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Assuming Deshaun Thomas goes pro, which of the two other juniors becomes more important for the offense of next year's team?

Aaron Craft
43% (302 votes)
Lenzelle Smith Jr.
57% (406 votes)
Total Votes: 708


popeurban's picture

I say Lenzelle because if Craft at least maintains and Lenzelle really steps up I think that would be more important that Craft really stepping up and Lenzelle staying the same.  
In the end a good Craft and good Lenzelle would be better than a really good craft and mediocre Lenzelle.  

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Given the defense-first identify of the team, I'm not sure how much more important Craft can be at this point... In fact, when he's been "off his game" this season, on either end of the floor, it's been pretty apparent, so I'd say he's already a pretty important piece of the puzzle.
Ergo, Lenzelle has to step up and take on more of a leading role.

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I would much rather have them both step up to around 15 pts per game next season

BuckeyeInOrlando's picture

Forget those two... we'll need some underclassmen to step up big time next year...

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Agreed. Someone else will have to step up. Considering Lenzelle only played 11 minutes against Minnesota. His minutes have been decreasing for a while now. He's gonna get passed up by others IMO.

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It's gotta be Craft.  He's going to be on the floor for big minutes again because of his leadership and his defense. If his offense remains the same, it's going to be a detriment. 
Lenzelle, on the other hand, is not guaranteed big minutes so he can be replaced by someone with adequate defense and better offense.  But like I said before, Craft is not coming off the floor, so it's crucial that he steps up his offensive game.

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Lenzelle will either step up or lose minutes to underclassmen. Craft I think has plateaued as a scorer - but I doubt (barring injury) his minutes go down. I think the correct answer unfortunately is "Neither" becomes more important for the offense.

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I chose Lenzelle because I don't think AC360 could ever be more important to the team than he already is. As an aside, I don't like to ever criticize any player, but Amir shouldn't see the floor again unless a game is a blowout. It would be an addition by subtraction if he was taken out of the rotation. Much rather see a small lineup with Shannon Scott and in fact, he should of been included as an option in the poll.


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Yeah. Craft will be Craft. He does what he does, and as far as development, I'm not sure how much more he will grow offensively. Lenzelle has to step up. He is more important because if he disappears (which he does a lot this year) DT won't bail us out. We need everyone who can score to score. Craft is more consistent, if not flashy, offensively.

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Craft. He can create for others more consistently. I think amedeo is the future at the 2

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Neither...Ross will step up and score 18-20 ppg next year.

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Smith by default. Craft may not have reached his offensive limit, but he can see it from here. Love him as a player overall, but disappointed in his offensive development, and if there was much more to be had, I think we would've seen more signs of it by now.

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