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How are you following Ohio State football recruiting?

More than I did a year ago
50% (670 votes)
Less than I did a year ago
4% (55 votes)
About the same as I did a year ago
46% (622 votes)
Total Votes: 1347



I follow recruiting somewhat, but I have to say I have a problem with the people who tweet these kids nonstop to go to their favorite college.  
They got coaches from all across the country ringing up there phones nonstop, they don't need overzelous fans stalking them on twitter.
Plus it makes the fanbase (and the college somewhat) look bad

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I follow more by far..probably because of the caliber of recruit we are bringing in and UFM.

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I follow it more because I work with these SCUM fans who follow it non-stop and try to talk smack via recruits. I gotta have some way to prove Urban's dominance year round

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You could also say "26-21"

I like football

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I do everytime but they are the ones who focus on the now, so the more Urban dominates on the recruiting trail the less they bring it up to me.

“There are some people addicted to alcohol, some people are addicted to gambling,” Luginbill said. “Urban Meyer is addicted to football, and he’s addicted to winning.”

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By voting for "more than I did a year ago", I mean "more than I did prior to Urban coming to town."


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If I could upvote this I would, as this is exactly where I am. To me it's a bit like gambling or alcohol in the moderation is the key, but the 11W staff MAKES IT LIKE, sorry about that....
We can't get too tied up in what a 17- or 18-year old thinks, it's not a personal insult to the OSU fan base if a kid goes elsewhere - but there's also the new dynamic of Urban going after more higher-profile national players than did JT.  Cooper did some of this, but in the era before social media allowed us such easy, constant insight into the minds of teens. And that, right there, may be the real key: to some extent this is what coaches at the highest level have dealt with for years, but the window of social media allows us a peek into the world of recruit, sell, wrangle, maintain, and close the deal. There's damage control too, though we've been fortunate enough not to have to see too much of that part yet. Frankly, what may fascinate me most is just how hard Urban and the staff push the envelope (in a good way), flying across the country, sitting in living rooms, talking with kids and parents, being available 24/7 to keep the kids they've convinced to verbal (here's the part where I'll ignore why some media rip on Urban for going after verbal commits elsewhere and ignores when other coaches do the same to ours - it's part of the game and the commentariat here rightly sees it for what it is).
I will continue to follow the recruiting closely, applaud the 5* commit as well as the up-and-comer who gets the offer of his dreams, wish luck to those who choose to go elsewhere and - most importantly - support those who will be Buckeyes.

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I'm following it about the same, but I don't care as much as I did last year.

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Last year there was some last minute drama that was all in the Buckeyes favor (Several last minute recruits coming on board). This year there is some last minute drama that seems to be potentially bad (possibility of last minute flips) for the Buckeyes....So this year is a little crazier, which makes me follow more closely...

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ONE REASON why I am following more:
You guys make this fun and keep me up to date.
THANK YOU for all you do.

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my doctore says I follow recruiting more than a year ago, apparently my blood pressure has increased.

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I went with less.  Too many rumors, recruits flipping, and people freaking out about some kid taking a visit to another school.  Plus it's nice to get the blue chips but that doesn't always equal success.  Let me know when there is an early signing period and I might start to pay more attention.

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A lot more this year for me I always followed it somewhat but not as closely as this year. 

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"About the same as I did a year ago..." I couldn't possibly follow recruiting any closer unless I was on UFM's staff :/

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I do more than I did a year ago. That said, its kinda like smoking for me. I wish I could quit, because it makes me less productive at work. I hope after NSD I can back away. At least for a little bit.

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I think the same thing...but then it's spring practice and the spring game followed by the camp circuit, then summer/fall practice and before you no it is kickoff.  Always something to keep us interested.  Not to mention basketball and 2014 recruiting mixed in there.

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Before I discovered this site, I would pay only pay attention on NSD. 11W makes it easy to follow, and it's one of my favorite things about the site. Not just the articles and gray boxes either. The user comments are just as helpful.

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I follow it WAY more than I did a year ago thanks to discovering 11W. What a great find!

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I am one of the 3%ers (at least so far).  I followed recruiting much closer last year because it was our first time wih Urban. 
Edit:  Next year I will probably be watching a little closer because I want to see Urban shift gears a bit and bring a monster OL class.

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Will Meg be back this year?

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About the same as last year, which is not really much at all.

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