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Who is Matta's best post-up threat over the last 10 years?

Terence Dials
4% (83 votes)
Greg Oden
32% (675 votes)
LaQuinton Ross
0% (10 votes)
Jared Sullinger
55% (1176 votes)
Deshaun Thomas
3% (55 votes)
Evan Turner
6% (121 votes)
Total Votes: 2120


RedStorm45's picture

Ross doesn't really post up.

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And The Villain played point when he won NPOY.

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Terence Dials is on my all-time Buckeye team. Go-to scorer, shot blocker and generally a plug in the middle with that 7 ft wingspan. A lot like Sully, but played more games.

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I voted for Sullinger but I agree that Dials was a great post player when there were not a lot of other options offensively on the team.  Dials dealt with a lot of traffic in the post.

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Sullinger was amazing, but Oden, when healthy was unstoppable!

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Oden was a match-up nightmare for most folks. All he did was dunk.

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I think it's between Oden and Sully...two different types of post players. Oden went up and over defenders with power. Sully was more finesse. Went with Oden because he's the classic pure post whereas Sullinger could slide out to forward.

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Nick's picture

Offensively Sullinger and Dials right behind him

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Sullinger had offensive moves on the blocks that you rarely see in young big men these days, most of whom can either just dunk, or want to be Kevin Durant.

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Love Sully, but Oden was the best since Lucas.  Hard to say since he played half the year with a cast on his right hand (or was it the left?  I think right)

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Cast- right wrist. shot freebies lefty at ab 65% if memory serves me.
Sully is the answer. Clever and phenomenal footwork.

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Oden kept us in NC game.  That game separates him from the rest.

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Sullinger. Not close.
1. Sullinger. 2. Oden. 3. Dials. [gap] 4. Thomas. [enormous gap] 5. Turner. 6. Ross.

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Oden's presence was definitely the most dominant and game-changing, but the question is post-up threat. Not a lot of dudes posted up on Greg. 

It's Sully fo' sho'.

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Did anyone who voted Sulliinger actually watch Oden play??
National Championship game, with a broken hand!

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Sully was a tremendous passer, which made his post threat even greater.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT