Ohio State to Face Wright State in Men's Basketball

By DJ Byrnes on June 29, 2014 at 1:59p

It's not Dayton, but it will do: A lot of Ohio State fans wouldn't mind seeing their Buckeyes face the smaller Ohio schools in men's basketball, and it looks like they've gotten their wish.

Per Wright State's Athletic Director, Bob Grant, the Raiders will travel to Columbus for an early-season, out-of-conference tilt against the Buckeyes.

Wright State finished 21-15 last year and lost to Ohio in the second round of the CIT tournament.


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I'm not a fan of any cupcake games but I'm glad WSU is getting a chance to play in the spotlight against the states flagship program.

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We need an All-Ohio series where eight teams get together and they each play against three of the other teams over the course of three days.


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Great idea. Even turn it into a tournament with an "Ohio Champion" crowned every year.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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For a team that supposedly "never plays other Ohio schools," we sure seem to play other Ohio schools a lot (OU last season).

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You're right. Looking back at OSU's schedules, since 2006-7, the only year they didn't play an opponent from Ohio was 2012-13. 

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Cool, still want a revenge match against Dayton...when does the entire schedule get released?

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and why is Dayton still scared to play Wright State?


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If you would like to have a conversation about how much I hate Dayton basketball, we could be bestest of friends!

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For the same reasons tOSU is afraid to play UD.  For reference see last years NCAA game :)

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I'd rather play real teams.  One fluke victory by UD doesn't make OSU afraid of them. 

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Wright State wrong school!

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I played baseball for WSU. Every now and then I'd catch a rash of crap for sporting tOSU gear by a coach. It's not easy to explain the love I have for the football program I grew up longing to be a part of. I wish we would have played them in baseball though. As far as D1 baseball goes, Kent State and WSU seem to be the best in the state fairly regularly. 

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An "Ohio Series" would be great but what is the chance that eight teams can find the same days available in their schedule and who would buy tickets to see the mid majors play each other. Now a UC, UD, OSU, Xavier two day event would be a hot ticket.

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I'd pay lots of money to see UC and Xavier play.

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Last year, Ohio U. This year, Wright State. OSU will play other Ohio schools, but not on an away basis. Bob Baptist can rail about it all he wants, but the need to pay the Schott's bills trumps all. I'd rather save the OOC away games for Kansas, UCLA, et al. 

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I had the same thought of an "Ohio Series" when this same issue got brought up last year in March. I had counted all of the D-1 programs. It would be difficult to do because I don't see the MAC wanting to potentially play each other "out-of-conference". Or question if the wins/loses would go against their conference records. But you could do a smaller Six team tourney with UD, CSU, WSU, OSU, UC, and Xavier. Maybe rotate two MAC teams in each year but have them on opposite sides of the bracket, so the chances of playing each other are smaller. 


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I suspect such a series won't occur because OSU, and perhaps other schools, don't want to assist other Ohio schools in recruiting.

But if it did happen, yes, put the MAC schools on opposite sites of the bracket. Alternate Toledo or Bowling Green so that part of the state is included, then rotate Kent St, Ohio, and Miami. If a MAC team wins it, they would automatically earn a berth the following year.

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