Aaron Craft to Attend Golden State Warriors' Training Camp

By DJ Byrnes on August 6, 2014 at 12:41p

According to Aaron Craft's agent (via the Dispatch's Bob Baptist) Aaron Craft signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Golden State Warriors and will attempt to earn a final roster spot by attending their training camp.

The former Ohio State standout has said he'll take whatever road necessary to earn a shot at the NBA. After going undrafted, Craft played Summer League ball with both the Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors, it appears, aren't ready to sever ties with Craft and will bring him into training camp to see if he's worthy of attaining their No. 3 point guard slot.


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lets go bucks!!

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Go get em AC!!!!!


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I heard the Cavs were going to trade Andrew Wiggins for Aaron Craft

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I hate… HATE basketball and just recently started following Ohio State basketball (thanks to 11W!).  However if Craft went to the Cavs I would become a fan overnight.

Yes I realize that will never happen but just saying.

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"he just wants to play where he's wanted"

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I couldn't be happier for him. I really hope he and Tank can catch on and stick somewhere.

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This is great news. Good Luck, Craft!!!

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Knowing him, he'll make it.

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Good Job AC. Work hard and claim your spot. 

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Well, I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think he would make it this far. I hope he keeps going and makes the roster.


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I'm also surprised.  Good luck to him.

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I hope Steve Kerr will spend a lot of time working with Aaron on his shooting.

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Great opportunity with a brand new coach who loves what Aaron represents, and what he brings to the table every day.  From what I've read (may have even been on 11W), his main competition for that 3rd PG spot is a European guy who has vastly underperformed so far as property of the Warriors, and it would actually save the Warriors money to cut him and sign Craft instead as the 3rd PG.

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That's exactly right! I believe his name was Nedevic, and all reports say that he had a poor summer league showing. Plus, Steve Kerr has talked ALOT about Craft, and clearly likes his work ethic and his defensive prowess. I would put Aaron's odds of making the team as the 3rd PG at 50/50, maybe even better. I think Aaron got the perfect opportunity with the best possible coach and organization!

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Nedovic also just suffered an injury with the Serbian National Team. 

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Is it bad that many of us are happy he got injured?

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Never count that rosy cheeked assassin out.  The Warriors ought to sign him for marketing purposes alone - the NBA is so desperately short of interesting personalities and GS hasn't had a compelling player to root for in years.  

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I think Curry might have something to say about that. Guy is one of, if not THE, best pure shooter(s) in the game. And also, what a great guy for Craft to watch and learn from!

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Him working towards getting to the NBA wouldn't happen any other way. He is busting it and working on the road less traveled to get there and that is exactly how he played. good for him and he will get there.

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He is what the NBA needs...I might actually watch some games if they introduce the innovation known as defense...good luck Mr. Craft.

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The NBA needs more players like Craft--guys with heart who will do whatever it takes to win.  And play some defense! :) 

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Craft has the potential to get a huge cult following in the NBA... next White Mamba??

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze

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A good day to be a Buckeye fan. Congrats to Aaron and good luck on the next step!


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Kerr in Golden State seems to be the perfect storm Aaron needed to get his foot in the door. 

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 Here is a little more detail. Looks like his competition Nedovic is injured. 

"Undrafted point guard Aaron Craft signed a one-year, partially guaranteed contract with the Warriors on Wednesday after playing for their NBA Summer League team, according to agent Lance Young.

Craft, 23, will join the Warriors at training camp, as his signing came after the Warriors learned reserve point guard Nemanja Nedovic suffered a foot injury while training for the Serbian national team in preparation for the FIBA World Cup."    Per Diamond Leung of San Jose Mercury News

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Here is the link to the original source article.


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How to go, Aaron. Hustle & dedication do pay !   I think the NBA minimum salary is over $500k.

As a Bay Area resident, I'll be interested to see how Kerr and Craft do this year.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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As a Warriors fan, this is how I feel about the front office

Go Bucks!

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He may not have the talent but lord knows the NBA needs more kids like him


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The next John Stockton!

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The sentiment 6 months ago in regards to Aaron & Q was that one would play in the NBA and the other in Europe. Could still turn out the same, only different.

Go get it, young fella!

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