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Where will the Buckeyes finish in the Big Ten standings?

21% (214 votes)
19% (200 votes)
41% (418 votes)
16% (164 votes)
Fifth or worse
3% (31 votes)
Total Votes: 1027


bukyze's picture

I put them at 4th.   Definitely behind IU and scUM, and either MSU, Illinois, or Minny.  We are just way too limited offensively.

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Glad to see that a home win over Michigan didn't get to everyone's heads. Still got road games at Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern and Wisconsin. I'm still sticking with 3rd for now. If they go to Breslin this weekend and somehow win, then maybe we'll talk top 2.

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Ive got them 3rd based on remaining schedule. I wont rule out winning the conference if we can consistently play like we did in the first half yesterday. We are definitely a long team something that was causing huge problems for UMs offense yesterday.

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I voted for 3rd place right now. But I'm hoping that the conference will become one big muddled mess with all teams having multiple losses in confernce play. A big piece of this race will be about protecting the home court. OSU has got to win their conference home games first, and then try to steal some road wins in tough environments. They have 7 more home games and 7 more away games. I'm looking forward to seeing how they finish.

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I voted 1st b/c my mind was on football after just listening to Coombs recruiting speech.  Oops.

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I went with third. Our main competition is Indiana, Michigan, MSU, Minnesota and Illinois. That means six B1G schools should feel as if they have a shot at the title.

We certainly have our warts (offensively), but we showed we can compete with these teams with our gut-check win over Michigan yesterday.

If we beat MSU next weekend, I would believe we are top two material. If we lose but compete, I still think two of those schools manage to top us in the regular season. If we get waxed like we did against the Illini, then I think fifth or worst is the correct choice.

This is a really hard OSU bball team to nail down. IMHO, there seems to be any range of possiblities.

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Went second...  Optimistic.  IU Probably gets first and scUM reminds me of Diebler Jr's year when we lived and died on the 3.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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When is the team going to show up for the second half like they have in the opening halves of some important games? Man, they looked good in the first half yesterday.

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