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Which former Buckeye are you rooting hardest for in the NFL this season?

Dane Sanzenbacher
67% (248 votes)
Cameron Heyward
19% (69 votes)
Ross Homan
2% (8 votes)
Brian Rolle
6% (21 votes)
Brandon Saine
2% (9 votes)
Other (explain in comments)
4% (13 votes)
Total Votes: 368


Shock-G's picture

Dane's success story would just be plain awesome. Unhearlded recruit coming into Ohio State who proves his value as a dependable receiver goes in as UDFA and succeeds ... just think it'd be great.

I wanna go back to Ohio State ... 

Bucks's picture

Agreed. Of course I want all our Buckeyes to succeed. Dane holds a special place though out of the choices.


Irricoir's picture

I am pulling for Brandon Saine. Everyone else has performed well enough on our team that I think they can contribute in some way to every team that took them. Brandon has the speed but he left more to be desired at the running back position. He lost his job to an under-classmen and did it with out complaint. He accepted this with ultimate humility and performed admirably at every other role other than running the ball. I see him as a reliable reciever out of the back field or maybe stepping into the slot. I wish this kid all of the success in the world. Were more kids as selfless as he, we would have a lot less Tattoos  drama to report in the offseason.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Denny's picture

I voted for Dane bcause he is so scrappy and I like to think tht I am scrappy 2!


NeARBuckeye's picture

White: Scrappy

Black: Class act

Latino: Sparkplug

thedecline19's picture

Justin Boren -  signed with my favorite NFL team to take the grand total up to one Buckeye.  Hoping he can fill my T. Smith void.