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Hovenaut's picture

Sounds like he read a 9Route thread...

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cinserious's picture

Josh Sweat: The country's top overall recruit from Chesapeake, Virginia.

I hope the Buckeyes pull in a defensive lineman every year from the state of Virginia. They just seem to pump out such high quality DEs and DTs, its unbelieveable! I think Larry Johnson has good connections in Virginia so we should be in the dogfight with ACC and SEC schools to nab some of tose D-line delights.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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KBonay's picture

This would be the ideal game for another Penn State like performance from last year. 

+7 HS
Burnsy's picture

Amen brother. A blowout of formidable non-conference opponent, under the lights on national television would be tits. 

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NuttyBuckeye's picture

Correction - it would be tits and beer!

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

ATLBuckeye09's picture

I agree but you know how the national morons will spin it. Week non-conference schedule. Of course in 2016 VT will be a tough opponent for teams again but the next 2 years look for them to be considered on a par with Cal. 

Because they wouldn't let me go for 3!
Woody Hayes 1913-1987

swainpm's picture

Unfortunately, VT might be coming in under the radar with a new QB who is basically a senior. Michael Brewer was an extreme talent in HS, dual threat 4.5 forty, and was slated to start as a redshirt junior last year at Texas Tech. Unfortunately, for him he was injured and once healthy again buried on the depth chart behind 2 freshman breaking records. Thus the transfer. I am a little worried about this game, bc nobody else seems to be and everyone is assuming OSU wins easily. At this point in the season the pass defense will still be inexperienced. Hopefully I am wrong , or VT could be really good and win the coastal but lose to OSU. I personally can't wait to watch this one though.

BUCKSOMIES's picture

First night game of the year, new lights, top recruits in the country.  Yep, a good old fashion butt whooping of VT would seal the deal on a couple of these guys I would think.

+1 HS
jonping67's picture

Let's not under estimate V Tech. Frank Beamer is a solid coach and he'll have his guys ready to play. I hope this is a blowout, but I just don't see it happening.

OSU - 27

VT - 17

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Ahh Saturday's picture

I realize this isn't a VT thread, so I'll (try to) be brief, but BC put up 34 against them last year, Bama 35, and UCLA hit them with 42 in the Sun Bowl.  Maddy on the DL and Fuller at CB are top players, but they lost seven starters from last year's defense and they'll be playing in the Shoe at night.  If our offense can't put up 30+ we've got some problems.  On offense, the Hokies struggled to score points last year. Even with Logan Thomas at QB they ranked 101st in total offense.  This year they don't even know who their QB is going to be.  If the Buckeyes hit the ground running, they should steamroll VT.

+6 HS
MN Buckeye's picture

The experience at night in the 'Shoe must make an impact on these guys, along with the others attending. But it sounds like we have no chance with potential visitors Mekhi Brown, Branden Bowen, and Ricky DeBerry.

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lljjgg's picture

Would be a REALLY smart idea to try to get Kirk, Burrell and Sweat together at the same time Gibson and Cager are there, seeing as Gibson and Cager currently have OSU at #1. Kirk and Burrell are already big fans of OSU (whether or not they end up at OSU is doubted by many), so I'd imagine Gibson and Cager will be working hard to build up the hype for them. Not to mention Hilliard, who sounds like he'll be trying to attend every OSU home game this year, and who as we all know is the biggest OSU proponent that exists. Sweat and McFadden will probably be surrounded by OSU momentum, would be difficult for them to come away from the visit unimpressed.

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OSUlewis's picture

I am also surprised there is no mention of Damien Harris. I think he really needs to be in attendance as well!

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Byaaaahhh's picture

I could be wrong, but I believe he is planning on visiting during The Game.

KingsRite's picture

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

theopulas's picture

LEBRON to the rescue......


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cinserious's picture

And Manziel since, you know, he's an Ohio guy now;) Ride the wave while its high.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.