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I'm the Ohio State football beat writer for Eleven Warriors. Cover some basketball, too. I like stories that look at the bigger picture and think you should aim to write the truth, good and bad. You can send story tips/compliments/hate mail/suggestions at [email protected]

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Comment 22 Sep 2014

1) Not taken out of context. At all. Sorry if you thought that.

2) Below is the full transcription of Meyer on Noah:

That's another good question.  He's not going to practice now.  That was just last week.  He's getting full‑time treatment.  He is working out just for his well‑being.  I think that's a good question, when is it zero tolerance.  When addiction is set in, or a decision to harm yourself and harm your teammate, those are things we wrestle with all the time.  I've been criticized for many years about I treat these guys like they're my kid, and I'm not a big fan of dismissal.  I just don't do that very often.  It's gotta be a severe one, where you're hurting someone else. 
I am doing the best‑‑ not I, Ohio State University, it's an institution based on educating people so we're doing our very best to‑‑ what the future holds for Noah, I have no idea, but to throw him to the street, I didn't feel like that was appropriate just yet.  And we're going to do the best we can to help a guy that was a Academic All‑Big Ten, good student, great family, that has a problem, and it's our job to help him, and I don't think you will ever see our staff ever do that, say you're out, in that kind of situation. 
Unfortunately sometimes it's not our decision.