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Now that the Buckeyes are out of it, who are you rooting for to cut down the nets?

49% (159 votes)
5% (15 votes)
30% (98 votes)
4% (12 votes)
10% (32 votes)
North Carolina
2% (8 votes)
Total Votes: 324


Bucks's picture

I would love to vote Kentucky and be able to be in denial (We lost to the champions)...

I also think there is a better chance a tOSU presser will be held where JT, Gene & Gee come out and say April Fool's!

buckeyedude's picture

Two years from now, who is going to remember "we lost the UK, the eventual champions?!" I can't remember what I had for dinner last night.

Go Butler Bulldogs. Go VCU. I guess.



Chris Lauderback's picture

I'm pulling for Butler. I think I have a coachcrush on Brad Stephens.

Buckinnc's picture

Anyone, who plays sUK.