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Besides Meyer, which new addition to the coaching staff are you most excited about?

Tom Herman (OC/QB)
36% (523 votes)
Tim Hinton (TE/FB)
2% (24 votes)
Mickey Marotti (S&C)
38% (558 votes)
Zach Smith (WR)
1% (13 votes)
Ed Warinner (OC/OL)
16% (226 votes)
Everett Withers (DC/S)
8% (112 votes)
Total Votes: 1456


rkylet83's picture

I struggled between picking Herman and Marotti.  I picked Herman because I'm most interested in seeing how much the offense is going to change!

faux_maestro's picture

I picked Ed Warinner. O-line play and coaching has been lacking here since the mid 90's.

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LouGroza's picture

Looking for an "all of the above" choice. Hard to choose but went with Warinner for obvious reasons.

BuddhaBuck's picture

Ditto that Lou Groza. 

side note: Notre Dame still has Warinner on the official athletics website... denial much

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flipbuckeye's picture

Such a tough call between Herman, Marotti, and Warriner. Herman/Warriner for obvious reasons (replacing Bollman). Marotti is already doing big things for the players. Tweets about having their best workout session ever, etc.

VestedInterest's picture

I went with Marotti. I think that an improvement in conditioning and overall strength as well as confidence and mindset goes a long way in terms of offensive execution, regardless of the offense being run. I think Marotti instills that.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Does everyone really think our guys weren't killin' it with the workouts prior to the change?  I remember hearing comments about being sore for three days, etc.  I never once thought our guys were wore out.  They kept pace and then some with Oregon.  

bassplayer7770's picture

I went with Herman because I expect the playcalling to be much better and more exciting to watch.  Plus, it will be nice for the QBs to have what should be a better coach.  However, Ed Warinner was a very close second if not tied with Herman for me.  Ed will help coach the O Line talent we're bringing in now, and I expect a nice improvement.

Marotti is definitely up there too.  I felt like our guys were pretty flat this past year, and I hope to see more energy, speed, passion, and endurance this Fall.

Nutbuck1959's picture

Warinner. Offensive line could improve the most.

BrewstersMillions's picture

Herman is not Jim Bollman so he should win this vote. With that said, I like me some Winters. Dude was part of some really really good defenses at NC and had some real studs underneath him. Time we get back to having a little swagger and arrogance on defense. That attitude is formed by talent and nurtured by coaching. I think Winters will make OSU's unit pretty bad ass. Having Fick and Vrabo helping out isnt too bad either....

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

BucksfanXC's picture

Poor Zach Smith.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

bassplayer7770's picture

I'm excited about all of them, and he should help improve some young receivers who got experience this season.  He also said they have to be able to block and make big plays or they won't play.  I'm a fan.  :-)

BucksfanXC's picture

Since I posted this, 3 votes from 0. That's a percentage increase of ....hold on, let me get my calculator...infinity%!! I'm available Mitt Romney.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

lamplighter's picture

I voted for Zach - blood lines, doncha know

Doc's picture

I went with Herman just because we need to open up the offense and not have a vcr repairman coaching our quarterbacks.

Marotti was a close second.  I think we did need a kick in the pants conditioning wise.  I think Marotti will give us a toughness we have been lacking for a few seasons.

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poguemahone's picture

Warinner and Marotti. They'll be the coaches who take this team to the next level.

RBuck's picture

Gotta go with Herman because QB is the most imortant position IMO. Like it that Brax will have a real coach. On the other hand I really like Warriner beacause the OL will also have a real Coach... and Marotti who will turn this whole team into some really tough SOBs.

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buckeyeEddie27's picture



I wanna see blood thirsty hulking rage machines dominating people out there.  I beleive he can help out with that.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

DJ Byrnes's picture

TIM HINTON, Marionaire Extraordinaire 

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Kasino Royale's picture

Can't believe the S&C got any votes!! This is as bad as the TTUN fans and their infatuation with Barwis!!! And we see how all that "ultra modern raspy voiced" training improved TTUN during RR's reign of dominance. Fact is, our S&C program has been pretty good for years. Look at the numbers our players put up at the combine as proof positive of the programs S&C program. 

The biggest improvement without a doubt will be from our offense coordinators. Offense is one area statistically we've struggled for years. 

William's picture

Marotti's more than just a S&C coach. He's in contact with the players more than Meyer is during the offseason, he's the guy who will instill mental toughness in them. I voted Marotti, but you could've just as easily voted for Herman, or Warinner. 

ThirdLegLouie's picture

No doubt, you're right. S&C at tOSU "has been pretty good for years." I'm of the opinion that pretty good isn't good enough, and I want THE Ohio State University to have THE best S&C in THE country. See what I did there? Also, not a fan of comparing Barwis to Marotti, although you're allowed to, because Marotti has actually trained NC teams and has rings to prove it. 

I agree with you, the offensive coordinators are a huge improvement over Bollman (understatement of the year?) but didn't vote for them in the poll because I think the drastic changes on offense are going to be largely due to Meyer himself, not his OCs. 


EDIT: Also of note: Even Urban picked Marotti! lol

Urban Meyer dubbed his former Florida right-hand man as "more important than a coordinator or a line coach."

Read more:

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ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Can I pick 2 of them?  I don't know if I'm more excited about the new offense or the strength and conditioning. 

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thebuckeyefan's picture

Went with warinner...I think the offense under Meyer will be good regardless. The offensive line never met expectations and I hated that we couldn't dominate defensive lines from schools like the youngstown states and Akrons