As Expected, Ohio State Basketball Rolls Over the Bahamas All-Stars in Nassau

By Patrick Maks on August 7, 2014 at 7:36p

Via @OSUADAthComm


In a game that more or less means nothing, Ohio State dismantled the Bahamas All-Stars, 88-66, at Sir Kendal Isaacs Gym in Nassau.

It was, however, a premature glimpse at a new-look Buckeye basketball team that'll have to replace leading scorer LaQuinton Ross and program stalwarts in Lenzelle Smith Jr. and Aaron Craft. 

Freshman forward and former five-star recruit Keita Bates-Diop led the way with 16 points. Senior forward Sam Thompson had 11 and redshirt freshman guard Kam Williams and senior center Trey McDonald had 10 apiece. The Buckeyes shot 52 percent from the field. Here's a full box score from the live stats feed: 

Ohio State jumped out to a 9-0 lead and never looked back. With only a live stats feed available to media and the masses back home, it's hard to evaluate who played well and who didn't. Fear not, though, the game's biggest takeaways were documented by Ohio State team spokesman Dan Wallenberg.

Here's what the Buckeyes wore:

And here's a makeshift group of scrubby backups:

Internet and lighting were scarce:

Thompson saved the dunks for later:

Kam Williams, who could be a big-time scorer for Ohio State this year, can stroke it:

Marc Loving can run the court:

Ohio State's been experimenting with zone defense this summer:

Freshman center David Bell, who's considered a talented, but raw, player, apparently had a nice outing:

With months before the regular season starts, the Buckeyes are spending five days in the Bahamas as part of a series of exhibition games called the "Summer of Thunder."

They will play the Providence Storm Friday. Tip is set for 7 p.m. 


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JOhio1560's picture

Awesome win.  This is a great experience for the basketbucks.  Does anyone know anywhere we can see some highlights?

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PortlandBuckeye45's picture

I've looked everywhere, and can't find a thing. Im hoping something shows up on youtube soon.

sbentz4's picture

A lot of young talent on this team.  Excited for this season.

brandonbauer87's picture

I see Diebler, Conley, and Turner. Why don't I recognize the last guy?

-4 HS
niblick's picture
+5 HS
brandonbauer87's picture

Good call. I was assuming it was someone younger. 

potts.125's picture

How embarrassing for you.

+2 HS
Poison nuts's picture

Threebler sightings!

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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OSUBias's picture

I feel strange reading basketball articles right now. But, while we're here, any stats out there?

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

TheShookster's picture

Diop led with 16

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Mizzillion's picture

We'll see how it goes tonight, but it looks like KBD might be the real deal. Add in Russell, Kam, Lee, etal and I'm getting excited to watch this team!

bucksfan92's picture

Thanks for the update.  These summer outings are great, the guys get a chance to bond as teammates, and the extra practice time is so valuable.  Nice to see we had some emergency scrub backups there cheering the team on as well!

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TheVictoryBell45's picture

Shannon Scott, Kam Williams, Marc Loving, Anthony Lee and Amir. 

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buckifishr's picture

Don't want to start beating the dead horse already, but I noticed no mention of Amir in the rundown.

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sb97's picture

Amir's stat line looks decent.  8 points 4 boards 2 blocks.  They played a lot of bigs (Lee, Williams, Bell, McDonald) so no one really played more than 20 minutes.

JakeStevensIsSwag's picture

could we get a box score?

Buckeye fan from PA

ibuck's picture

Here's FIBA's box score.

The EFF at the end is an efficiency (consistency) measure and higher is better.

EFF = (PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK − Missed FG − Missed FT − TO) / GM

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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RawBuckeye's picture

Greg Oden should have made the trip with them!

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goodlifesean's picture

Other than Loving's rough day behind the arc, I'm liking the 3 point percentage.

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Groveport Heisman's picture

I find it hard to be impressed when Pitt just beat this same team 113-59. I'm sure as a squad we will improve daily and thats what I'm looking forward too is seeing us grow as a young team.

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sb97's picture

I didnt look at the box xcore for Pitt but I wonder if they played something close to their normal rotation.  Matta played everyone for about 20 minutes except for a couple of guys (Tate and someone else)

Zimmy07's picture

Well that's a buzz kill.  Good to know, though.  I was glad to see the new guys scoring efficiently and also shocked to see Loving's stat line.

MN Buckeye's picture

Time to experiment. Thad is a scientist.

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11UrbzAndSpices's picture

Are you saying that he's a.... Thad scientist?


"Quit skipping leg day bro" - Dr James Andrews

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Shangheyed's picture

Nice to see the young guns out running... D looked decent too for such an early game... as did chemistry.  I liked to see the experiments with Zone... could help with low post athletic defenders helping and getting more blocks, as well forcing teams to beat us with outside shooting(Scott will drive them nuts defending).  I like the Zone look even for an athletic team that could easily go man... a nice change to keep the opponents guessing adding a layer or preparation for them, and giving Thad another tool to defend depending on the opponent.

Strange seeing Hoops during Wk 1 of Football season... but I like!

TobyMagic's picture

No mention of Russell? Besides the TO's (based on the BS) he played flawless.. 

Excited to see Kam, can't go another year without shooters..

Fuzzbuck's picture

Nice to see new guys Lee and Diop have solid rebound numbers as well as their point production. Kam starting is nice to see also. 10 rebounds for Trey!!! Are you serious? Go get em young man! The new faces just might take over team this year---and that might not be a bad thing.

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RBuck's picture

Who's the guy on the far right in the top pic? Looks like a bouncer.

Long live the southend.

ibuck's picture

That's Dave Richardson, Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

If you can't win your conference, just quietly accept your non-playoff bowl game.

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avail31678's picture

Russel 3-3 shooting, with a 3-pointer?  Sweeeeeeet

Fuzzbuck's picture

Dave Richardson- strength and conditioning coach.

Shangheyed's picture

Hope he pushes them more this year... last two years our draft picks were the worst % body fat ratios at the NBA combines.

thatlillefty's picture

That's a lot of haoles on the coaching staff for a squad that is all black. But maybe some of the staff didn't make the trip. I don't see Jeff Boals in that pic.

Fuzzbuck's picture

He's right behind Thad- barely see him.

buckeyeradar's picture

I wish Kam Williams wasn't red shirted, I think we could have used him last year.  He is a good team player as far as I can tell by not making a big mess of things. The coach knows best.  Good luck Kam have a great season.

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BigGucciSofa's picture

Happy to see D'Angelo is also a passer and that KB-Drop can really score, already excited.

Tyler Brown