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Without the ability to look back and evaluate, how satisfied are you with the OSU coaching staff?

Very. I feel great about the overall staff Urban's put together.
95% (641 votes)
Not so much. (Explain)
5% (35 votes)
Total Votes: 676


flipbuckeye's picture

As we well know, it's who is at the top that matters most. Urban trusts his staff. I trust Urban.

VestedInterest's picture

With James Bollman having departed for the east coast I feel fantastic about the new staff. All the new staff seems capable and look forward to seeing their results. Only time will tell of course but happy to be heading in the direction we are.

flipbuckeye's picture

 Yes, this also. Anyone but Bollman is an upgrade.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

I would love to hear from the as of now 6 "no" votes.....what is the rationale?....just curious....

Maestro's picture

Completely agree, and since none of them answered the call for an explanation I would venture that at least a few of them are

vacuuming sucks

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Not really sure yet. I'm excited, but not very excited. My wait and see mindset is preventing that.

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Orlando Buckeye's picture

I think we still have a few UFM haters that are holdouts and some that weren't too impressed by the exit bowl games of Hermano and Bill Whithers.  

Buckeye Chuck's picture

The mere fact that Bollman has been replaced is a positive. It calls to mind the old sports joke "Great trade! Who did we get?"

My only slight misgiving--and it's more a note of caution than a real criticism--relates to keeping Mike Vrabel on board, because thus far he really hasn't done a single thing to show he's qualified to coach at this level. Already being famous is not a qualification. But I trust Meyer did his homework and was convinced that the poor performance of Vrabel's unit of responsibility last season cannot be fully blamed on him.

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Frankly, Vrabel might just not be a good coach yet.  This last year was his very first year actually coaching, with no GA experience, and adjusting to a difficult situation.  Also, he's great for recruiting, as he can just flash those superbowl rings at recruits and say, "look at what playing at OSU did for me"

jack's picture

I said not so much, but mainly because I don't like that there are only two choices, 'very' and 'not so much.'

I realize these polls are a far cry from scientific, but if you want reassurance from your readers that they are as excited as you, why not just put up one choice?

I'm more excited about who was shown the door than who is coming in.

Irricoir's picture

I think everyone is a little hard on Vrabel at this point. Everyone has already mentioned that this was his first year coaching and this and that. One thing that not many has hit on is that the depth at Linebacker, and I don't mean the body count, I am talking about "playing in games experience depth" was very thin. You can't replicate that. there was a lot of youth in that area. Let's see what happens. I have enough patience to see what happens over the next year or two.

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Run_Fido_Run's picture

I agree. Let Vrabel grow as a professional, maybe hit a few clinics during his first off-season, continue learning from the other veteran coaches on staff. If his unit continues to struggle next year, Meyer can revisit the arrangement. 

As others have mentioned, Vrabel figures to be a major asset on the recruiting trail, which seems to be the case for just about every coach on the staff. Obviously, recruiting is more than half the battle. Sure, Vrabel maybe need to get better at day-to-day instruction, but the goal is also to bring in kids who will make the staff look good. 

Buckeye Scottie's picture

I am in the NO camp, as well due to lack of other options.  Upgrade, absolutely.  But all of Urban's talk of greatest staffs of the world, I was expecting him to dig up Woody, Lombardi, Patton, Grant and the like and be coaches.  I think his hires are solid and time will tell if they are in fact the best coaching staff ever assembled.  Just not sold yet that they are the best ever assembled.

bassplayer7770's picture

Ed Warinner (O Line/co-OC) seems very competent as does Tom Herman (OC/QB Coach).  I'm certain the playcalling will be more unexpected.  Those were the biggest areas of need, plus the need for better performance from the young WRs, and I think Zach Smith will do a nice job.  Therefore, I am excited, but I do not expect perfection in the first season.

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Warinner is an exciting hire. Last season, Ohio State gave up 1 sack for every six dropbacks (46 sacks for 291 dropbacks). ND gave up 17 sacks on 490 QB dropacks. That's just a bit more than 1 sack per 28 dropbacks. Hopefully Warinner will have a bit more depth to work with than the guys currently on the roster (Dodson ,Diamond?)