Former Ohio State Commit Ben Edwards Decommits from Auburn

By DJ Byrnes on August 3, 2014 at 2:05p

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People can harp on these kids for not making up their mind and I understand where they are coming from, but these are just 17 year old kids making a huge life decision.

Wish him nothing but the best and hope he has no second thoughts once his LOI is sent in. Has to be a crazy process with all the fans, media, family, and coaches telling you where to go

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Why does age matter when it comes to keeping your word? Have nothing against this or any other young adult who is making this large decision. I just don't understand why these young adults feel the need to commit so quickly when they can take their time in making the decision. There is nothing wrong with a change of heart, but why not do the due diligence and make sure it is right before "committing"?! Regardless of age and circumstance, going back on your word/commitment does lessen ones character, or perceived character.

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I agree that taking one's time to make such a huge decision would be the best approach, and it's what I would advise my son should he ever be in such a position. 

However, most people will never know what it feels like to have major college football programs knocking on your door, flaunting their Nike apparel, locker rooms, football facilities, and championship rings while trying to entice these young (YOUNG) men to come to play for them.  I know that I have never been in a situation where multiple, high-profile organizations were fighting over me and showing me all that they could do for/give to me.  If something like that were to happen in my professional life, despite my age and life experiences, I know the process and decision would be difficult.  

For that, I can cut these kids a break when they second guess their decisions. 

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Offering more?  Than Auburn?  Out of that group?  I guess he didn't want the dodge charger that comes standard with a commitment to a school in the state of Alabama.

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TP drove a Dodge Charger. Watched him pull up to Marketplace in it numerous times.

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and we know how all that turned out....

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TP drove a multiple Dodge Chargers, a GMC Denali, a Dodge Challenger, and a Nissan 350z. Watched him pull up to Marketplace in it numerous times.

Fixed that for you Notor...

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The 0 is silent.

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With a phrase like "offering more" I am not so sure I want Ohio State to be in that conversation.

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Hopefully he means academics.  The other three (including us) are well ahead of Auburn academically.  Or perhaps early playing time/ competition for playing time.

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He could commit to my daughters elementary school and get more academically than Auburn.

"because we couldn't go for three"

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I thought the exact same thing.

stay out of my head! 

(Puts foil hat on)

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Probably meant with regards to locker room renovations and "fuel stations." 

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And perhaps waterfalls.

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Sounds like that 80s movie Johnny Be Good...



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I think hope he means, more programs are offering.  That's how I read it at least, but who knows.

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Trending Stanford's way. But with this kid, a lot can happen between now and NSD.

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Just based on his track record, this guy seems a little fickle. I get that he has to make the best decision for himself, but from an outsider's perspective it seems more like he's looking for the best "deal." Like he's entitled and focused exclusively on what he can "get" from a team (instead of how he can help a team or how a team can help him become a better person/student/player). Am I wrong in this? I mean, for all I know he's an incredibly selfless and dedicated kid - but all this committing/decommitting makes me apprehensive. 

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MYC not wrong at all...he needs to choose his words a little better. I am pretty sure he is looking for the best possible situation that suits/meets his needs at the next level. And as previous comments have stated, the 3 schools besides Auburn all have better academics. It's also possible that he is following his heart more and not listening to all the hype the 'mighty' SEC gets down south. Maybe he is realizing that there are schools outside of ESPiNs networks that offer the same/better benefits after college is over. A chance to play in the NFL, quality academics, worldwide alumni connectons, AND the possibility of making the playoff.

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Fire fickle!!!!.... errr never mind.

Because we couldn't go for three!!!

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This is an interesting foursome of schools to be sure. Like others, I'd be concerned both by the commit/decommit x2, and the "others offering more" comment. I wonder if UFM has a policy regarding commits who decommit and then come knocking on the door again?

Dot this

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I wonder how often that policy has ever been needed in the past.

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Offering more? Here you go - play for one of the best coaches (legend) in college football; play for a team that has the best and most fanatical fans that would travel to China for a bowl game; play in one of the largest stadiums in college football that sells out every home game (unlike the hole in the ground up north); attend a pipeline to the NFL; get a top notch education; play on a team that is a contender year after year for a National Championship; and be part of a large and extended OSU family. That is our offer. Take it or leave it. Go Bucks!  

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I sure hope someone "important" doesn't read your comment and actually get the idea to try and get OSU to play a game in China.. 

Good points otherwise though! 


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I would be soooooo down with that idea!

Let me talk to some people see what I can arrange...

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Better sign on soon, this class is filling up fast...
Maybe he didn't like the hostesses?


High and tight boo boo

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I say we run away from this fellow as fast as we can. he seems like a "me first" kind of person. We need those kind of recruits like we need an outbreak of jock itch. 

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Not sure what makes you think that.  He is interested in finding the right school for him and wants to be open about that.  If we end up competing against Stanford for commits on the reg I would say we are looking at some high caliber people.

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I give recruits one decommitment. I can understand committing and then realizing you did it too quickly without fully seeing what is out there. He has committed/decommitted twice in 6 months. If you arent sure - dont commit. How hard is that? There is about 6 months until signing day. Maybe he is trying to commit and decommit to all 4 top schools by signing day.

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Don't be quick to judge the kid. We don't even know him very well; this is a life decision for him, and he just wants to make it the right one. Sure, when he makes a commitment, he should honor it, but he's only 17. Give him a break. If he gets his thoughts straightened out, I'd love to have him. He plays great football.

Mike Hunt

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Other programs are offering more?  Gotta be a bunch of SEC schools in the mix. 

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I think OSU would welcome him back in the class. I was pretty bummed when he flipped.

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Until National Signing Day is here, anything can happen. 

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Would the coaching staff for sure still take his LOI? I'm assuming they would since he was already committed and had a commitable offer but a lot has happened since then with other players committing in the secondary. 


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He does know that once he signs a NLOI he can't go somewhere else, doesn't he?

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Urban Meyer knows what he's talking about when he says a commitment only means you're in the top three these days.

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Hopefully he doesn't rush into his next commitment, maybe just hold off til NSD and be sure the next time. Plenty of time for OVs and such, just needs to step out of the whirlwind for awhile and get himself settled in.

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This is just my opinion as a father. Good luck with your decision on which university you choose but first find someone you can talk to and trust with these important decisions.  Don't mess up the rest of and I hope a long and prosperous life.  You have time.  You are a great athlete.  There will be room for you wherever you choose.  Just remember in life that when you burn a bridge you can still go back but it's going to be along way around.

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"Offering more"? How is that possible?

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well to be honest, if he's really bright enough to get into Stanford which means academics are significant to him in the long term, Auburn is just a so-so option.  In the cyclical nature of things about the time he is truly in the workplace trying to move up in the world the amazing run of National Titles the SEC shared over the last decade will mean little or well actually... nothing.

I prefer to think of it this way than just to grab some low hanging fruit and say 'he didn't get the ride he was promised by the bag man if he would commit'

He did commit to OSU first remember and was accepted.  So he has to be a good one.  Wherever he ends up I hope we hear his name on Saturdays and he can follow his dreams.

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Normally I would say pass on this kid due to his flip-flopping, etc., but he can really lay the wood. Personally, I would save a spot, but I the coaching staff stopped listening to me...well I don;t think they ever did.

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We have been missing a safety who can lay the wood for a while. Coleman, Doss, Whitner, Allen, and hopefully Edwards.

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Finish your high school career, take all of your visits and then sit down with your family and make a decision on signing day. I think that he ends up at Stanford but I would certainly welcome him back to our 2015 commit list whenever he decides.

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If he times it right, he could commit to all four of the teams on his short list.