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What team is the biggest threat to OSU in the East Region?

26% (88 votes)
37% (126 votes)
31% (106 votes)
4% (14 votes)
2% (6 votes)
Total Votes: 340


William's picture

I really don't like how UNC matches up against us, with Zeller and Henson on the floor they have size that we haven't played against all year.

RoweTrain's picture

I believe the team that will hurt the Buckeyes the most is themselves.  Committing unnecessary fouls and playing out of control if things aren't going their way like the game at Purdue (plus having Moore have the game of his life didn't help either).  It's cliche I know, but if they play to their abilities I don't think there is a team that can beat them.

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RBuck's picture

I'll go with KY because they would be the first team game at a time.

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kind of what i was thinking.  they have been playing well too

WilloughbyBuck's picture

I gotta believe its Syracuse because of the zone defense they run and its different than what we've seen.