Aaron Craft is Working Out with the 76ers Today

By DJ Byrnes on June 13, 2014 at 11:39a

The 76ers, who went on an unprecedented tanking campaign in order to garner this year's No. 1 pick (like most everything else in 2014, they failed), have apparently set their sites on one of the most winningest gents to ever grace a college basketball floor:

Byron Mullens and Evan Turner are two Buckeyes that have toiled in Philly in recent years, perhaps Craft will be the third? 

Source: @BBaptistHoops

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The Sixers are basically the only team picking in the 2nd round after all their trades so this is good news.

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Craft being taken third overall would be a little disappointing, but would still be considered okay in such a great draft class.

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The steal of the draft. 

See what I did there.  Because Craft had a lot of steals.  Ah forget it.  It's Friday.  I need a drink.

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Go get em Aaron - prove em all wrong kid

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I'm disappointed no one posted this yet... #Swoon

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