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If Ohio State were to lose to an Ohio team, which would be the least painful to lose to?

11% (62 votes)
2% (13 votes)
41% (220 votes)
Bowling Green
5% (28 votes)
Ohio University
10% (54 votes)
Hipster Miami
12% (64 votes)
Kent State
10% (56 votes)
8% (45 votes)
Total Votes: 542


Orlando Buckeye's picture

I voted other.  It would sting least to lose to Scarlet, if I played for Gray.

RBuck's picture

I'll go with Toledo simply because they do have a little history of knocking off B1G teams.

Long live the southend.

slidingscrapes's picture

Losing to Cincinnati would look the best, but can you imagine putting up with "bUCkeye State" and "Ohio's BCS Team" calls all over again? PAINFUL. Toledo doesn't have any fans to rub our noses in, and they're a good MAC team... I say Toledo.

Show them Ohio's here!

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

I don't even want to dignify this with a response.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

Denny's picture

I chose Hipster Miami because I'd rather lose to Hipster Miami than lose to 'Future Coked-Out-Mutual-Fund-Running-Fuckup Miami'.


Johnny Ginter's picture

yeah i think the only hipsters at miami are the ones who attend ironically, that place is pretty much the dudebro mecca of ohio

Jason Priestas's picture

Wife went to Oberlin, so I went with other. She takes delight in pointing out that the Obies were the last in state school to beat the Buckeyes (7-6 in 1921) and John Heisman coached there, yada yada...

I will say she actively roots hard against other in state schools when they're playing the Buckeyes so Oberlin can hold this honor.

Bucksfan's picture

There is no good answer to this.  We lost to Florida 5 years ago and we're still living that down as if it happens every Saturday (ESPN actually showed footage of THAT game during Saturday's OSU-Akron game to illustrate the spread offense under Urban Meyer).

addman1405's picture

we dont lose to other ohio teams, therefore, your question is irrelevent.

jenks's picture

i went with other.

case western beat ohio state a few times back in the day and has had a few great years lately.

it's also my alma mater.

jenks's picture

Unfortunately I have an engineering degree so my allegience is to Case Tech.

Since we're now in the same conference as U Chicago, everytime we beat them, I count it as a win against the B1G.

BuckeyeSaab's picture

Poll questions for later in the week; What limb would you prefer to lose?  Which close family member would you choose to stop feeding?  How many puppies would you like to see kicked?

There is no "least painful" loss to an in-state team.  Any loss would be an utter embarrasment to us all.

I'm sorry for not being sorry.

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

Hipster Miami?

More like J-Crew U.

Having had a brother who attended Miami - and visiting often - and having grown up in Cincinnati, let me clarify:

Miami is Jay Crew U... Chicks driving Lexus SUVs and dudes who worry about what kind fo shoes they wear does not qualify as a "hipster" college. It's more of a wannabe elitist campus.

Cincinnati is Hipster U... Clifton has so many goddamn hipsters, you'd think you're in Brooklyn.