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Are there any circumstances in which you will pull for Michigan to win a football game?

47% (592 votes)
53% (681 votes)
Total Votes: 1273


Tim's picture

Basically, I want Michigan to win bowl games against SEC teams, or with the Big Ten's reputation these days, really any bowl game.

M tots's picture

Agreed. Or if there was a circumstance similar to this year's and we needed them to beat someone in B1G play in order for us to make the Conference Title game. 

Geraffi's picture

Ditto, but still like when they lose regardless.

LABuckeye's picture

I don't really care because I still hate them, but I root for them in pretty much every game other than The Game... solely because I think it is better for the rivalry if we both have good records. This year I have rethought that because I didn't want them to think they were better than us.

LABuckeye's picture

I guess rooting is a little strong. I don't root for them during the season. I just hope they win. I do root for them in bowl games.

Leanenaud's picture

I am disgusted by the amount of yes votes. I want to vomit!

joel121270's picture

Totally agree.....screw them bastards whether they are big ten or not!

onetwentyeight's picture

Seriously. If its michigan or some sleazebag SEC team (THEIR FANS .. IT HURTS MY HEAD TO EVEN RECALL ALL THE INCIDENTS OF SEC FAN STUPIDITY) ... you gotta roll with the B1G. Or when the play Notre Dame. 

Miller's picture

I only root for Meatchicken when they play Notre Dame, USC, or any SEC team other than 'Bama, who most reminds me of a B1G team... Otherwise, screw 'em!

Michael's picture

2008 Capital One Bowl vs. Florida?

Definitely was rooting for Michigan.

Against any OOC team or during the bowls, it's good for the conference for Michigan to win.

One exception would be an NC, couldn't live with that. Even if it was against an SEC team.

lhardeman's picture

If a Missagain win would insure that tOSU would play for a national championship, then I would most assuredly root for them. 

God, Country, Ship, Shipmate, Self.

flipbuckeye's picture

Definitely pulled for them against Florida, but also laughed with glee when H2-0 for 4 coughed up the ball and almost gave away the game.

Normal Buck's picture

Okay.  I confess that I begrudgingly did also, and yes, the H2-0 fumbling on the goal line on multiple occasions seemed to make it tolerable.

buckeyedude's picture

2008 Cap One Bowl vs. Florida.

Glad they won. Didn't "root" for them though.



matti's picture

i refuse to root fror that jvs to the north of us i want them to lose so much the are kicked out of the bigten and traded to the mac for northern illinios and a bag of kicking tees

Denny's picture

I pulled hard for them in Carr's last game. He was a good coach and a hell of a guy. Sad that his last game had to coincide with Hart and Henne's, but them's the breaks.


PortlyOSUMan's picture

At least not today will I admit to doing such things.

Bucksfan's picture

If they play an SEC team.

AJ's picture

"If they play an SEC team."  That's lame.  We call SEC fans idiots but then turn around and say dumb shit like this.

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

btalbert25's picture

I never want those bastards to win.  If they are playing Notre Dame or an SEC team I don't care.  I elect to not watch or don't take on a rooting interest in that game.  Or I pray for a natural/supernatural disaster. 

3 Yards And A Cloud of Dust's picture

No...hell, no.  I want to see them eating out of the dumpsters behind KFC.  Hell no.

NW Buckeye's picture

My favorite team is the Buckeyes.  My second favorite team is whoever is playing Notre Dame that week.  So, yes, there is at least one game a year when I pull for UM.  Other than that, I would prefer they have a good record and be top 10 when they play us, but am certainly amused when they lose. 

biggy84's picture

Hell no!!! Never!!